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Latest | Mochizuki House adds 1 case


Hong Kong today (1st) added 16 imported cases and one case that may be epidemiologically related to the imported case. The cases included 12 asymptomatic infections, 15 infections involving mutant virus strains, and one mutant virus strain.

Hong Kong today (1st) added 16 imported cases and one case that may be epidemiologically related to the imported case. The cases included 12 asymptomatic infections, 15 infections involving mutant virus strains, and one mutant virus strain. The test result is to be determined, and the virus volume of the remaining case is not enough to detect the mutant virus strain.

The case involved 4 men and 13 women, aged 20 to 54 years.

The cases may be connected with the input of cases epidemiological case (Case 12656) as ground handling positions at the Hong Kong International Airport, December 30 sampling stations on the detection result of the flow was positive,

the earlier the center of the case had 12611,12637 and 12654 The restaurant visited at the same time at the Wangyue Tower in Festival Walk, and the 44 environmental samples collected did not test positive.

In addition, according to the results of whole genome sequencing analysis conducted by the Public Health Laboratory Service, cases 12609, 12611, 12637 and 12654 have the same sequence of virus genes.

Today, fewer than 30 cases have been initially confirmed.

▼Details of the mandatory inspection announcement on December 31, 2021 (non-review)▼


▼Details of the mandatory inspection announcement on December 31, 2021 (review)▼


[22:29] The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health today (1st) reported on the latest epidemiological investigation and case tracking progress related to Wangyue Tower in Festival Walk.

From 10:30 pm, the government subsequently restricted the people living in Block 6 in Athens, Ma On Shan, to stay at their premises and undergo compulsory testing.

The subject must wait at his premises until all identified persons in the "restricted area" have completed the test, and the relevant test results have been roughly confirmed before leaving the premises.

The government's goal is to complete this operation at about 8 o'clock in the morning tomorrow (2nd).

An investigation by the Centre for Health Protection found that a 50-year-old woman who ate at the restaurant from about 12 noon to 2 pm on December 27 tested positive for the new crown virus today and was confirmed to have N501Y and T478K mutant virus strains .

She had received two doses of Fubitai vaccine.

She developed cough and runny nose on December 30, and was arranged for quarantine at the Penny's Bay Quarantine Center (quarantine center) yesterday (December 31).

The patient is a housewife who lives in Block 6, Athens, 600 Xisha Road, Ma'anshan.

In response to cases with mutated virus strains, their infectivity and risk of infection are higher. For the sake of prudence, the government will restrict and test the buildings where the patients live tonight.

At the same time, the places she visited during the infectious period will also be included in the mandatory testing announcement.

Anyone who has been in the above specified place during the specified period shall undergo mandatory testing on the specified day.

The patient’s family members and those who went to Wangyue Tower to dine with her at the above time have been listed as close contacts and have been arranged to be quarantined at the quarantine center.

[21:30] As a 28-year-old Cathay Pacific flight attendant made preliminary confirmation five days after arriving in Hong Kong, and suspected of having the Omicron variant virus, the area at Block 6, Phase II of the Tung Chung Bayfront Park, where she lived, had to be closed for testing.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor visited the scene with Director Chen Zhaoshi of the Food and Health Bureau and Director Xu Yingwei of the Civil Affairs Bureau at about 9:30 in the evening.

[21:02] The Center for Health Protection (Centre) of the Department of Health stated today (1st) that it is investigating an imported case involving a mutated strain of the novel coronavirus with a preliminary positive test.

The case involved a 28-year-old female patient who was a local crew member living in Nam Tin Building, King's Road, North Point.

She tested negative in Hong Kong on December 22.

She left for the United States on December 24. She then took flight CX885 from the United States and arrived in Hong Kong on December 27. When she arrived in Hong Kong, she took samples at the Hong Kong International Airport Temporary Sample Collection Center and tested negative. .

The patient was then subject to medical supervision and regular mandatory testing in accordance with the relevant exemption regulations.

The test result of her sample at the community testing center on December 29 was negative.

She developed symptoms in the evening of the same day and consulted a private doctor on December 30.

The test result was initially positive today, and it was confirmed to carry N501Y and T478K mutant virus strains.

She received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine (Fobitai) in Hong Kong.

[19:30] The government announced today (1st) that according to the latest global development of COVID-19, it will specify Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Vincent from midnight on January 4 Vin Grenadines and Uruguay are designated areas for Group A to tighten boarding and quarantine requirements for people arriving in Hong Kong.

Non-Hong Kong residents who have stayed there within 21 days are not allowed to enter the country.

Hong Kong residents must have completed the vaccination and hold an approved vaccination record before boarding the flight back to Hong Kong.

After they arrive in Hong Kong, they must undergo a 21-day compulsory quarantine at the designated quarantine hotel, during which they undergo six tests, and they must go to a community testing center for compulsory testing on the 26th day of their arrival in Hong Kong.

Omicron|New Year's Day two closed areas in Nantian Building, North Point, residents have to be closed for testing for the first confirmed diagnosis

[19:00] The government announced in the evening that as a preliminary positive test case was found today that had lived in the above site, which initially showed that it involved a mutant virus strain, it was restricted to Nantian Building, 275 King’s Road, North Point from 7 pm (excluding People located in the restaurant on the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the Nantian Building must stay in their premises and undergo compulsory testing.

The person under inspection must wait at his premises until all persons under inspection in the area have completed the tests and the relevant test results have been roughly confirmed before leaving his premises.

The government's goal is to complete this operation at about 7 am tomorrow (2nd).


Omicron|The first household confirmed the variant virus involved in the enclosure test of Block 6, Ying Tao Heen, Ying Wan Garden, Tung Chung

[18:35] The government announced that starting from 6:30 pm today, the restriction will be restricted to Tower 6 of Ying Tao Hin, Phase II of Tung Chung Oceanfront (excluding those located on the basement floor of Tower 6 of Ying Tao Hin, Phase II People in Lvyin English (International) Kindergarten (Tung Chung) and Caribbean Coast Tower 7 are required to stay at their premises and undergo compulsory testing. A preliminary confirmed case of Omicron is suspected.

The subject must wait at his premises until all identified persons in the "restricted area" have completed the test, and the relevant test results have been roughly confirmed before leaving the premises.

The government's goal is to complete this operation at about 6 am tomorrow (2nd).


[17:02] Mochizuki Tower in Festival Walk is suspected of spreading Omicron variant virus. A 44-year-old Cathay Pacific Airman (#12611) who was infected with the virus returned to Hong Kong from the United States suspected of violating home quarantine regulations. He arrived with his father and family on December 27 After eating meals at Wangyuelou, the father who was eating on the same table was also recruited after the diagnosis of lack of time. A 34-year-old construction worker who ate at Wangyuelou at the same time was also diagnosed.

According to news, another woman who ate in a separate box was also infected today, that is, 4 people have been infected.

Since the new case did not dine in the lobby of Wangyue Tower, and may not have direct contact with the earlier patient, it is believed that this time the virus has a strong spread.

Omicron|A female ground worker who has visited a Thai food station in Bangkok after an illness is not worried: When the flu

[16:32] The Omicron variant virus is raging around the world, and it has even flowed into the local communities.

The Centre for Health Protection stated that a 30-year-old female ground worker was initially diagnosed with N501Y and T478K variant virus strains, which was suspected to be an Omicron case.

The female ground worker lives in Block 2 of Chun Wang Heen in Tin Shui Wai. She had been to the Little Bangkok Thai Food Station in Causeway Bay on December 30. She had cough symptoms at the time.

The Thai Food Station in Little Bangkok, Causeway Bay continued to operate today (1st). The restaurant manager stated that after learning that a newly diagnosed person had visited, it had carried out two disinfection and cleaning, and asked employees to conduct tests before going to work today.

Some diners bluntly said that they are not worried, "Nothing, when it's the flu", and will continue to take personal hygiene measures.

Starting today, the third shot will be expanded to arrange site workers: Sooner or later, we have to fight, don’t hit your own bottom

[13:07] The government will expand the vaccination program today (1st), and citizens who have been vaccinated for six months can get the third shot.

This morning, many people took advantage of the New Year’s Day holiday to take the third shot from the community vaccination center at Xiao Kwong Street Sports Centre, Kwun Tong. Among them, there were many elderly people who lined up to get the funds. 100 places were distributed before 11 o’clock in the morning. Those who need to get an injection in the afternoon.

New crown pneumonia | Yuan Guoyong: Revise the ventilation requirements of schools and other places to completely reform the tracking technology

[11:34] The new crown pneumonia epidemic has been raging for nearly two years. Entering the new year, the Omicron variant virus has even reached the local community.

Yuan Guoyong, a government expert consultant and chair professor of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, said today (1st) that if everyone is vaccinated enough, it is believed that the new crown pneumonia will be transformed into a flu-like disease this year.

Vaccine Bubble|I hope the vaccination rate will reach 90% in April, Kong Fanyi advocates getting injections when entering markets and parks

[11:00] The government plans to expand the scope of vaccine bubbles. The Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, announced yesterday that before the Lunar New Year, citizens will be required to enter restaurants and recreational venues for at least one injection.

Hong Fanyi, a clinical professor in the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, pointed out that it is a good step to increase the vaccination rate from 70% to 90%, and it is a good step to tighten the vaccine bubble. He also proposed that it can be gradually expanded to markets or parks to drive more elderly people to get injections. .

Omicron|Kong Fanyi: If more people are diagnosed, we must tighten the number of gatherings and stop large-scale events

[10:15] The Omicron variant virus has flowed into the community, and Hong Kong is at risk of the fifth wave of outbreaks.

Hong Fanyi, a clinical professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong University, believes that in the next two or two days, we will know whether there will be a potential community outbreak in Hong Kong. If more people are diagnosed, local epidemic prevention measures will be tightened and mask removal activities will be carried out. Or to limit the number of people gathered or even close, large-scale events should also be stopped.

Closed area testing|Tin Shui Wai Jun Hong Heen 2 completed compulsory inspection of 1122 people were inspected and no one was diagnosed

[07:36] The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health yesterday (31st) conducted an area closure test on Block 2 of Junhongxuan in Tian Shui Wai in response to a preliminary diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia in response to a female police officer at the airport.

The government announced at 7:30 this morning that it had completed compulsory testing in the area, and no confirmed cases were found.

▼December 31, Tianshuiwei Junhongxuan 2 closed area inspection▼


Mandatory testing|77 Omicron patients on the list include Times Square Fortress and Sogo Department Store

[06:53] The new crown variant virus strain Omicron entered the Hong Kong community. Yesterday, 19 confirmed cases and 16 preliminary positive cases were added. The authorities have strengthened mandatory testing arrangements.

The Food and Health Bureau announced the mandatory testing announcement early today (1st). A total of 77 designated places were on the list, of which 56 were re-tested, and the other 21 were newly added places, including Kowloon Bay International Exhibition and Trade Center and Tianrui The gymnasium, Tian Chak shopping mall contends for fresh sushi conveyors, Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel lobby ARGO, Tsuen Wan Yipin Chicken Hot Pot, Causeway Bay Times Square Fortress and Sogo Department Store, etc., some of the locations involved the airport female ground staff who were initially diagnosed yesterday and suspected of carrying Omicron.

▼Long queues at the temporary inspection station in Festival Walk▼


Yesterday's overview:

new coronary pneumonia.

12.31|Cathay Pacific Airborne Detonated Omicron Epidemic, Government Expands Vaccine Bubble

Omicron|Carrie Lam calls on Cathay Pacific's chairman to approve the implementation of vaccination in restaurants before the Chinese New Year

Omicron|Infected Cathay Pacific pilots violated regulations to visit the restaurant clubhouse and bar in Central until late at night

Omicron|The site worker who was diagnosed at the beginning of Mochizuki House visited the Tuen Mun Bar Manager: It’s so shocking to hear other customers

Omicron|Cathay Pacific's few pilots violated regulations and detonated the epidemic, extremely disappointed, and two suspended temporarily

Omicron|Diagnosed Cathay Pacific pilot's illness arrives at Zhonghuan Po Bar, and customers will be transferred as soon as they learn about it on New Year's Eve

Omicron|Xu Shuchang: Wangyuelou site workers and Cathay Pacific Airways separated several local clearing and disconnecting cables

Omicron|Cathay Pacific Airways has confirmed that the virus has flowed into the community

Omicron|Diagnosed Cathay Pacific Airways has visited Festival Walk for 2 hours to enforce public inspections: more is better than less

Omicron|Freighter crew members must hold negative results on the 7th day of the week of hotel quarantine from New Year's Day

Omicron|Cathay Pacific crew quarantine arrangements changed twice a week to the union: at a loss

Omicron|Cathay Pacific Cargo Aircraft Grounded, Logistics Industry Material Cost Increased by 40%, Medicines, Reagents, etc. or Shortage

Omicron|Expanding the "vaccine bubble" before the Lunar New Year, the catering industry worries about business and staffing arrangements

The Food and Health Bureau strongly urges residents who have visited restaurants in Tuen Mun 7 in Central to be tested for high-risk premises

Omicron|A total of 87 first serious cases have been vaccinated, the man returned to Hong Kong from a trip to Hong Kong in December for diagnosis

Omicron|Jutian Shuiwei Junhongxuan Airport Female Ground Crew was diagnosed for the first time and was responsible for receiving transit passengers

Omicron|Chen Zhaoshi: The next two weeks are the key to urge filmmakers not to remove masks and not toast at weddings

"Gouzhen" antibody level is 72% lower than that of Fubitai Kong Fanyi: Kexing failed to make a booster

▼12.31 West Kowloon Cultural District Tourism Development Bureau countdown to New Year's Eve concert▼



▼12.31 Central waterfront countdown to welcome the crowds in 2022▼


New coronary pneumonia | The newly confirmed patient has been medically monitored by hundreds of staff in the Accident and Emergency Department of Tuen Mun Hospital for new coronary pneumonia on the 14th.

12.31 | Cathay Pacific Airways detonated the Omicron epidemic, the government expanded the vaccine bubble new crown pneumonia | It is reported that the intermediary of Cebu Air's Manila flight may be difficult to come to Hong Kong for the new crown pneumonia | Macau adds a case of Omicron 62-year-old male Christmas from the United States Singapore returned to Australia Omicron|A total of 87 first serious cases have been vaccinated. The man who had been vaccinated returned to Hong Kong to be diagnosed as Omicron|Diagnosed Cathay Pacific pilot was ill and went to Zhonghuan Pu Bar. Customers moved to Omicron when they learned about it on New Year’s Eve. Citizens must be inspected for 2 hours in a city row: more and less Omicron | Jutian Shuiwei Junhongxuan Airport female ground crew first diagnosed Omicron for receiving transfer passengers | Cathay Pacific scolds the air crew to detonate the epidemic, extremely disappointed and suspended two people Omicron | Cathay Pacific Crew quarantine arrangements are changed twice a week to the union: at a loss

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