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Even number - Walla! Wind and horoscope


Calculate your and your spouse's fate number according to numerology, and find out if you are suitable or if it is worth eliminating the issues

Numerology: Life in Numbers

Even number

Calculate your and your spouse's fate number according to numerology, and find out if you are suitable or if it is worth eliminating the issues

Yifat Orlev


Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 12:00 AM

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Is the guy I met yesterday on Facebook "the one"? (Photo: ShutterStock)

One of the most common questions asked by us, numerologists, is the question of matches. Is the girl I knew right for me? Can the partner I want to bring into my business fit into? Can my wife who has been at home for years manage the accounts in the joint business? And is the guy I met yesterday on Facebook the "one"? In short, we all want to know if our business connection, marital, friends and family is indeed right for us.

So how do I get to work? Well, first one has to calculate the full date of birth, which consists of connecting the day of birth + month of birth + year of birth and thus get the path of destiny (the way a person has to choose to reach his destiny). In addition, someone's first name and last name give information about his innate and acquired qualities, his aspirations, and his family karma (yes, even before coming into the marriage covenant one can know who your mother-in-law will be ...).

In this article I will focus more on fate and not on the first and last name needed when preparing an extended numerology map.

The path or fate number can find out if the person is a leader in his personality, if he has a problem dealing with emotional situations, if it is a woman who needs the frame, and maybe it is actually a person who needs spice like breathable air and woe to anyone who tries to penetrate his air space .... ( Sound familiar?).

In business connections you can check if the person is suitable to run an independent business, if he has the ability to rise from difficulties, if he is a creative person, if he can work in a team, if he has financial ability, if he is connected to the "abundance fund" and so on.

It is important to note that when conducting a marital / business / employee-employer / parent-child relationship check, a preliminary check can be seen as a borderline match or a mismatch, but do not say desperate.

Consult a numerologist to have a more extensive examination of the numerological map for you.

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To the full article

The number of fate

Excellent match - 2: 4 (Photo: ShutterStock)

The full date of birth must be taken for a general couple or business suit. For example:

1.7.1965 - 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 29

Add the digits 2 + 9 and you get 11

1 + 1 = 2

The fate number is 2

according to the same method. Calculate the full date of birth of the partner and then decipher. According to the Bible detailed below:

1: 1 - a good relationship, provided there is cooperation between them and there is no "hidden competition for the first place" ...

1: 2 - one complements the other because the 1 is dominant and the 2 is sensitive, willing to be flexible and tactical Relentless.

1: 3 - A slightly boring pairing, unless No. 1 is able to flow and be flexible in front of the mesmerizing and light-hearted 3.

1: 4 - Two people are stubborn, extreme and do not like to receive instructions, so this relationship is a bit problematic.

1: 5 - Borderline pairing. The 1st loves to control and the 5th loves space and freedom. There should be mental flexibility between the two.

1: 6 - A good relationship thanks to the 6 because it is harmonious, family and comfortable, and can contain the caprices of the 1.

1: 7 - Border match. The 7 needs its quiet and the 1 as usual is dominant. You have to work on the relationship for it to succeed.

1: 8 - Two strong people. Or a relationship that needs to be successful or in terms of "breaking the tools and not playing" ...

1: 9 - Good match - one violates the other.

2: 2 - Both are sensitive, so can very much like and can also emit steam. Suitable for love but not for work.

2: 3 - Good match. point.

2: 4 - Excellent match.

2: 5 - Border match. One gives, the other feels suffocated. Need to work on this relationship.

2: 6 - A very good relationship. One is family and harmonious, the other is sensitive and tactical.

2: 7 - One quiet, two sensitive, very suitable except on the business level.

2: 8 - No match. And if there is such a relationship one should check in an extended map additional parameters.

2: 9 - A very good relationship.

Both flow well with each other.

3: 3 - Both are reckless and have a tendency to rely on luck.

If they can learn to be more responsible it can work.

3: 4- Borderline relationship.

One trusts luck, the other is critical and meticulous.

3: 5 - A good relationship, both business and relationship.

3: 6 - There are many things in common, harmony, luck and flow.

Excellent fit.

3: 7 - One trusts luck, the other slower and seeks peace and security, needs to work on this relationship.

3: 8 - One strict, two relying on his luck, should work on this relationship.

3: 9 - Excellent pairing.

Crowded here

Problematic relationship, the two need the space and movement - 5: 5 (Photo: ShutterStock)

4: 4 - Good match. Both are strict, both understand each other, only in stressful situations should be careful.

4: 5 - One square, two love freedom and movement. Complement each other.

4: 6 - There is success and completion. One is family and the other loves frames.

4: 7 - Good balance, one is a support for the other.

4: 8 - on the one hand can fit because of the contrasts - one strong and the other ambitious, but for the same reason there can be "explosions".

4: 9 - Good match, thanks to No. 9.

5: 5 - Problematic relationship, the two need the space and movement.

5: 6 - Beauty of balance. One is family, two need the space and movement, one complements the other.

5: 7 - Problematic combination. One loves freedom, the other loves quiet.

5: 8- Excellent pairing. One likes to lean and look for comfort and the other can allow the two to achieve a comfortable life.

5: 9 - one loves freedom and the other enjoys it ...

6: 6 - Excellent pairing. Both harmonious and familial. Lovebirds.

6: 7 - a problematic combination, one harmonious and family and the other does not want to be "confused" and feels suffocated.

6: 8 - Great combination. One is family and the other is running around all day looking for a relaxing and pampering partner when he comes home.

6: 9 - A good, complementary and harmonious relationship.

7: 7 - Perfect pair. Of these couples who are almost not many, can live together between four walls without interfering with each other.

7: 8 - A good relationship. One soothes and the other gives some "color" to his partner's life.

7: 9 - A harmonious and peaceful relationship.

8: 8 - Lots of action, dynamics and ambitions. If they do not interfere with each other and there will be no struggles for control it can work out.

8: 9 - There is a match. One does, the other implements.

9: 9 - An excellent relationship with a contributing and vibrant social life.

In conclusion, as stated, in order to test a fit more comprehensively and extensively, an extended numerological map must be made.

The author is a numerologist, personal and business consultant and director of the Numerology Forum at Walla!

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