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The Chief Executive of Kwai Chung Hospital recalled that there was a reason why mental patients with the habit of scavenging waste were helping to hold the sundries house


Half a Jiazi's career in medicine, back and forth, Ruan Jiaxing returned to Kwai Chung Hospital, from a fledgling to the hospital as a psychiatrist, now becomes the hospital's administrative director. 30 years of experience, healed countless patients and witnessed the spirit

Half a Jiazi's career in medicine, back and forth, Ruan Jiaxing returned to Kwai Chung Hospital, from a fledgling to the hospital as a psychiatrist, now becomes the hospital's administrative director.

30 years of experience, treating countless patients, and witnessing changes in psychiatry.

Looking back on the past, before becoming the management, he used to be an outreach doctor and walked to the rooftops in the dark to contact patients; he also cleaned up chaotic houses for mentally disordered patients who like to pick up clutter, in order to prevent patients from recurring easily.

From time to time on television, elderly people or mentally ill patients are seen picking up rubbish to go home, causing serious health problems, "song huts" and "rat huts" appear, and even affect neighbors.

Ruan Jiaxing smiled and said that he was fortunate that the house that was cleaned up that year was not rampant, but dirty and full of debris.

He continued that such people generally do not feel that there is a problem at home. "They don't feel that the environment is not good. If they don't deal with it early in the morning," he said, "A lot of them are in need of treatment."

Scavengers and patients refused to enter the house to clean up

Ruan Jiaxing, the administrative director of Kwai Chung Hospital, is a psychiatrist. After completing his internship in June 1991, he formally joined Kwai Chung Hospital in July to select a psychiatric department.

He said with a smile that he had experienced different disciplines during the internship, but he was not particularly interested. In the end, he chose a psychiatric department that had not been experienced and was chosen by few people, and he started his medical career at Kwai Chung Hospital.

He became a psychiatrist unintentionally. After 30 years of experience, Ruan Jiaxing spent 16 years in Kwai Chung Hospital and became the administrative director of the hospital in 2019.

In the early years of his employment, he was an outreach doctor and visited many places to contact mental patients. He had to go to the rooftop of the tenement house to meet a scavenger woman who suffered from psychosis.

He recalled that there were no lights on the floor next to the roof, and it was pitch black. He could only go up to the roof in the dark, but after arriving, the other party ignored it at first and needed several visits to gain trust to communicate.

Speaking of scavengers, there have been reports from time to time in the "Xun Ding House" and "Rice House" recently. The homeowners continue to pick up all kinds of garbage and debris to go home, causing the unit to be extremely dirty, breeding Xing Dang and rats, which seriously affects hygiene. , And even spread to neighbors.

Ruan Jiaxing said that he had been in contact with related cases when he was practicing medicine for about 3 to 4 years.

He recalled that the other party was a man living alone, about 50 years old, who had piles of debris in his home. He later found out that he was suffering from mental disorders and needed to be hospitalized for treatment.

On the eve of discharge from the hospital, Ruan Jiaxing believed that his unit should be cleaned up first, otherwise he would easily relapse, but the other party refused to allow others to go to his residence.

After discussion, the patient was finally willing to let Dr. Ruan lead other colleagues to visit his home to clean up.


Quite a few people who have the habit of scavengers need treatment

Ruan Jiaxing said with a smile, fortunately his unit was not rampant, "I'm shocked!" It was just quite dirty and full of debris.

He said that related questions are generally graded, "Some of them may be mental problems of the elderly; I don’t even know that there are problems, and some of them are related to mental disorders; and some of them are based on long-term habit, and they are not. All of them are sick, but quite a few are in need of treatment." He said that the general garbage collectors did not feel any problems. "They don’t think the environment is not good, if it’s not handled early in the morning. "He said bluntly: "Don't ask me (the house), but I ask him."

Directly hit the "Xun Ding Wu" in Jinglin Village


Number of users of the "Mental Health Line" consultation service of the Hospital Authority (Information provided by the Hospital Authority)

More people have emotional problems due to COVID-19

Talking about the trend of mentally ill patients in Hong Kong, Ruan Jiaxing said that in fact the number of hospitalizations has not increased, but the "Mental Health Line" consultation service of the Hospital Authority has indeed received more requests for help in recent years.

According to the data of the Hospital Authority, the number of visits increased from 23,272 in 2016/17 to 43,487 in 2020/21, an increase of nearly 87%.

Ruan said that according to his observations, Hong Kong people’s mental stress comes from many sources, such as family, personal, and work. No particular changes have been seen. However, under the epidemic, more people do have emotional problems, such as worrying about the epidemic or suffering from social life. Influence.

Young man with schizophrenia swallows medicine in one go

In addition to Ruan Jiaxing, Zhu Hanwei, a senior occupational therapist at Kwai Chung Hospital, has also been in the industry for 30 years.

Speaking of unforgettable sutras, he mentioned that there was a patient in his 30s who suffered from psychosomatic disorder. He went to bed three times a day and slept until 2 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon before waking up.

After following up the case, he found that the patient did not follow the doctor’s instructions to take the medicine. He was very tired and needed to sleep frequently, and he was full of negative thoughts. His mother’s request was too high, which made him unwilling to work. Just keep sleeping.

Finally, after a series of interviews and treatments, it successfully affected the patient's motivation and resumed work.

Kwai Chung Hospital will be rebuilt and expanded by the end of 2023

The Kwai Chung Hospital, which was completed in 1981, is now rebuilt and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. By then, specialist outpatient clinics scattered in different hospitals and locations will be concentrated in Kwai Chung Hospital for the convenience of patients and doctors, such as the Kwai Chung Elderly Psychiatric Clinic originally located in the Ha Kwai Chung Branch Clinic The Ministry and Caregiver Support Center can be relocated to the new Kwai Chung Hospital.

Ruan Jiaxing said that the ward environment will improve in the future, and he hopes that the hospital can serve more patients.

He continued that many people still resist psychiatry. If the patient's family does not cooperate, it will be more difficult to manage.

Looking to the future, he said that he enjoys his current job and has no plans for the next step. He will work hard to serve Kwai Chung Hospital.

The A&E Department of Tin Shui Wai Hospital introduces AI-assisted Lung Tablets to assist in the diagnosis of 4 new cancer cases on the 10th. Three A&E departments "wait until death" since the epidemic. Peng Hongchang urges the authorities to investigate and initiate hearings as soon as possible. Children drastically reduce the number of hospital admissions. The peak of winter flu has reached the HA to increase the number of outpatient services. Christmas and New Year additional clinics for winter flu | HA worries about returning to the pre-epidemic level "corridor bed" or reappears that it is unsatisfactory

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