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Interview︱Xian Guolin: I am not a Liangying thug! "Lao Qian" accused of smearing political reforms if elected


The start of this year's chief executive has been delayed, and so far there has been no news of the "true son of the heavens" that Beijing wants. The businessman Xian Guolin, known as the "Blue Camp KOL", recently announced his candidacy for the election, causing heated discussions in the political circles. Xian Guolin accepted the "Hong Kong 01" special

The start of this year's chief executive has been delayed, and so far there has been no news of the "true son of the heavens" that Beijing wants. The businessman Xian Guolin, known as the "Blue Camp KOL", recently announced his candidacy for the election, causing heated discussions in the political circles.

In an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01", Xian Guolin said that he was running for the election because he felt that the new election system was "inclusive" and could accommodate people who love the country and Hong Kong with different opinions. Leung Chun-ying is running for election again.

Zengjuan Mystery Network Incident: Someone who doesn't know the real situation will discredit me

Xian Guolin's most well-known deeds, in addition to funding the filming of the "Ip Man" series and moving to an online platform in the new year, I believe it is mainly due to the "Kang Lake" grievances in the financial industry.

Xian Guolin came prepared, and made it clear to reporters at the beginning: "Many people don't know the real situation, so they speculate and smear me."

He pointed out that the finance company First Credit (8215) he founded was involved in the "Mystery 50" incident in 2017 and was named "Hong Kong stock that cannot be touched" by independent stock critic David Webb because one of the company's major shareholders is Convoy The group, while Convoy was at the center of the storm, was implicated, "The company (First Credit) is obviously making money and is about to be promoted to the main board. Of course, this kind of thing happened suddenly. Of course, it is a blow. I have not been investigated by the Securities Regulatory Commission, and the company has not The question is, if the financial performance is not good, as a ChiNext company, it won’t pay dividends twice in a row, right? It’s really a disaster.”

As for another company, Guoyi Group (8228), Xian Guolin said that the original idea was to build a film and television city in Hong Kong, but later, due to more capital investment than expected, there were some administrative delays in China, which led to problems in the company's investment.

Later, the company decided to restructure its debts, and he said he had a clear conscience: "The biggest creditor of the company is me. I invested 680 million yuan in cash and lent it to the company. I believe that many chairman of listed companies would not do this."

He continued: "Some people think, 'I bought your company's bonds, and I lost money after the debt restructuring', but the restructuring is to save the company. The company was originally making money, but the interest rate was too high and it became a loss. If it is reduced, the company can make money back. You said you bought 10 million yuan in bonds, but what about the more than 600 million yuan I gave? The impact of the plan on me is the same as your impact, and I will not be more than you. "Preferential". When you buy bonds, I don't tell you to buy them, but through brokers. No one "deceives" you into buying them, so some people say that I am an "old man" and that "the assets depreciate greatly after cheating money into the company", but Debt restructuring, everyone's purpose is to save the company." He pointed out that 97% of shareholders agreed to the debt restructuring at that time, showing that everyone wanted to save the company.

When the reporter asked Xian Guolin if he could perform Wing Chun on the spot, he twisted his head.

(Photo by Liang Pengwei)

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Once posted "Lao Qian" big-character poster Xian: I am so handsome

In any case, Guoyi's debt restructuring action has aroused dissatisfaction among some bondholders. In September of the previous year, someone posted a big-character poster, claiming that the value of the bond had depreciated sharply after purchasing the bond.

Xian Guolin pointed out: "It's really funny, he (poster) said I was 'hidden buried', but I was there every day, and everyone found me; he didn't leave a phone number, how could I find him?" He then thought, He smiled and said, "But I'm all happy. The picture of the big-character poster 'I am so handsome', playing Wing Chun and spreading hands, is like an advertisement for the "Ip Man" movie."

Xian Guolin said that whether he set foot in the financial industry or commented on current affairs in 2019, he has been intimidated and smeared a lot, including someone who claimed to have his right eye abolished and hurt his family.

However, he said that he has disdain to take the initiative to clarify and respond, "Who is behind and no one is gossiping? If I have to spend time responding and clarifying to everyone, I don't think there is such a need. I often tell my friends that if you ask yourself, it is a high level. People who don't need to have the general knowledge of those "market rats"."

Said to have received dozens of election committees expressing support for running for election without saying hello to Beijing

Referring to the idea of ​​running for election, Xian Guolin said that since 2019, he "opened a microphone" and many people called him to run for the chief executive or the Legislative Council, but he said many times on the Internet that he did not want to enter politics. The policy coincides with what he advocates, which is quite satisfying.

Xian Guolin said that the family experienced great changes in April last year, which hit him hard. After the precipitation, he published his book "Government of Hong Kong Policy", which was consciously popular. Since September last year, friends have successively advised him to participate in politics.

Xian Guolin pointed out that many people feel that the selection of the chief executive needs to be "blessed" and that "ordinary people may not be able to get out just by rushing out", but he quoted Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, once said that "patriots ruling Hong Kong" should accommodate different spectrums and voices. There was indeed no "blessing list" in the Legislative Council election last year. He is convinced that as long as the country loves Hong Kong and has the ability, there is a chance to run for election.

The nomination threshold for this year's special election competition has been greatly increased. In addition to being nominated by 188 election committees, it is also necessary to obtain at least 15 nomination votes in each of the five sectors. There is no need for communication at all. The message from the central government is that under the new election method and the improved election method, there will be no blessing list. I should be one of the qualified candidates.” He pointed to many election committees It's his "fans". "In fact, I also received six or seven hundred messages (on the day of the announcement of my candidacy), some of them from the election committee friends said, 'I will definitely support you', there are dozens of people there", but He would not disclose which electoral committees are involved and which sectors are involved.

A spoof list of "Xian Guolin's KOL team" has recently been circulated on the Internet. For example, Ho Junyao is the Secretary for Justice. Xian Guolin laughed and said that it is not true. He also pointed out that many chief executive candidates have "star" campaign team, but many of them are just "names". ", he only has a team of more than ten people.

Oppose Leung Chun-ying's re-election as chief executive and Chen Maobo's "not very familiar"

Xian Guolin has criticized Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor for many times on the Internet in the past for his policy mistakes. Now he claims to be a "political amateur."

Xian asserted and denied, "I never approve of Mr. Leung (Leung Chun-ying) becoming the chief executive again, not because of his ability, but because he is a deputy national leader. If it is for the good of Hong Kong, he can support a lot behind the scenes, not necessarily. I want to 'fall off the field and fight'. After that, I was scolded by some people who supported Liang Sheng."

As for Leung Chun-ying's friendship and Financial Secretary Chen Maobo, Xian Guolin said that he "didn't know each other very well": "I dined with him once many years ago, but I have no contact with him since then, how can I support him? I came out to participate in the meeting. Choosing, of course, is to support yourself, how can you support others?”

In his candidacy declaration, Xian Guolin stated that he would adopt a "all-people participatory political platform". Starting from January 23, the basic content will be uploaded one after another, allowing citizens to make suggestions. If feasible and resources allow, they will be included in the final platform. I believe no one has done this. pass.

He pointed out that its philosophy of governing Hong Kong is "tolerance and compatibility", taking into account the reasonable rights and interests of different strata, paying attention to the details of policy implementation, ensuring that resources are properly used and helping those in need, and social interests are not skewed; but at the same time, he does not advocate "enemy" Wealth" mentality, because the rich may not have done anything bad, and the wealth may be left by the previous generation or earned by themselves.

He said that he is not an immortal, and that there is no magic to resolve all social conflicts in an instant, but he hopes to reduce the problems accumulated by society through reasonable resource allocation.

Controversy over political reform is still one of the main reasons for Hong Kong's current political conflicts.

(file picture)

Rejection of the 7.21 event: I don't support people in white and black

Xian took the initiative to mention that he was described as a "blue camp KOL" by the public, but he didn't know the basis: "Many people say that I am blue or dark blue, but how does Huang Lan decide? Huang may be dissatisfied with the government, and I am dissatisfied with the government. , will make trouble with the government. According to this definition, am I considered yellow? If supporting the police is blue, I will admit this, and I will support the police to lawfully enforce the law. So there is no need to distinguish between blue and yellow. As far as I know, some people originally If you support the government, you will be dissatisfied when you see governance issues.”

"Criticism of the government does vary from political stance, but there are always some incidents. The yellow and blue must be opposed, and even the interpretation of the 'truth' is completely different, right? Like 7.21, 8.31." The reporter asked a question.

Hearing the words "7.21", Xian Guolin concentrated his attention and said, "I will not comment on a particular case, what about 7.21 and 8.31, I should not look at it this way, I should look at it this way, if someone breaks the law, if I am fortunate enough to be the Chief Executive, I will definitely be severely punished. Loan." He said that he never supported men in white or black, and would not support any use of force.

2017 Chief Executive Election.

(File photo/Information Service)

Support the universal suffrage of the chief executive under the current system

As for another root cause of Hong Kong's political contradictions, it is believed to be the political reform controversy. Xian Guolin expressed his support for restarting the political reform: "If I really succeed in becoming the chief executive, it will prove that the central government is really sincere in letting people from different spectrums come out to do government work. If Extending this mechanism, as long as you go through 1,500 electoral committees and qualification review committees, and then let millions of voters vote, I absolutely agree, and even if I am elected, I do not rule out restarting the 8.31 framework during my term.”

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There are two main purposes for the political circle to participate in the election

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