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epidemic. Latest|Sham Shui Po, No. 35-37 Nam Cheong Street, Closed Area Tests Involving Initially Confirmed Site Work Cases


There were 24 new cases in Hong Kong today (21st), of which 18 were local infections. 2 of them are of unknown origin. There are more than 20 initial positive cases, and at least 10 are related to the Yak Kwai House cluster in Kwai Chung Village. The cases have spread to the village.

There were 24 new cases in Hong Kong today (21st), of which 18 were local infections.

2 of them are of unknown origin. There are more than 20 initial positive cases. At least 10 cases are related to the Yak Kwai House cluster in Kwai Chung Village. The case has spread to Ying Kwai House in the village. Diagnosed.

A person who worked as a fake security guard in the village and lived in Ontu House, Cheung On Village, Tsing Yi, was also diagnosed for the first time.

Chen Zhaoshi, Director of the Bureau of Food and Health, pointed out that due to the expansion trend of the Yak Kwai Building group in Kwai Chung Village, from 6 o'clock tonight, the Yak Kwai Building is required to be enclosed and tested for 5 days, until next Wednesday morning (26th), all 2700 residents need to be tested. To be tested every day, the authorities will ask residents to stay at home after the test to reduce the chance of cross-infection.

Chen urged residents not to move out of their residences.

Information as of January 19th at 7pm

[19:05] The spokesman of the Hong Kong government, from 7:00 pm today, will be tested in the closed area of ​​No. 35-37 Nam Cheong Street in Sham Shui Po, and the persons under test must stay at their premises and undergo compulsory testing.

The government's goal is to complete the operation at about 7am tomorrow (22nd).

The Hong Kong government said that due to today’s discovery of a preliminary positive test case who once lived at the above site, it was initially shown that a variant virus strain was involved. After assessment, the risk of infection in the relevant area is likely to be higher, and it has decided to close the area for testing.

In this afternoon's press conference on the epidemic, the authorities disclosed a case of temporarily unknown origin. The patient was a 40-year-old male construction worker who lived at No. 35 Nam Cheong Street. He sometimes had contact with seven colleagues at Site 6 at the village entrance of Xiangshan Village, Kwai Chung, and also went to Tin Shui Wai. At the swimming pool site, I have a fever, and I went to the hospital because of discomfort on January 20. The test result was positive.

[18:42] Chen Zhaoshi emphasized that at this stage, there are sufficient quarantine facilities in Hong Kong, but when the epidemic is severe, other buildings may explode at any time, and there will be close contacts and their household contacts who need to be isolated. Therefore, a certain number of quarantine facilities must be prepared. spare.

Depending on the circumstances, the authorities will decide whether to arrange for the persons under inspection to go to the quarantine center, to be quarantined at the same location, or to undergo mandatory testing.

She continued to point out that other areas of the Hong Kong government are concerned about the epidemic, such as Aberdeen and Sham Shui Po. The authorities have arranged mandatory testing in the relevant areas. If a greater risk is found, they will be enclosed in other buildings for testing if necessary.

[18:20] Assistant Director of Housing (Estate Management) Lu Zihui pointed out that the Housing Department will arrange to deliver lunch boxes to the units in Yat Kwai Building at about 7 pm tonight, and residents can go to the downstairs of Yat Kwai House for sampling after 8 pm Ben, the sampling station is open until midnight.

Starting tomorrow, the sampling stations will operate during the day, giving residents more time to test.

The Housing Department will arrange to deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner lunch boxes to residents tomorrow. If necessary, please contact the Department of Health for medical enquiries or follow-up consultations.

[18:18] Xu Lejian, director of the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health, said that the Environmental Protection Agency and government expert Yuan Guoyong had visited Yikui Building. There were 20 cases in the entire building, involving 13 units, spread over 12 floors, and involved different orientations.

During the inspection period, no structural problems, air flow problems and throat problems were found. It is estimated that the outbreak of the building is likely to be caused by a super-spreader who spreads from different floors.

Xu Xu said that the source of the outbreak came from a case of Omicron infection (patient number #13045), whose infected husband (#13064) had been to the Kwai Yat Building collection station on January 13 and had contact with the same cleaner who Preliminary diagnosis, cleaning on different floors of the building every day, does not rule out contact with different citizens during work, so person-to-person transmission occurred.

According to preliminary observations, super-spreaders should be most contagious from January 16 to January 18, and citizens who have been in contact during this period should become sick one after another.

OMICRON has a transmission period of 3 to 5 days. Some cases should be found in the enclosure operation at Yat Kwai Building on January 19. It is believed that more new cases may be found in the next few days.

He pointed out that since the building has no structural problems, experts recommend against a full evacuation.

In the past evacuation operations, the residents went to quarantine facilities because they would continue to take risks by staying at home and were not suitable for continued living.

At present, the transmission route of Yikuilou has occurred. This 5-day in-situ enclosure test aims to find residents who are already in the incubation period as soon as possible.

Since the virus has an incubation period of several days, multiple tests are required.

Omicron| 20 people in Yak Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, 2,700 residents were quarantined for 5 days at the original site

[18:15] The Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, said that in response to the super spread in Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, with about 20 cases of infection, it was decided to implement a 5-day siege at Yat Kwai House from 6:00 tonight. Seal detection.

She emphasized that the group is involved in super-spreading, with extremely high risks and the need for decisive action.

According to preliminary estimates by the authorities, 2,700 residents of the building were affected.

During the 5-day home quarantine period, temporary testing stations will be set up, and residents need to be tested every day.

She appealed to residents to stay at home after testing to reduce the chance of cross-infection, and solemnly appealed to residents not to move out of their residences.

[17:07] Zhang Zhujun said that the source case of Yikui Building, 13064, had been to the garbage room, and there was indeed a difference in how to enter the same confession. It is not clear there. It may not be that he directly infected the residents of the building. According to the information, he should not have entered the building. He may infect other residents. The residents may enter the Yikui Building and then spread it. I know that there are discussions in the relevant departments, and the press conference at 6 o'clock will explain. , 2,500 residents were tested in the closed area on the first night, and the quarantine center may not have enough units to accommodate everyone.

[16:55] A 2-year-old girl in Yingkui Building was diagnosed for the first time. She lives in Luyang New Village, Tsuen Wan, but her grandmother lives in Yingkui Building. The girl is often in Yingkui Building, on the same floor as another Chuyang cleaner14 The building is not very far, but it is not isolated, there is a chance to meet and there is a risk. The girl has a fever and went to the hospital for testing, and her family has been sent to the quarantine center.

Two visitors on the 12th floor were initially diagnosed.

[16:48] A 40-year-old male construction worker who lives at No. 35 Nam Cheong Street for a temporary case whose source is unknown. Sometimes he was in contact with seven colleagues at the site 6 of the village entrance of Cheung Shan Village, Kwai Chung, and he also went to the swimming pool site in Tin Shui Wai. He had a fever. On January 20, I started to go to the hospital feeling unwell, and the test was positive. The case needs genetic analysis to check whether it is related to the staff of Nanchang Street.

[16:39] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, said that Case 13110 and Case 13059 had lunch with their family at Longhui, Aberdeen Center, and the travel records of peace of mind showed that the two appeared at the same time. People sit far away, one sits on 13 tables and the other sits on 123 tables. The middle is quite far. The two are men. , I hope to often go to tea drinkers for testing.

As for Yat Kui Building, together with suspected cases and workers, there were about 20 people who worked there or were infected by visitors or residents, including those who went to Shenzhen, involving 12 floors and 13 units, scattered around, about 9 units There are security guards in different blocks, including the initial positive case. Another Chuyang case works as a security guard in Kwai Chung Village. Another person who lives in Ying Kwai House does cleaning in Yat Kwai House and takes out garbage on each floor. , A 2-year-old child in Yingkui Building is a first-time confirmation. He is on the same floor as the cleaner but not in a connected unit. He is a nearby neighbor. Residents of the building need to be tested.

Leung Tzu-chao advocated a three-day lockdown in Yikui Building, saying that Omicron had a negative disease in the morning and could be contagious in the afternoon

[13:56] The epidemic broke out in Yat Kwai Building, Kwai Chung Village. At least 16 people were infected and involved 11 units. Due to insufficient quarantine facilities, the government did not evacuate the 2,500 residents of the building, but issued a "Restriction and Testing Notice" to Yat Kwai Building ”, residents will have to undergo mandatory testing for three consecutive days starting today (21st).

Some residents of Yat Kwai Building criticized that the government did not send staff to check whether people entering and leaving the building had obtained negative reports, fearing that cases would flow into the community.

Respiratory specialist Liang Zichao said in an interview with "Hong Kong 01" that there is obviously active transmission in Yak Kwai Building, and "half a bucket of water" and overly loose measures are not enough to stop the spread. People infected with Omicron can develop symptoms within 1 to 3 days. Therefore, the building should be resolutely enclosed for 3 days, otherwise "the test will be negative in the morning, and others may be infected in the afternoon"; Xu Shuchang, a government expert consultant and chair professor of the Department of Voice Systems at CUHK, also pointed out that residents should not be allowed to go out to work or roam in the community. No entry and exit for 3 days.

Residents of Yak Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, for 3 days in a row

[12:38] The fifth wave of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong. At least 16 people in Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village were infected. The patients were distributed in 11 different floors and 8 different units. The government issued a restriction and testing announcement yesterday (20), and arranged for all Residents will undergo compulsory testing for three consecutive days starting today (21st).

Yak Kwai Building has a long queue of residents waiting for inspection this morning. As seen at the scene, no one has checked whether the residents entering or leaving the building have undergone forced inspection. Some residents are worried that there are loopholes and leak cases. , and called on residents to conduct self-discipline inspections, "to be clean and self-love, so as not to make people panic."

The fifth wave of the epidemic | Shue Yan University has released the Lunar New Year holiday for up to 15 days in advance until February 7

[11:44] The epidemic in Hong Kong is "everywhere", and many campuses have fallen.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University announced today (21st) that in view of the recent worsening of the fifth wave of the epidemic, it has decided to start the Lunar New Year holiday early next Monday (24th) and end on the 7th of next month.

Mobil kindergarten teacher and patient have the same virus gene sequence Xu Shuchang: short-range airborne transmission when they meet

[11:37] The 26-year-old female teacher (Case 13072) of Quarry Bay School Kindergarten (Case 13072) was separated by about 9 seconds from her two sons who were also recruited by a Pakistani woman who was infected with the virus (Case 13045). , one exit and one exit A of Meifu Station, suspected of being infected due to this encounter.

Xu Shuchang, a government expert consultant and chair professor of the Voice System Department of CUHK, said on the commercial TV program "Let's Start on a Sunny Day" that the two groups of patients have 100% identical viral gene sequences. It is estimated that short-range airborne transmission occurs. It is recommended that citizens wear two masks and flat glasses when going to crowded places.


Siu Kit Hang refers to the fact that Mei Foo Kindergarten Teachers may have multiple transmission chains in Kowloon West of the infection in the tunnel of the MTR station

[10:36] A 43-year-old Pakistani woman brought the virus into the community from a quarantine hotel. After the patient in Yikuilou was found to have the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus "BA.2", her husband admitted that he had been there last week Xiamen garbage room scavenging for resale.

So far, 15 residents and 1 security guard have been infected with the virus in the building, covering 11 floors and a total of 12 units.

Siu Kit-hang, an associate professor of PolyU's Department of Health Technology and Informatics, said on the RTHK program "Millennium" that the incident reflected that the virus "spreads very fast in Kowloon West", describing that multiple chains of transmission may have been planted, but it is estimated that female kindergarten teachers may not be directly Infection from a Pakistani mother and child may be infected by an undiagnosed third party.

Cai Ruolian: 2.24 The vaccine bubble takes effect, and teachers are not allowed to enter the campus without a health certificate and injections

[09:19] The Education Bureau announced yesterday that all secondary schools in Hong Kong must suspend face-to-face classes and all in-school activities on or before next Monday (24th).

Cai Ruolin, deputy director of the Education Bureau, said on the TV program "Millennium" that the resumption of classes depends on the age of the students, their self-care ability, and the urgency of their learning. The resumption of classes after the Lunar New Year will be announced at the end of the month.

As for the vaccine bubble that will be implemented on the 24th of next month, she pointed out that if teachers do not have a health certificate and are unwilling to give injections, they will not be allowed to enter the campus and will be regarded as unreasonable absences. Forcibly entering the campus without permission will face disciplinary action or suffer legal consequences.

Kindergarten teacher suspected of contracting the virus after passing through Exit A of Mei Foo Station 9 seconds apart

Summary of yesterday:

Female teacher suspected of recruiting Liang Zichao in the subway exit tunnel: if the tunnel is poorly ventilated, it may cause airborne transmission

District closure | The government sealed off the three buildings for one night, and all the residents involved were initially diagnosed with a variant virus

Vaccine Bubble|School employees, visitors are required to have injections from 2.24 to admit teachers and staff do not respect absences

Blocked area testing|Shengqian Court, Tiansheng Court, buildings with initial positive occupants will be closed until tomorrow morning

Epidemic | Neighbors complained about the outbreak of the epidemic in Yat Kwai Building, Kwai Chung Village

New Coronary Pneumonia|The Jockey Club points out that the severe epidemic will close the distribution of 8 betting stations

On January 20, Yuan Guoyong visited Yikui Building


On January 19, Changshawan Village Changxin Building closed the area for inspection


Killing hamsters|Children or self-proclaimed executioners may distort values, parents should express their emotions together

Epidemic | 17-year-old male student infected with Delta gene and pet store have a new source

Epidemic | More than 20 new cases are newly diagnosed every day, at least 3 cases without source Zhang Zhujun: there is a risk of a major outbreak

Poisonous Sewage | Multiple Sewage Samples in Aberdeen Positive for Over 20 Buildings in the District

Zhang Zhujun suspects that the female teacher in Meifu subway station and the patient were recruited in the same field for 9 seconds with the same virus gene

Omicron│Takeng Tung Testing Center is deserted, and residents of Dongmanlou expect to reduce the New Year's party

Rat Killing Order|Pan Liewen: Delta virus found in warehouse is very likely to be transmitted from hamsters through pet stores

Rat Killing Order | Xu Shuchang received threatening emails threatening: "I hope you pass away soon"

Area Closure Testing|Yi Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village is now in Chuyang, and the sample of Fu Yue House 1, Fu Cheong Village, is still being verified

News: The Education Bureau is studying whether middle schools will suspend classes

Killing hamsters | There is no alternative to the high amount of rat killing. Life education scholars say that the relationship between people and pets cannot be ignored


On January 20, experts visited Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village




▼On January 19, AFCD went to Mong Kok Little Boss to kill hamsters▼

Cathay Pacific cargo terminal outsourced forklift driver tests positive

The fifth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund is available for various industries.

(Hong Kong 01 cartography)

▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for various industries▼


Yuan Guoyong deconstructs and agrees with the killing of hamsters: Delta virus may become a world disaster if one more mutation does not stop it | The government closed the three buildings in one night and all the residents involved were initially confirmed to be infected with the mutant virus | Tissue may spread poison: I don’t know if it’s been wiped. Little Boss clerk and customer’s Delta gene sequence is not a single one. The male virus gene is different from the female salesperson in the pet store, or there is another Delta transmission chain rodent killing order|Pan Liewen: The Delta virus found in the warehouse is very likely to be transmitted from hamsters through the pet store

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