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Latest|Another female security guard in Penny's Bay was diagnosed with the initial diagnosis. Block 4 of Po Ying Garden, Tseung Kwan O was closed for inspection tonight


The Centre for Health Protection announced today (14th) that there were 9 new cases, and the initial positive cases were less than 10. Among them, a colleague of Penny's Bay female security guard (case 13004) who was diagnosed earlier, a 51-year-old woman was also initially diagnosed. It is believed that the two

The Centre for Health Protection announced today (14th) that there were 9 new cases, and the initial positive cases were less than 10.

Among them, a colleague of a female security guard at Penny's Bay (case 13004) who was diagnosed earlier, a 51-year-old woman was also initially diagnosed, and it is believed that the two spread the disease while working or having lunch together.

Xu Lejian, director of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, said that there were 60 confirmed and suspected cases of Omicron in the local area, mainly spread by two groups, and it is believed that there are still invisible transmission chains in the community.

In view of the fact that the outbreak of the variant virus strain Omicron has not yet been fully controlled, the government announced today (14th) that all flower markets in Hong Kong will be cancelled and will be extended for 14 days until the third day of the new year.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced a new round of anti-epidemic funds at a press conference in the evening. Two categories of industries will benefit, including restaurants, beauty salons, fitness centers and coaches affected by the tightening of social distancing, and industries that have never recovered since the epidemic, such as Tourism and cross-border passenger transport.

[19:05] The Government today (14th) invoked the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing of Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap. 599J) to make a restriction and testing announcement, restricting the designated "subjects to be restricted" in Tseung Kwan O from 7:00 p.m. "Restricted area", those who will be in Block 4, Po Ying Garden, No. 11 Tong Chun Street, Kwan O, must stay at their premises and undergo compulsory testing.

The government aims to complete the operation tomorrow (15th) at about 7.30am.

[19:00] Carrie Lam pointed out that a total of 15 officials involved in attending Hong Weimin's birthday banquet, including the former Customs Commissioner who was on leave before retirement, had issued a statement earlier that they would follow up and conduct an internal investigation, which has not yet been completed. Respond, but will definitely follow up seriously, impartially, and explain to the society at that time.

Chen Zhaoshi said that the investigation into the restaurant that held Hong Weimin's birthday banquet has been launched, and the investigation will be conducted in accordance with the law. If there is any violation, prosecution will be conducted, and it will be fair and impartial. The restaurant is regulated by Chapter 599F and is registered as a D-type restaurant. Staff and guests must follow relevant instructions.


[18:45] The 4.0 fund will be used as a blueprint, and half of it will be funded:

1) Additional subsidy for catering premises based on the licensed area and liquor license. If it is not more than 100 square meters, it is a one-off 50,000 yuan; if it is larger than 100-200 square meters, 100,000 yuan; and so on.

2) The tutors of child care centers and interest classes whose classes have stopped face-to-face teaching will be distributed in their own name. Affected organizations, including 1,000 kindergartens in Hong Kong, will provide support, including primary school closed school bus drivers, etc.

3) The second category of unrecovered industries is for tourism, travel agencies, air service companies, cross-border buses, ferries, taxis and boats

4) For the canceled food carnival, farmers’ market and New Year’s Eve will be subsidized, with an additional 50% of the license fee, and all farmers of the food carnival will receive a one-time subsidy

[18:30] The new round of anti-epidemic funds hopes to do it quickly. The social distancing measures will be tightened on January 7, and the measures will be announced one week later on January 14. Compared with the previous two rounds, the first round will be 2 months. This time is fast. It is expected that the application will be accepted as soon as next week. We will strive to disburse the subsidy immediately around the New Year, even if it cannot be a few days after the first day of the new year. The total amount is 3.57 billion yuan, and there is still more than 4 billion yuan left in the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic fund. There is no need for the Legislative Council to apply for a judgment to start the fund, which is the fastest in history.

As always targeted, targeting: for a total of four weeks, the premises and people directly affected, including restaurants without dine-in, beauty and fitness centers, will be fully closed, including sports coaches, art workers will receive subsidies due to the closure of venues; The second is industries that have not recovered and are frozen due to customs closures, such as tourism and cross-border passenger transport.

[18:23] Tightening social distancing measures extended to the third day of the new year:

1) The original schedule from 7/1 to 21/1 will be extended for another 2 weeks until February 3, the third day of the new year.

2) Large-scale events will be cancelled, including New Year's Eve Flower Market, Chinese New Year Market, and HKTB events

3) From January 8th to 21st, the ban on flights from 8 countries in the regional flight mechanism will be extended to February 4th, and the epidemic situation in many countries is still severe and extended for 14 days.

When the New Year is over and the New Year's Day begins, unless the epidemic situation is significantly reversed, it will be gradually relaxed, such as beauty salons, restaurants, etc., but the epidemic bubble will be implemented in advance at that time.


[18:06] Lin Zhengyue said that today is the 1st day of 2022, which is two years of anti-epidemic work. She described the anti-epidemic work as turning danger into a safe place and well controlled. After several waves of epidemics, now entering the fifth wave of epidemics, it will be well controlled. The red lines are all flat and there are not many local infections.

The number of imported cases has dropped significantly, and the number of related imported cases has increased from 17 last week to 42.

There is one case of concern where no source was found, with 1.1 million tests done in the past week.

The tracking office has been increased to 300 people, and 4,700 people have to be quarantined. I apologize on behalf of the SAR government for citizens who encountered unpleasant experiences during the process or had a long waiting time.

[17:20] Xu Lejian said that if a case violates Chapter 599D of the law and deliberately conceals whereabouts and affects public health work, there must be prosecution. Some cases are being prosecuted, but those cases that are in progress cannot be announced. They are in progress.

[17:00] Xu Lejian admitted that there was chaos in the Penny's Bay Quarantine Center. From January 6th to 13th, more than 1,000 quarantine personnel entered, and 600 people were tested in one day. Among them, 60 people left 1 to 2 days late. I need to apologize. We will strengthen overall coordination and supervision to ensure that no information is leaked. This time, we have added manpower. There are 600 colleagues in different positions and different teams. There are currently about 1,000 people. If a large number of people enter, we do not want chaos.

[16:56] Xu Lejian said that although the number of infections has eased, he believes that there is still a stable chain of transmission in the community, especially in certain areas.

Because several cases lived in Tuen Mun District and traveled to many places with the virus, the risk of transmission definitely exists.

Another case, the case of a special drug landlord, was first discovered in the daughter, then the father was found to be infected, and then it was found that he was infected by the air clerk. Therefore, when we found out, there have been two generations of transmission. Will there be other transmission chains during this period? It is necessary to investigate, and now it is hoped that cases should be detected in the strong inspection announcement and regional detection, so as to reduce the aggregation and cut off the transmission chain.

[16:50] Yesterday, a female nurse with a first positive case had a low viral load and a CT value of 35 to 36. After the sample was sent to the laboratory, it was found to have D614D (vaccine virus strain) and N501Y negative. The sample was also sent this morning. Professor Yuan Guoyong of the University of Hong Kong reconfirmed that the case was positive due to the vaccine, so it is not a confirmed case, so there is no confirmed case.

The female nurse lives in Block 2, CapitaLand Garden, Tuen Mun. This morning, there was another indeterminate case in CapitaLand Garden, but the laboratory test was negative. Therefore, CapitaLand has no confirmed case. Therefore, the residents responded to the forced inspection after the two of them. As a result, there is no need to do it again.

[16:33] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, said that a colleague of the female security guard in Penny's Bay (case 13004) was diagnosed earlier, and a 51-year-old woman was also initially diagnosed. The two work in China Overseas Property Services Co., Ltd. , is also doing related work at the Penny's Bay Quarantine Center. The confirmed patient and the case have eaten and ate together at the beginning of today. The nature of the work is similar. It is believed that they ate together at work and were infected during lunch. This case has no direct contact with the confirmed case.

She lives in Block 4, Po Ying Garden, Tseung Kwan O. She last went to work on January 11, mainly delivering supplies and wearing protective clothing.

They change their shirts in the locker room and sometimes eat three meals there.

The patient usually went to KFC in Tsing Yi City for breakfast with his colleagues, and once had breakfast at Tai Hing, Tseung Kwan O Plaza, and the underground market of Tseung Kwan O Plaza.

[16:33] Xu Lejian, director of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, said that there were 60 local Omicron cases, mainly spread by two groups.

Omicron | One person in CapitaLand was sent to the hospital after testing uncertain: the sample may be contaminated with vaccine

[14:45] According to the news: 2 Blocks of CapitaLand Garden in Tuen Mun were closed for inspection, and one person was found to have an uncertain test result and needed to be sent to the hospital for re-examination. The resident was doing vaccine research work in a university, and the test sample may be contaminated by the vaccine , is currently testing whether it has the virus gene of the vaccine.

[14:30] The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, will hold a press conference at 6:00 pm today (14th), and will announce the extension of measures such as the ban on dine-in in the evening market and the closure of listed premises for 14 days to the third day of the new year, and will cancel the flower market in Hong Kong .

At 4:30 pm, the Director of the CHP Dr Xu Lejian, the Director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the CHP Dr Zhang Zhujun and the Chief Administrative Manager of the Hospital Authority Dr Lau Ka Hian will also hold a press conference to explain the latest situation.

[14:16] According to news, all flower markets in Hong Kong have cancelled the government’s announcement to extend the ban on dine-in in the evening market and the closure of listed premises for 14 days to the third day of the new year.

[12:50] Block 2 of CapitaLand Garden in Tuen Mun completed the closed and forced inspection at noon. One person was sent to the hospital with uncertain test results. As of 0:30 in the morning today, about 195 residents were tested, and one of them was tested The result is uncertain. For the sake of prudence, the person concerned and his close contacts have been arranged to be sent to the hospital and quarantine center respectively for follow-up; the test results of the remaining residents are all negative.

On January 13, the second closed area of ​​CapitaLand was tested


Tuen Mun Testing|Government distributes 3,000 rapid virus test kits to residents for voluntary testing as soon as possible

[12:27] In response to the continuous occurrence of confirmed cases in Tuen Mun District, the Department of Health suspects a suspected invisible chain of transmission. Earlier, the government called on local residents at risk of infection and those working in the district to conduct voluntary testing as soon as possible.

The Home Affairs Department will distribute 3,000 COVID-19 rapid test kits for free to residents of Tuen Mun District through the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Link" volunteers today (14th).


News: The government will announce a ban on dine-in in the evening market until the third day of the new year.

[12:08] Hong Kong is still affected by the variant virus Omicron. All restaurants in Hong Kong will suspend dine-in dinners from January 7th. .

Huang Jiahe, president of the Hong Kong Federation of Food and Beverages, said he had "determined to lose".

He said that after the ban on dine-in in the evening market, the average daily business loss was 150 million yuan.


Tuen Mun Testing|Contractor: 30% of people who make appointments do not appear crowded to improve, please do not give up testing

[09:41] Many places in Tuen Mun have been included in the announcement of mandatory testing. Recently, there have been crowds in many testing centers in Tuen Mun district, and the government has added several mobile testing stations to help.

Zhao Yantao, the founder of Xiangda Biotechnology, which is responsible for opening two testing stations in Tuen Mun, said that the number of people in the testing center has improved, and 20,000 test results were obtained the day before yesterday and yesterday.

He pointed out that two or three percent of the people who made appointments for testing did not show up, and he was worried that the number of test stations that could be booked would be expanded, or the elderly who did not know how to make an appointment would wait longer.

Omicron|Zeng Qiyin: Pay close attention to the next few days, no unknown cases can be eased before the lunar calendar

[09:24] The Omicron variant virus in Hong Kong continues to spread in the community. Two nurses from Zhuang Pak Medical Center in Tuen Mun have been diagnosed, but the two have not been in contact with each other at the same time.

Zeng Qiyin, co-chairman of the Advisory Committee on Infectious Diseases of the Medical Association, pointed out on the radio that there may be residual virus in the cloakroom or dressing room of the clinic, or there may be a third party infection and transmission, which is to be investigated by the Centre for Health Protection.

▼From January 14, all primary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong will temporarily conduct face-to-face courses▼


[10:37] News: The government will announce measures such as banning dine-in in the evening market and closing listed premises for 14 days.

On January 13, the first closed area of ​​Longcheng Garden was tested


On January 13, the second closed area of ​​CapitaLand was tested


The restaurant has a maximum of 100 to 150 people on weekdays, and the number of Hong Weimin's birthday party is suspected to exceed the usual number of seats in the restaurant.

On that day, Hong Weimin and other guests did not wear masks and left their seats when they were not eating.

(01 art drawing)

▼Causeway Bay Niu Ji suspected transmission chain▼

▼On January 12th, Tuen Mun reappeared in line to detect people and dragons▼


Closed area testing|Two nurses from Zhuang Pak Medical are infected with the disease, Longcheng Garden and CapitaLand Garden are enclosed

Sogo Department Store forces employees to have injections within one month or to check employees every three days: they can’t make an appointment if they want to.

Omicron|Confirmed Hong Kong University student and Wang Shiya are on the other side of the line, and 44 customers of Hysan Niuqi need to be sent for inspection

Penny's Bay infected female security guard wore a full set of protective clothing and posted a notice outside the patient's door without direct contact

Omicron|The patient went to Zhuang Bai Medical Tun Clinic and two nurses initially diagnosed 183 patients for forced examination

Omicron|School of Continuing Education at HKBU was diagnosed with the first female and visited the library and SCE building

Tuen Mun Inspection | Siu Lun Sports Ground added a sampling station at 2:30 p.m. The number of inspection points in the area increased to 11

Omicron|Liang Zichao refutes Yuan Guoyong: It is too early to say that the epidemic is under control or misleading the public

Yuan Guoyong pointed out that the fifth wave can be stopped before and after the Lunar New Year if the epidemic is under control and there are no unsourced cases.

Omicron|iPhone, "Anxin Mobile" will be out of stock at any time, and the price will increase by 20%. Fuqunhui appeals for more information to ease negative emotions School bus industry shutdown union urges 10,000 yuan to be given to affected drivers and babysitters

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