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Exclusive Interview|Xian Guolin: Hongmen Banquet reflects hatred of wealth and criticizes Carrie Lam's "heart to do big things"


Hong Weimin's birthday party, a representative of the Hong Kong People's Congress, broke out. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor named Xu Yingwei, Secretary of Home Affairs, as "especially disappointed", indicating that the strict investigation of the incident caused dissatisfaction among individual establishments. If Xian Guolin was the chief executive, what would happen

Hong Weimin, the representative of the Hong Kong People's Congress, had an outbreak of the epidemic at the birthday party. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor named Xu Yingwei, the Secretary for Home Affairs, as "especially disappointed", saying that the strict investigation of the incident caused dissatisfaction among individual establishments. If Xian Guolin was the chief executive, how would he handle it?

Xian Guolin pointed out that he has not expressed his opinion on the Youtube channel because of "impulsive reactions on both sides". He believes that the incident reflects a strong sense of hatred for the wealthy. cause vibration.

He said that he did not know the ins and outs of the incident. If Xu Yingwei did not listen to the instructions of the "boss" Carrie Lam, he would have to be held accountable, but he believed that if he was held accountable, he would be beheaded.

"The rich have a social life"

Xian Guolin said in the interview, "The powerful and the powerful have social relationships", "I am a powerful man, and the people I know are all at that level. Utong Ge insisted on finding some "below" people to return to the uniform, both upper, middle and lower? "He described himself as a middle-class, and if he held a birthday party, he would invite middle-class friends.

However, Xian Guolin pointed out that Xu Yingwei is an important member of the government's anti-epidemic, and his awareness should be stronger than others. If he stayed all night without wearing a mask, he would have a certain responsibility.

He believes that if Xu Yingwei arrives at the scene for 15 minutes and leaves after saying hello, he should not mind too much, "The law does not allow me to go, but if Carrie Lam said that starting today, even if the gathering restriction order is not issued, do not attend the meeting, if he If you don't follow instructions from the 'boss', you will be held accountable."

Li Guozhang, a member of the Executive Council, revealed earlier that on the morning of the "Hongmen Banquet", Carrie Lam reminded officials not to attend the gathering, but the advice was ignored, so it was "special".

Xian Guolin said that if the situation is true, Xu Yingwei should leave immediately.

When asked if Xu Yingwei would stay in the accountability team once elected, Xian Guolin said, "I can't answer," "I really don't know Xu Yingwei, if it's just a mistake and he's a talent, I can tolerate my subordinates making mistakes, as long as the fault is I can accept it."

Self-proclaimed living in a subdivided apartment is better than Carrie Lam

During the turmoil against the amendment bill, Xian Guolin once filmed a film criticizing Carrie Lam for being "naive" and believed that the other party should not prohibit the public from criticizing the judiciary and judges. Naive, because the chief executive feels that the judge has sworn an oath, and he will definitely keep the oath, which is naive.”

He advocated the establishment of a sentencing committee, which he described as a move to "protect judges" and maintain the court's credibility.

As for which place is better than Carrie Lam, Sin Kwok-lam pointed out that he has been involved in different levels of society and has lived in subdivided housing. "I have more life experience than her, which will help me to better meet the demands of the public in my future governance." He did not think Carrie Lam She is the biggest culprit of social disintegration, and she is not the only one responsible, but the government has obviously made mistakes in governance. Take the turmoil as an example, questioning Lam's eagerness to achieve success and insisting on his own opinions. "It is right to be stubborn and stubborn, but if the impact is too great, should we make changes? Chief executive Carrie Lam is relatively confident, and it may be that his subordinates can't perform well."

As for the lack of government experience, he pointed out that AO's performance in governing Hong Kong is obvious to all. "The emperor does not have to know how to fight, but he can know people and take responsibility."

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