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How to understand the body language of the cat?


Being attentive to the well-being of your cat means knowing how to identify the signs of its contentment or, conversely, of a problem. In order to better decipher its behavior and reactions, it is essential to know how to interpret the body language of the cat. How should you go about it? What...

While the


can communicate through meowing or purring, it also expresses itself through

body language


In other words, his posture or his attitudes reflect his feelings.

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How to identify the mood of your cat thanks to the posture of its tail?

To recognize the signs of a happy cat, just watch its tail.

It is then high.

Too erect, it indicates fear or frustration.

If he beats her from right to left, he is annoyed.

A tail between the legs evokes a stressful situation, even fear.

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The ears and eyes of the cat: understanding his body language


cat body language

, its


also help to better distinguish its mood.

A slow blink signifies a relaxed cat.

If he closes his eyes when you talk to him, it's not contempt or indifference.

He expresses his confidence in you, because he is vulnerable.

An excited or awake cat has dilated pupils and wide open eyes.

Regarding the


, his body language reflects appeasement if they are high without standing up.

Tilted forward, they indicate curiosity.

Back-turned and flat ears evoke a sense of danger and the need to protect oneself.

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Some examples of behavior

Cats often rub against their master's knees.

With the head or the tail, it translates an affectionate momentum.

If he uses his body, he can also "mark" you with



For his congeners, it is a dissuasive means so as not to approach you, or to indicate to them that you "belong" to him.

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Cat body language can sometimes be confusing.

This is particularly the case when your pet lies on its back.

This is a position of relaxation and relaxation.

It is therefore inadvisable to disturb him, even more so to caress his belly, which he does not like.

Similarly, rolling on the ground does not invite amusement, but signifies submission to you.

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A cat may rub their head against yours to

express love or appreciation


Another example of explicit body language, he may also lick you.

A happy animal may also loosen its whisker hair slightly, indicating contentment and relaxation.

In order to translate his pleasure, he can possibly "knead" an object, your arm or your leg.

This is an

instinctive behavior

that evokes breastfeeding and therefore a pleasant memory.

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