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Hong Weimin’s birthday party exploded. Many senior officials attended Lam Cheng: Especially disappointed with Xu Yingwei


Hong Weimin, representative of the Hong Kong People’s Congress and Hong Kong Affairs Liaison Officer of the Qianhai Administration Bureau, held a birthday party for more than 100 people in Wan Chai this Monday (3rd) night. According to sources, a girl with a preliminary diagnosis had attended the party and many people attended the party. official

Hong Weimin, representative of the Hong Kong People’s Congress and Hong Kong Affairs Liaison Officer of the Qianhai Administration Bureau, held a birthday party for more than 100 people in Wan Chai this Monday (3rd) night. According to sources, a girl with a preliminary diagnosis had attended the party and many people attended the party. Officials and members of the new branch are required to be isolated and quarantined. The Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei, the member of the science and technology sector, Qiu Dagen, the Pakatan Harapan member Lu Hanmin, and the DAB member Chen Zhongni are waiting for the test results.

The Commissioner of Police Siu Zeyi and the former Commissioner of Customs and Excise Deng Yihai also attended the party. According to other sources, members of Congress Chen Peiliang and Wu Jiezhuang also appeared.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said at a press conference in the evening that the risk of spread of the epidemic was frustrating for the gathering, and she was particularly disappointed with Xu Yingwei by name.

10 officials attended including Xu Yingwei, Xu Zhengyu, Xiao Zeyi

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said that Hong Weimin’s birthday party was attended by 10 government officials, including the Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei, the Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs Chen Jizhi, the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Xu Zhengyu, the Deputy Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Chen Hao Lian, and Chuangxin Deputy Director of the Bureau of Science and Technology Zhong Weiqiang; Director of the Bureau for Innovation and Technology Zhang Manli; Deputy Director of the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau Hu Jianmin; Commissioner of Police Siu Ze-yi; Commissioner of Independent Commission Against Corruption Bai Yunliu; and Director of Immigration Services Ou Jiahong.

Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said that officials who had requested to attend to prove whether they had left before 9:30, including using the "Safe Travel" record, government driver entry and exit records, did not use "Safe Travel" to leave the premises but used Anxin when entering another place Records of trips, records of Octopus leaving by "bus".

Regarding Ou Jiahong's situation, Lam Cheng described it as "complicated" and needs to be handed over to the Center for Health Protection to investigate whether the case has been closely contacted.

Lam Cheng stated that after internal investigation, the Director of Immigration, Au Chia-hong, claimed that he arrived at the venue after 9:30 p.m., the stay was very short, and the main part of the restaurant had not been visited.

She emphasized that the plot was "according to what he said." As for whether the district is officially defined as a "close contact person", it must be judged by the Center for Health Protection. It is judged that it is a risk contact person." She only announced the internal investigation for the first time.

Eight officials only showed up to say hello, "No sitting, low food"

She pointed out that the eight officials who had left before 9:30 "don't sit down and eat, just say hello". She also pointed out that the government will have four major follow-up tasks, including requesting that the director of the Chief Executive’s Office has contacted all politically appointed officials. , To find out if they attended the gathering; to ask the Civil Service Bureau to contact senior civil servants to understand that there are civil servants present; to send staff to clean and disinfect the government headquarters tonight, the Chief Executive’s Office is currently performing disinfection; when the variant virus hits Hong Kong, remind officials and civil servants Strictly observe discipline and avoid gatherings.

When asked earlier that Cathay Pacific executives should be responsible for their employees, whether they need to be responsible as the chief executive, and whether Xu Yingwei needs to be held accountable to step down, Lam Cheng responded that he is the first person in charge of the epidemic in Hong Kong and he is naturally responsible. And expressed his disappointment with Xu Yingwei.

She said that appropriate actions will be taken for the actions of individual officials, but it is not suitable to be made public today.

Emphasize that we will thoroughly investigate and follow up to the end.

She emphasized that it is frustrating to introduce the risk of spread of the epidemic to the party, and will definitely follow up on whether there are any problems with the banquet itself, including follow-up on whether the restaurant meets the requirements of the Epidemic Prevention Regulation 599(F): She has asked for food The Environmental Protection Agency checked and found that the restaurant is a Category D restaurant. All employees must be vaccinated, and 2/3 of the guests must have been vaccinated.

When asked whether the legislators who had met with Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office Xia Baolong attended the banquet except for a number of government officials, Lam Cheng said that he did not know whether any legislators were present, and emphasized that the Centre for Health Protection would follow up the situation.

Lin Zheng mentioned that she learned that the incident was caused by the Secretary for Home Affairs, Xu Yingwei, who notified him this morning that he was a close contact of a preliminary confirmed person. She later learned that other officials attended the banquet, so the Chief Executive's office will start in the morning. We have been investigating the presence of government officials, and finally we have found that 10 officials have attended the banquet so far. For the time being, only the Director of the Home Affairs Bureau Xu Yingwei needs to enter the Penny's Bay Quarantine Center for isolation.


The birthday party broke out at least 6 members of the new member who went to a banquet to list close contacts and other test results banned food | Zhang Yu expects the industry to lose at least 4 billion yuan. Appeals for government funding support and push for mandatory injections. Really intend to engage in democracy and ban food in Hong Kong ︱ Tian Beichen exploded in quarantine of crew members without hands-on belts. Next week's question and answer will collectively greet Lam Cheng

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