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Dynamic clearing and balancing need to pinch the tightness test explanation


Director of the Food and Health Bureau, Chen Zhaoshi, was interviewed for two consecutive days and used the term "dynamic clearing" for his strategies to combat the new crown epidemic, which is different from the commonly used "clearing" in the past. Compared with clearing, dynamic clearing can better balance the maintenance of people's health and the

Director of the Food and Health Bureau, Chen Zhaoshi, was interviewed for two consecutive days and used the term "dynamic clearing" for his strategies to combat the new crown epidemic, which is different from the commonly used "clearing" in the past.

Compared with clearing, dynamic clearing can better balance the maintenance of people's health and people's livelihood economy, and avoid the spread of the virus by locking down cities and broadly suppressing social activities.

However, if the new form is to be effective, the government must focus more on preventing the spread of the virus, and the public must be actively vaccinated.

After the outbreak of the Omicron virus in the community, the government ordered to tighten social activities, closing various premises, banning dine-in in the evening market, and canceling large-scale events during the Lunar New Year.

Recently, another confirmed case of Delta virus was recorded, and there may be other invisible transmission chains in the community.

In view of the high transmission capacity of Delta and Omicron, and the continuous mutation of the new coronavirus, it has become doubtful whether Hong Kong can return to the community with zero confirmed cases for a long time.

Leung Cheuk-wai, a government expert adviser and dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, bluntly said that zero infection and zero infection are "almost impossible tasks", but Hong Kong will not and cannot coexist with the virus like other countries.

Recently, government officials have adjusted their stance and adopted the concept of "dynamic clearing" currently in the Mainland.

From clear to dynamic clear

In an exclusive TV interview on Sunday (16th), Chen Zhaoshi assessed the current Omicron epidemic in Hong Kong, saying, "If the major premise needs to be dynamically cleared and the lives and health of citizens are protected, I don't feel too worried."

On Monday (17th), she will be interviewed on the radio again, explaining the concept of dynamic clearing in detail, that is, when sporadic cases are found, they must be culled as much as possible to prevent community outbreaks and guard the strategy of external defense input.

Chen Zhaoshi said that Hong Kong's goal is to achieve dynamic clearing, so that it can clear customs and live a normal life.

(Photo by Lu Yiming)

The mainland is implementing dynamic reset, and some provinces and cities have recently recorded Omicron cases.

At the beginning of last month, Liang Wannian, the head of the expert group of the National Health and Medical Commission's New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Response Working Group, admitted on a CCTV program that there is no guarantee of zero infection in a place. The key is to quickly control cases and put out the epidemic.

He emphasized that China's success in prevention and control depends on the ability of testing, tracing close contacts, clinical treatment, social mobilization, and transportation and life support. People should also be actively vaccinated to reduce severe cases and deaths.

Chen Zhaoshi's interpretation is consistent with Liang Wannian's.

It is a prerequisite for officials and the masses to mobilize epidemic prevention

Dynamic clearing does not mean that the government passively waits for the virus to enter the community before processing it.

Putting Hong Kong's situation into consideration, the government should not use dynamic clearing to relax its hands and feet, and ignore the loopholes in immigration. For example, the crew members were allowed to be exempted from isolation and quarantine earlier.

The premise of dynamic clearing is precisely the external input, allowing the government to focus on the few cases that cannot prevent the virus from flowing into the community despite various measures.

On top of this, the government should strengthen its ability to track close cases and isolate potential confirmed cases from the community as soon as possible.

The Centre for Health Protection has not recovered all the diners for quarantine several days after the outbreak of the infection in the "Wangyuelou" and "Niuji" clusters, which proves that there is still room for improvement in the "Safe Travel" function.

The new pneumonia epidemic has brought heavy pressure on the public medical system, and the carrying capacity of the isolation beds in the intensive care unit of the hospital has also become a hidden concern during the outbreak.

(Data map cunning / Ou Jiale photo)

The dynamic reset strategy can help maintain the overall operation of society, but in addition to requiring the government to strictly prevent the spread of the virus, it also requires the cooperation of the public.

Citizens should continue to wear masks, be diligent in cleaning, and actively vaccinate.

The government's "vaccine bubble" forecast has achieved initial results, but the cumulative first-dose vaccination rate has not reached 70% of the population of Hong Kong.

As Yuen Guoyong, another government expert consultant and chair professor of the Department of Microbiology of the University of Hong Kong, mentioned that even if the vaccinated is unfortunately infected, the disease will be milder and the ability to transmit the virus will be lower, which will help control the epidemic.

The National Bureau of Statistics announced on Monday that domestic GDP grew by 4% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of last year. Although it continued to slow down in percentage terms, it can be said that the dynamic reset can not only protect the safety of the people but also not drag down the economy.

The government implements a dynamic reset, and the public should cooperate more.

But having said that, most of the citizens have cooperated many times over the past two years, but measures such as customs clearance and full resumption of dine-in food have not yet been completed. , making society feel at a loss.

The epidemic situation will still fluctuate for some time in the future, so the government should follow the example of other places, classify the degree of the epidemic situation and the corresponding epidemic prevention measures according to the level, make early preparations when the epidemic situation worsens, welcome hope when the epidemic situation eases, and add more positiveness to the dynamic reset meaning.

Strictly curb the fifth wave Hong Kong cannot relax

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