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Mother-in-law | Should I live with my grandparents after marriage? Netizens have their own attitudes, 3 things are the most important


Should I live with my grandparents after marriage? Everyone has their own opinions and views. This time, "Social Lab Community Lab" has tracked "marital and old age" in the last 3 months through the "OpView Community Word-of-mouth Database".

Should I live with my grandparents after marriage?

Everyone has their own opinions and opinions. This time, "Social Lab" uses "OpView Community Word-of-Mouth Database" to track the online performance of the topic of "living with grandparents after marriage" in the past 3 months , which will take you to the focus of online discussions on the topic and the opinions of netizens.

Do you want to live with your grandparents after marriage?

Netizens first consider these 3 things

On the Internet, the topic of "whether to live with grandparents after marriage" is very lively. It can be found that netizens often mention the management of "interpersonal relationships" at home. For example, when talking about getting along with "grandparents", some netizens will mention "When I meet a very good grandmother, I will help with the laundry and cooking", and some people say "it's very uncomfortable to be taken care of by the old man", etc., which has caused a lot of discussion.

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Some netizens will also mention the "housing problem", such as thinking that "renting a house" is expensive, so "you can only live with your parents first", or mentioning that the "house" is small in size and the allocation of "rooms" Privacy between husband and wife is also an issue.

In addition, when it comes to "getting along" with grandparents, netizens will mention the differences in "habits" and "concepts" with grandparents, such as "different hygiene habits from elders", "the way grandparents teach me how to educate children often I have opinions”, etc., indicating that when living with grandparents, there may be a lot of life concepts.

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Difficulty getting along with grandparents after marriage?

Netizens think differently

Observing online discussions, it is found that netizens who think that they can live with grandparents after marriage often mention the idea of ​​"living together with less financial burden", saying that "they can't afford the mortgage", so it is better to live with grandparents to reduce the economic burden. pressure.

Some netizens think that "everyone lives together and can take care of each other", that they can share housework with their grandma at ordinary times, and they don't have to worry about no one taking care of their children when they leave home. .

However, netizens who have reservations about this believe that it is difficult to overcome the "difference in living habits" with grandparents. If a netizen asks "Should I lock the door when I live with my grandparents?" It was an accident, but the behavior of grandparents not knocking on the door was also very troublesome, and some netizens agreed that "knocking on the door is really polite, but I'm embarrassed to accuse grandma and grandma."

At the same time, netizens with reservations also mentioned that "I feel restrained at any time when I go home." For example, netizens mentioned that "you can't be lazy on the comb after get off work", "you can't wear light clothes when you go home", etc., all of which are netizens hesitant to marry. One of the reasons to live with grandparents later.

Based on the above, it can be found that citizens who are daughters-in-law and sons-in-law often discuss and ask questions on the Internet about whether to live with grandparents after marriage.

As the times change, some citizens decide to "move out" before marriage to prevent conflicts between mother-in-law and son-in-law, but no matter how different their living habits are, everyone is still a family.

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