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Equality, the Declaration of Independence and Service in the IDF: Ganz Promotes New Basic Laws | Israel Today


The Minister of Defense plans to promote the enactment of two Basic Laws, which are supposed to supplement the Nationality Law of 2018, and to promote reform in the IDF service.

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz is expected to advance three laws in the coming weeks, designed to solidify Israel's national identity.

These are the Equality Law, the Basic Law of the Declaration of Independence and the reform of the service.

According to Ganz, passing these laws would complete the Nationality Act that provoked a public outcry when enacted in 2018, and eliminate the need to amend it.

But these laws may cause controversy within the conflicted coalition anyway, as it is known that Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and other members on the right fear increasing the maneuvering space of the High Court, when it comes to issues of identity and national rights.

The equality bill, which is supposed to anchor the right to equality and establish a prohibition of discrimination, came up three weeks ago in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, where it was decided to provide ministers with a one-month postponement in order to reach agreements.

The wording of the law, submitted by MK Eitan Ginzburg (blue and white), states: “Every citizen is equal before the law;

"And a person's individual rights are not violated because of religion, race, sex, sexual orientation, personal status, country of origin, age or disability."

Druze demonstration, Photo: Gideon Markowitz

Now, towards the end of the rejection period, a source in blue and white says: "Once again we encounter opposition from Ayelet Shaked only. All the other coalition parties and its members agree to promote the law, both on the right and on the left."

The sources added that they are "sure that a wording can be found that even the minister can live with in peace."

"Rely on the common"

Another source in blue and white says: "Too many laws are failing to move forward because of Minister Shaked's ultimatums. She has to decide which battles are important to her, and what she is compromising with the rest of the coalition."

He said in talks with the joint list, the Arab Party said that as they supported the law in the preliminary reading last time, they could positively consider filling in the missing fingers if necessary, so that Shaked and other right-wing MKs could not vote for these initiatives.

Regarding the legislative initiatives, the party added: "We want to stabilize the status of the State of Israel as a Jewish state, and solve the problem of no small public, like the Druze, who even though they take part in the debts - they are excluded from the equality declarations in the State of Israel. "The other two issues, it will address those groups that feel excluded."

Gantz also seeks to anchor the Declaration of Independence in a Basic Law.

The third issue that they are interested in promoting in blue and white and that they have begun working on is the service reform, which seeks to correct the way in which they serve in the IDF.

The reform is supposed to examine the decline in IDF recruitment rates, and the nature of service to the state by various groups such as the ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, religious women and other sectors. The assumption is that whoever serves the state - his commitment to it is stronger.

As mentioned, Basic Law: Israel - the nation state of the Jewish people, states that the State of Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people, and enshrines in the Basic Law the status of state symbols and Jewish holidays, and the status of the Hebrew language as the state language.

Over the years, MKs have tried to expand it to include the democratic principles of the state, giving equality to all its citizens, which angered minorities in the country, and led to demonstrations by Druze and Arab citizens. The damage to the Arab status.

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Source: israelhayom

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