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World Cup Fencing


Zhang Jialang won the first World Cup championship of his career and the first World Cup of Hong Kong Foil World Cup in the Men's Foil World Cup Paris Station, which attracted the attention of the whole city. The Tokyo Olympic gold medalist will represent the Hong Kong team again on Sunday (16th).

Zhang Jialang won the first World Cup championship of his career and the first World Cup of Hong Kong Foil World Cup in the Men's Foil World Cup Paris Station, which attracted the attention of the whole city.

The Tokyo Olympic gold medalist will represent the Hong Kong team in the Paris station on Sunday (16th). This article introduces the competition system, the Hong Kong team's swordsmen and main opponents, and also tells you how to watch the live broadcast.

1. What is a World Cup race?

What is the competition system?

This "World Cup" is not a four-yearly, top-level competition like the Football World Cup. The "Fencing World Cup" has 5 events a year. Although it is not the top international competition, it is because the swordsmen strive for ranking points. The important way is still to gather the highest level of swordsmen, and the difficulty is also the top; the higher level, there are the annual continental championships, and the world championship to determine the "world champion"; but the top level, of course, is 4. Annual Olympics.

Fencing World Ranking Criteria and Introduction to Event Types:

Fencing World Cup|An article to see the ranking mechanism for free online

The World Cup gathers top swordsmen. The picture shows the world number one Kegoni (second from right) and Olympic gold medalist Zhang Jialang (first from right) in the top 4 of the World Cup Paris Station.


The World Cup is divided into competitions by sword type, and each station has only one sword type. More often, the men's and women's competitions will also be set up in different stations; each station will play individual competitions and then team competitions.

The individual competition is usually divided into two days. On the first day of the qualifying competition, the top 16 participating swordsmen in the world can be exempted from the fight, and the rest of the swordsmen will compete for the qualifications to qualify for the main competition; the main competition starts from the top 64, and one The winner will be decided within a day.

The team competition does not have a qualifying competition. The main competition is the same as the individual competition. All competitions are played within one day and the champion is determined.

2. What is the difference between the team competition and the individual competition?

The team competitions are all played in the name of the representative team. Each team has 4 swordsmen, 3 main players and 1 reserve, and substitutions can be made in the middle of the game. For the second confrontation, each game is 3 minutes, each game is scored 5 points, the first game is 5 points, the second game is 10 points, and so on, until the 45 points in the 9th game, the team with the fastest 45 points will win.

Or after the time expires, the leading team wins, and if there is still a tie after the time expires, a "one sword" final will be added (the one with the fastest 1 point wins).

Cai Junyan (from left), Zhang Xiaolun, Zhang Jialang and Wu Nuohong will cooperate in the team competition of the World Cup Paris Station.

(file picture)

However, it should be noted that, due to the "point-pulling system", if a game fails to complete 5 points within 3 minutes of the game, the swordsman in the next game can complete the remaining points of the previous game. For example, the first game is scored as 1: 1 tie, the two swordsmen in the second game can play more than 5 swords, and the competition will not be completed until 10 points, which means that even in the last round, no matter how far behind, as long as the opponent does not take 45 points first, there is still a reversal. This means that the swordsman who plays in the last round has the heavy responsibility of "guarding the tailgate", usually by the strongest swordsman in the team.

In addition, the individual swordsmen do not need to fight again after losing, but in the team competition, the team entering the top 16 must play the ranking competition after losing, and there will also be a third-place competition.

Revisiting the Foil Competition System and Enhancing the Fun of Watching:

Tokyo Olympics.

Fencing | The easiest way to play foil

3. What was the Hong Kong team's record in the World Cup in the past?

The Hong Kong team won the silver medal in the men's foil team at the St. Petersburg World Cup in 2019, the best result in history. The fencing players at that time were Zhang Jialang, Cai Junyan, Zhang Xiaolun and Yang Zijia.

The Hong Kong team won the team silver medal at the St. Petersburg Men's Foil World Cup in 2019. From left: Zhang Xiaolun, Yang Zijia, head coach Gregory, Zhang Jialang and Cai Junyan.


4. Who will the Hong Kong team send to fight?

Since there are many swordsmen in the men's foil team, there are 12 swordsmen participating in this trip to Europe. The coach will usually decide on the team competition based on the performance of the individual competition.

In the team competition in Paris today, the Hong Kong team will be played by Zhang Jialang, Cai Junyan, Zhang Xiaolun and Wu Nuohong from the original team of the Tokyo Olympic Men's Flower Team Competition.

In addition to Zhang Jialang who won the individual championship among the 4 swordsmen, Cai Junyan, ranked 11 in the world, also entered the top 8, leading 14:15 to lose to the Italian swordsman Alessio Foconi, the world number 1; "Big Brother" Zhang Xiaolun also entered the main match and defeated world No. 6 American swordsman Nick Itkin in the round of 64. The 36-year-old Hong Kong will lose to French swordsman Meddy Elice in the round of 32.

As for Wu Nuohong, he failed to make it to the main competition. He lost 14:15 to the Korean swordsman Choi Hyunsoo in the round of 64 in the qualifying round, only one step away from the main competition.

During the Tokyo Olympics, the head coach of the Foil Hong Kong team, Gregory, was initially selected as Zhang Jialang, Cai Junyan and Zhang Xiaolun, but Wu Nuohong replaced Zhang Xiaolun, who had an average performance at the time, on the way to the top 8 against Russia. Although the Hong Kong team lost, eventually Finished in 7th, but the crowd was impressive.

The Hong Kong team will compete with the Tokyo Olympic lineup in the World Cup Paris Station. From left: Zhang Xiaolun, Zhang Jialang, coach Gregory, Cai Junyan, Wu Nuohong.

(File photo/Photo by Gao Shiqi)

5. Who is the biggest opponent of the Hong Kong team?

According to the schedule, the Hong Kong team is in the yellow lane in the round of 16 and will face the winner of Brazil and the Netherlands in the round of 32; if they advance, they will have a good chance to face Italy, which is also in yellow kendo and ranked fifth in the world. It will be an uphill battle if it comes true.

When the Hong Kong team won the silver in the 2019 World Cup in St. Petersburg, they lost to the United States in the final. According to the promotion route, if the Hong Kong team and the United States both reach the top four, they will meet; The kendo Russian team and the red kendo French team won silver and gold medals in the Tokyo Olympics respectively. In addition to Hong Kong, the Asian teams are also worth noting.

The top three winners of the men's flower team competition at the Tokyo Olympics last year, from left: the Russian Olympic Committee (silver), France (gold), and the United States (bronze), all ranked above Hong Kong.

(Getty Images)

6. Why did the competition start from the round of 32, but the Hong Kong team only started to play in the round of 16?

Like the individual competition, the team competition is also ranked higher to become a seeded team and can go straight to the later stage.

The Hong Kong men's foil team is currently ranked 4th in the world, after the United States, France and Russia, and has become one of the top 32 teams that have won the "fight-free" competition.

7. When is the game?

(Hong Kong time)

Top 32: Expected to start at 4 pm (Hong Kong team does not need to play)

Top 16: Expected to start at 5:30 pm

Top 8: Expected to start at 7 pm

Top 4 and finals: To be determined

8. Where can I watch the live broadcast?

The competition will be broadcast live on Youtube, which can be watched on ESCRIME TV

, the official channel of the French Swordsmen


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