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Weekly Horoscope: December 5-11, 2021 - Walla! Wind and horoscope


You could say that a pretty confusing week is ahead of us: the three significant processes in the sky this week are very different from each other and bring with them zero and downs, fog, confusion and an emotional roller coaster

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Weekly Horoscope: 5-11 December 2021

You could say that a pretty confusing week is ahead of us: the three significant processes in the sky this week are very different from each other and bring with them zero and downs, fog, confusion and an emotional roller coaster


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Yair Tribalsky

Sunday, 05 December 2021, 00:05

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The emotional roller coaster we have this week forces us to act wisely and accurately, as this week still begins with the angles of tension between the sun and Mercury and the frenetic Uranus - and when Venus clings to Pluto there is still a violent and nervous feeling in the air. That's why it's so important to take care of ourselves right now: the main dangers are bad and impulsive decisions, but violence also exists behind the scenes this week - and can erupt when some of these angles affect several factors simultaneously. So be calm - and do not eliminate all the donuts left over from the holiday at the beginning of the week. A combination of this jam-packed calorie failure feeling that defeats our willpower is not the right place to start this weird week with.

Significant processes this week in the stars:

1. Mercury, the media star, is at an angle of action to Neptune.

2. Mars, the action star, is at an angle of action to Jupiter, the planet of abundance.

3. The emotional Venus in close proximity to the passionate and powerful Pluto.

The emotional angle of the week -

this is the angle of action between Mercury, our media star, and the nebulous and confusing planet Neptune.

Sagittarius Mercury is an enthusiastic and somewhat reckless Mercury, who wants to run ahead and realize ideas and initiatives, but the angle with Neptune brings with it a high emotional involvement, which dissolves the initial energy - happy and focused - and makes our decision-making way particularly emotional and emotional.

Instead of focusing and realizing - blurring and confusion, and difficulty focusing on what really matters while smearing the initial energy and shuffling the place.

These are some of the results of this angle, which means our communication is not at its best this week.

Therefore it is worth trying and relying less on intuition and heartfelt feelings and more on the small details and facts on the ground.

Who will mainly be affected by the angle?

Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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Communication between us is not at its best this week (Photo: ShutterStock)

What else awaits us this week?

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Action and Action Initiatives This Week -

These will be mainly influenced by the angle of action between Mars, the star of initiative and action, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance and space.

Mars is a very active star that powerfully activates any star with which it forms an angle or comes with it on a map, while Jupiter brings with it an optimistic approach and a need to expand activity and areas of influence.

An angle of action between the two extremes their way of acting. If Jupiter is called the planet of abundance, then an angle of action with Mars, which officers every action, brings with it an abundance of activity - and sometimes excess activity that adversely affects both our decision-making and the nature of our actions. This largely means that over-doing is not necessarily qualitative but more quantitative, and as such it may be more destructive than contributing. Jupiter's optimism may also manifest itself from this angle as over-optimism, an element that brings with it poor judgment, difficulty in seeing reality as it is and treating it accordingly, and decisions that disappoint later on. Such an angle also brings with it, because of over-optimism, also a greater incalculable risk-taking - and hence also leads to bad results and disappointments later on.

What to do? Trying to keep proportions, not going all out even though they can and regarding spending money - consult with people whose field it is and are less involved in our lives, in order to make optimal decisions.

Who will be most affected by this angle? Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo.

Emotions and Relationships of the Week -

These are affected this week mainly by the powerful closeness between the emotional Venus, which also deals with the couple dialogue and the relationship, and the passionate and forceful Pluto. This juxtaposition brings together two extreme elements: the inclusive and empathetic Venus related to our relationships and also to the financial realm, and the passionate and powerful Pluto that works deeply and intensely - bringing with it extreme feelings of need to renew and be or cease. It brings with it the need to be powerfully excited in our relationships and to act radically in terms of decisions, in a way that destroys the harmony in our relationships and activates the inner emotion theater that seeks dramas to feel things powerfully.

This is a great time for a type of temporary mental account in a relationship, or alternatively - a mental account in terms of what is done in our bank account.

We can now deal with extreme situations, make extreme decisions and go with our feelings totally, which means being able to decide for example to end a relationship after we have debated the issue for a long time, face big challenges in our lives or spend a large sum of money on something important to us.

In any case - it is advisable to consult about such activities and such actions, and especially to avoid risks that this angle naturally exposes us to: it is unnecessary and may cause damage in the future.

Who will mainly be affected by the angle?

Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries.

Great time to tackle big challenges (Photo: ShutterStock)

The weekly forecast


(Photo: ShutterStock)

An angle of action between Mars, your lucky ruler, and Jupiter exaggerates your actions, strengthens your ambition and strengthens your optimism, but ... it is important to act with maximum caution this week - and not to make impulsive and reckless decisions.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The juxtaposition between Venus and your luck control and the passionate Pluto brings with it an emotionally charged week with some appetite dramas.

The weekly emotion swing brings with it nervousness and instability.

Keep proportions and do not lose your head.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Mercury, your lucky ruler, stays in Sagittarius inhabiting your relationship - and this week creates an angle of action with the emotional Neptune, an element that makes the week emotional, vague and confused.

Really important decisions should be postponed to next week.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Emotional Venus stays in your relationship this week and helps upgrade your emotional connections, connect to the romantic side and open your heart.

Together with Pluto it is certainly likely to result in a week with depth, romance and meaning.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The sun, your control of luck, opens the week at an angle of stress with the frenetic Uranus star and you should act carefully.

Later the pressures go down but March in Scorpio still brings tensions in the home and family that are worth resolving.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The location of the sun and Mercury in the family home indicates your focus during this period.

This is a great time to invest in relationships, clear accumulated emotional sediment and upgrade family communication with the help of Mercury.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Venus, your sign of luck, continues to move in Capricorn and the emphasis now is on the ability to reconnect to the sense of home togetherness and connect to it the rest of the household as well.

A great time to invest in the home and its surroundings, renovate and change the atmosphere.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Mars continues to move in your luck and bring with it a lot of power and energy, but Mars also brings with it an aggressive attitude, and when things get out of hand the reactions are extreme.

On the other hand, this is a great time to get into the mode of doing and new initiatives - take advantage of the positive part of March and get out into action.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The sun and Mercury are now in your sign, providing presence, personal charm and a good reason for the surprise parties of the rainbows.

There is improved communication and the ability to now utilize your speaking ability to your advantage - and especially the familiar spontaneous impudence.

Action, Archers!


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Venus, who is now in your fortune, helps you soften the tough goat armor, expands your social circles and even adds a romantic touch to his life from the centers of our Capricorn's endeavors: you have nothing left but to dedicate and love.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Uranus, your lucky ruler, is still at angles of tension to Mercury and the Sun at the beginning of the week, an element that emphasizes your ability to act with the utmost caution to avoid unexpected shortcuts in your communication - and not to sever ties.

The rest of the week will already be easier and happier.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

An angle of action between Mercury, the media star, and the emotional Neptune brings with it a particularly high level of emotional involvement, but at the same time a creative and original approach and thinking outside the box.

Great time for creative solutions to problems that bother you.

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