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Latest|Government: Government employees in Kwai Chung Village do not need to return to their workplaces, calling on enterprises to follow


Hong Kong added 26 new cases today (22nd), 10 of which were related to Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village, 3 cases with unknown source, more than 100 cases were initially confirmed today, and the cumulative number of cases in Yak Kwai House including Chu Yang and confirmed cases reached 96. Ying Kwai House

Hong Kong added 26 new cases today (22nd), 10 of which were related to Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village, 3 cases with unknown source, more than 100 cases were initially confirmed today, and the cumulative number of cases in Yak Kwai House including Chu Yang and confirmed cases reached 96. Yingkui Building also added 5 Chuyang cases, bringing the total to 7 cases.

One of today's cases of unknown origin is an 81-year-old lady, suspected to be Omicron, retired and living with her family in Fu Qiang Building, Tai Wokou. She has received 3 injections of the Kexing vaccine. She developed a fever on January 18 and visited a private doctor. She arrived on January 20. Accident and emergency room for consultation, CT value of 17 is a high virus load, usually go shopping nearby, will greet the security guard, but there will be no direct contact.

Previously, the security guard who lived in Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village worked in Fu Qiang House and Fu Bang House in Tai Wo Hau Village.

【Summary of the latest epidemic situation】

● DAB Legislative Council member Chen Heng-pin quoted news that the number of confirmed cases had exceeded 130 at the beginning of today, and most of them were from Kwai Chung Village.

He estimates that Kwai Chung Village needs at least a mandatory inspection of the whole village.

●As of noon, it was reported that there were about 40 newly confirmed cases in Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Estate and about 30 cases in Ying Kwai House.

● Qiankui House, Kwai Chung Village, which is a distance from Yat Kwai House and Ying Kwai House, was also visited by super communicators earlier. The government testing contractor arrived this afternoon to test residents.

● Various disciplined services are mobilizing manpower to reinforce Kwai Chung Village, including the Police Force mobilizing mobile units from various police districts. It is expected that the authorities' anti-epidemic action in Kwai Chung Village will further expand.

●The number of infected people in Kwai Chung Village has increased sharply, including an assistant in the obstetrics and gynecology department of Princess Margaret Hospital and a clerk stationed at the Tsuen Wan Government Offices of the Police Force who were initially diagnosed.

●Fu Keung House, Tai Wo Hau Estate, which is adjacent to Kwai Chung Village and only a 9-minute walk away, also found a preliminary confirmed case this afternoon.

● Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor met with reporters at 6 pm and was expected to explain the latest development of the epidemic.


Information as of January 19th at 7pm

▼January 21st Compulsory Testing List▼


[21:20] In response to the latest development of the epidemic, the government has notified all policy bureaus and departments today (22nd) that all government employees living in Kwai Chung Village do not need to return to their workplaces for the time being, stay at home, and minimize going out until they comply with the policy until further notice by the bureau and department.

The Secretary for the Civil Service, Nip Tak-kuen, called on employers of other enterprises to make similar arrangements for their employees where feasible to fight the epidemic.

He said that in order to cope with the implementation of various measures related to epidemic prevention, after considering the actual scale of individual operations and manpower needs, the government will appropriately deploy personnel from policy bureaus and departments to provide cross-departmental support.

[18:45] Lam Cheng said that the nationwide testing will require 7 million people in Hong Kong to be banned, not to mention the whole of Hong Kong. The residents of Kowloon West will be banned for 5 days, or even 24 hours. The ability is not only limited, all journalists have limited ability, and it is impossible for you to write 500 manuscripts a day.”

At present, there are mandatory sewage tests and RTDs. A total of 100,000 people have been banned until they are negative. What should we do in Hong Kong?

It's a real problem. Everyone has to think about what to do. I will do it every day. There is a scientific reason for the 5-day ban.

In addition, Tai Wo Hau Village adjacent to Kwai Chung Village is at risk. We will pay attention to the situation and introduce relevant measures if necessary.

On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the current measures lasted for 28 days, but the chance of relaxation is relatively small.

"Do not release the microphone 100%, or use the vaccine to release it", will be discussed in detail and announced in due course

[18:40] Lam Cheng said that in the past two years, it is necessary to know whether the actions are done in a timely manner. The sooner and more timely effective measures can be taken, the better. Some of them are not completely scientific. Every internal high-level supervision, every time there is a We will do our best if we need it, and we will not deliberately fail to do so. Of course, sometimes, whether the public is completely satisfied, sometimes there are limitations on capacity, such as the delivery time, there may be some limitations when it comes to delivery capacity.

In view of OMICRON's fast speed, I hope to be ahead of the epidemic. This row of work has been done according to the latest information of the laboratory. For example, Qiankui Building has not even gone to the Department of Health. The contractor knows about the case and has taken action, trying to be as timely as possible. .

The enclosure absorbed the experience of Yikui Building. After the residents of Yingkui closed the area for inspection, they connected to the home isolation.

[18:35] The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Chen Fan, said that the cleaning work of Kwai Chung Village is carried out by a single contractor, "Zhenhuiji". Regarding the responsibility for patients to freely enter and exit the garbage room in the estate, further investigation will be required.

There are 2,700 residents in Yikui Building who need to stay home for 5 days. Last night, the Housing Department led a joint operation, with more than 250 people from various departments participating. Other departments will join in rotation later.

I understand that the 5-day ban and home isolation will affect the public. Everyone needs to buy food. Since yesterday, we have provided breakfast, lunch and dinner to solve the difficulty of purchasing food. Although it cannot satisfy everyone's taste, there are vegetarian options for pork, beef and chicken. Please pay attention There are individual delays in the delivery of meals, which will be improved. According to the actual situation, household daily necessities will be provided to citizens in need.

[18:31] Four appeals from Carrie Lam:

1) Those in Kwai Chung villages that are not affected by the banning regulations are better to stay at home, go out as little as possible, and pay attention to who’s hygiene. If exposed to high-risk work, unrestricted villagers, including working in places such as homes for the elderly.

, called on "it's not easy to continue" to work, and hoped that employers would cooperate, otherwise it would be very dangerous to spread the disease in residential care homes, nursing homes, and medical institutions.

2) Citizens should avoid gatherings. Every time there is a risk, especially children and the elderly have a low injection rate. Children have just started getting injections, and children under the age of 5 will not be injected. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce going out.

OMICRON has a great impact on children, and the elderly are even more life-threatening

3) Those who have not been vaccinated should be injected as soon as possible. There were 48,000 injections yesterday, and the number of first injections rose to 20,000, making Hong Kong's eligible first injection rate to 77.5%. Qualified citizens should make an appointment to play the 3rd booster as soon as possible.

4) When the risk of OMICRON infection has become mainstream all over the world, but there are hamsters in Hong Kong that cause DELTA transmission, citizens should be tested as soon as possible if they are at risk:

[18:22] Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced the new measures for encirclement and inspection:

1) Yingkui Building will be closed for 5 days from today, but it will not be able to provide dinner tonight, and will provide three meals from tomorrow.

2) Tonight, 4 buildings in Kwai Chung Village will be closed and inspected, including Qian Kwai Building (there have been many Chuyang cases), Hiu Kwai Building (there is one case), Xu Kwai Building, and Ya Kwai Building.

3) The remaining 11 blocks in Kwai Chung Village are included in the list of strong testing, and residents must be tested multiple times.

In addition to these 16 blocks, the two police quarters in Kwai Fu Court, located in the middle, are included in the compulsory inspection list.

[18:10] Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that further measures will be taken to stop the epidemic. As of 4:30, there have been 105 cases related to buildings in Kwai Chung Village, 96 cases in Yat Kwai House, 8 cases in Ying Kwai House, and 8 cases in Xiao Kwai House. Building 1, I am worried about a geometric eruption.

The first case was in the garbage room of Yikui Building, and cleaning services were provided in Yikui Building. The cleaners lived on the 14th floor of Yingkui Building, and the other was a cleaner at Xiaokui Building. Forced inspections were required to cause these spreads. The Housing Department had already inquired about the outsourced contractors, one of them cleaned the 16 buildings of the whole village, and understood the operation of the drains and the cleaning workers.

The first is to live in Yingkui Building, responsible for building the Yikui Building garbage room, collecting the garbage of each household into the garbage chute, and after the residents put the garbage, the canal will collect the garbage room.

This operation is very large. Each block involves more than 2,000 residents, 1,000 units, 16 blocks have 35,000 residents, and two police quarters are buried, and 36,000 to 37,000 tests need to be processed.

[17:10] Regarding the outbreak risk faced by the whole Hong Kong, Zhang Zhujun said that Omicron is very difficult to control. Many people have no symptoms, or the symptoms are like a cold, and many people despise it.

Recently, there was a case with symptoms, and the doctor went to pick up a sample to find out. Don't think it was winter flu. In fact, the flu has not been particularly popular recently. If the symptoms are good, it may be caused by new coronary pneumonia than other reasons.

Those who are uncomfortable and have been to high-risk places need to be tested. Due to the short incubation period, they have been passed down to family members and others when they are found.

Remind the public to stay vigilant, do testing, and reduce activities.

[17:04] One of today's cases of unknown origin is an 81-year-old lady, suspected to be Omicron, retired and living with her family in Fuqiang Building, Dawokou. She has received 3 injections of the Kexing vaccine. She had a fever on January 18 and saw a private doctor. On January 20, I went to the emergency room for consultation. The CT value of 17 is a high virus load. I usually go shopping in a nearby place. I will greet the security guard when I see it, but there will be no direct contact.

The security guard who used to live in Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village was in Fu Keung House in Tai Wo Hau Village.

[16:45] Two patient service assistants in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Princess Margaret Hospital were infected. The first patient service assistant had a sore throat on January 21 and went to Yanji emergency department for a diagnosis. Nursing procedures, wear a mask at work.

On the evening of the 20th, I had a chat with another antenatal ward service assistant in the pantry. One of them did not wear a mask, but the other did.

8 people will be quarantined.

No patient is a close contact.


[16:45] There are more than 100 cases in Chuyang, most of which are residents of Yikui Building. There are 96 residents or visitors in Yikui Building who are diagnosed with Chuyang or diagnosed.

Another confirmed case includes the former security guard who lived in Yingkui Building, and the cleaners who reworked in Yat Kwai Building, and the cleaners in Ju Xiaokui Building.

In addition to the previous two confirmed cases in Yingkui Building, today there are five more residents of Yingkui, Chu Yang, and the sixth one is working at Princess Margaret Hospital, involving a total of 8 units.

Among the Yak Kwai cases, one of them worked at the Song Yue Yuan Nursing Home on the third platform of the Kwai Chung Village shopping mall. He last went to work on January 20. The patient tested negative on January 19 and was tested positive on January 21 when he was unwell.

The patient is a 49-year-old male. There are more than 100 residents in the hospital. He is mainly responsible for taking care of more than 50 residents. If a patient is diagnosed and needs to be quarantined, the patient will go to AWE for quarantine.

The patient also works in the Tak Cheong Nursing Home in Tak Cheong Building, and does not come into contact with the elderly. He is responsible for distributing medicines at the pharmacy, and relevant persons need to be tested.

[16:35] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, said that 26 confirmed cases have been confirmed today, 10 of which are related to Yikui Building.

The eight cases were residents of Yat Kwai House or family members who had stayed there. Two were residents of Ying Kwai House, one of them was a cleaner in Yat Kwai House, and the other was a child visiting Ying Kwai House on the same floor.

There are three cases of unknown local origin today.

The environmental samples of Yak Kwai Building were found to be positive, including the elevator buttons in the corridor on the 8th floor and the inner handle on the entrance of the garbage room on the 7th floor.

[15:41] According to news, a patient service assistant who lives in Kwai Chung Village and works in Ward A3 of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Princess Margaret Hospital has been initially diagnosed.

It is understood that the employee worked the night shift the night before and worked until yesterday morning.

Epidemic outbreak in Kwai Chung Village|News: Disciplined Forces Assemble Manpower to Reinforce Police Districts

[15:26] There was a large outbreak of infection clusters in Yat Kwai House. A member of the Legislative Council quoted news that there were at least 130 new confirmed cases today, and most of them were from Kwai Chung Village, where the outbreak occurred. Mandatory testing is required for the whole village.

It is reported that the major disciplined forces are gathering manpower to assist in the siege operation when necessary. It is understood that the major police districts are deploying mobile unit (PTU) personnel, and other disciplined services will also Dozens of personnel have been lent to prepare for emergency needs. In addition to the police force, it is understood that the first day of the siege operation at Yat Kwai Building last night, the Customs also dispatched personnel to assist the operation.


[14:53] DAB Legislative Council member Chen Hengpin told "Hong Kong 01" that it is understood that the latest preliminary number of confirmed cases today will exceed 130, most of which are from Kwai Chung Village.

Chen Heng-pin pointed out that the current infection figures have not yet been confirmed, but the infection cases in Kwai Chung Village are already "hot everywhere". The initial confirmed cases are not only from Yat Kwai and Ying Kwai House. Be mentally prepared and do not go out.


Blockade | Yak Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, the first day of the ban on residents' approval efficiency is slow, and the floors are not cleaned

[13:51] The Omicron epidemic broke out in Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village. The government imposed a 5-day quarantine order from 6:00 p.m. on Friday (21st).

After one night, some residents complained about the slow efficiency of the authorities. Dinner was only delivered at 10 o'clock last night. This morning (22nd), breakfast was not received until 10 am, and there was no lunch until 1 noon.

Some residents are also dissatisfied that the corridors on each floor of the building have not been cleaned, and no one has notified residents when they can come down for testing.

Residents also asked the government to come to the door for testing, "I can easily get infected when I drop off and take a ride, and I don't even know what's going on!"

Yak Kwai Building is expected to have multiple sources of transmission, Liang Zichao is worried about the fifth wave of high spread throughout Hong Kong and calls on citizens to stay home

[13:34] There was a large outbreak of infection clusters in Yikui Building. According to the news, more than 70 new people were initially diagnosed today (22nd) in Yikui Building and Yingkui Building, that is, a total of more than 90 people were recruited.

Respiratory specialist Liang Zichao believes that according to the current rate of spread and the number of people, it is believed that there are multiple sources of transmission in the building, and the outbreak will occur rapidly in a secondary "generation to generation".

He described that the biggest concern at present is the delay in the siege by the authorities. The case has been out of the community, and the whereabouts of dozens of people are difficult to track down immediately. As a result, there is a chance that the fifth wave of the epidemic will spread to the whole of Hong Kong.

Leung believes that the Hong Kong government should call on citizens to stay at home and further strengthen testing capabilities.

Respiratory specialist Liang Zichao.

(file picture)

Experts on the outbreak of the epidemic in Yikuilou predict that the resumption of dine-in on the fourth day of the new year will be minimal

[13:06] As the Lunar New Year is approaching, it was expected that dine-in dinners would be reopened as soon as the fourth day of the Lunar New Year or based on the "vaccine bubble".

Respiratory specialist Liang Zichao believes that the chance of resuming dine-in in the evening market on the fourth day of the first day is "very small", and the main concern is that the fifth wave of the epidemic will be more "tragic".

Huang Jiahe, president of the Hong Kong Catering Association, said frankly that in response to the outbreak of the epidemic at Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village, he was worried that the government would extend the ban on dine-in arrangements in the evening market.

The catering industry is expected to lose 40% of its business, and it is even estimated that many restaurants will "suffer" and close down.

Huang Jiahe said that the Lunar New Year period, which should have been the peak business season, has become "a sad New Year's Eve".

The catering industry is expected to lose 40% of its business, and it is even estimated that many restaurants will "suffer" and close down.

(file picture)

The police clerk at Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate, was recruited to be stationed at the Tsuen Wan Government Offices for the last work on Thursday

[12:51] The police stated that a 32-year-old female patient living in Yikui Building was a civilian staff stationed in the Personnel Services and Staff Relations Division of the Personnel Department.

During the mandatory testing period, it was initially confirmed positive for the virus.

His office is located in the Tsuen Wan Government Offices. He last went to work on Thursday (20th) and wore a mask during work.

Police officers who may have been in close contact with the patient must be tested.

After investigation by the Department of Health, they may be sent to a quarantine center for isolation.

Epidemic outbreak in Kwai Chung Village|Chen Hengpin: The number of new cases far exceeds 70 at first, I believe that Ying Kwai House will take further action

[12:44] The outbreak of the epidemic in Yikui Building, Kwai Chung Village, quickly spread to Yingkui Building in the same village.

DAB Legislative Council member Chen Heng-pin quoted sources as saying that there were at least 70 new initial confirmed cases in the village today, with about 40 from Yat Kwai House and about 30 from Ying Kwai House.

He believed that Ying Kui Building would take further action today and urgently appealed to residents to prepare themselves mentally.

News: There are more than 40 newly diagnosed cases in Yikui Building and Yingkui Building today. There are suspected new cases in Delta.

[11:39] There have been about 20 confirmed cases in Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village recently. One of them, a cleaner who lives in Ying Kwai House and works in Kwai Chung Village, was initially diagnosed yesterday. Since he will work on different floors of the building, the authorities do not rule it out. She had contact with residents on different floors, resulting in human-to-human transmission, and is suspected to be a "super spreader".

According to the news, 40 additional preliminary positive cases were added to the group today (22nd), involving Yat Kwai House and Ying Kwai House.

[11:08] There was a large outbreak of infection clusters in Yikui Building. Following yesterday's announcement by the Centre for Health Protection that there were more than 10 Chu Yang cases, it was reported that among the residents, visitors and staff of Yikui Building and Yingkui Building today, More than 40 additional preliminary confirmed cases were added, that is, nearly 60 new cases were added at any time yesterday.

In addition, the Delta group, which is believed to be transmitted by hamsters, is also expanding. It is reported that a male patient was infected with the virus after eating and talking with an elder in a restaurant. Not included in the hamster group, but the elder has raised hamsters, and it is unknown whether it is related.

Mandatory Testing|Wong Tai Sin Sewage Sample Positive

[10:46] The government announced that 42 designated places will be included in the mandatory testing announcement.

Among them, 39 specified places were included in the mandatory testing notice due to 15 preliminary positive test cases, two cases related to imported cases and one case related to local cases.

These include many restaurants in Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan and Tung Chung, Fu Pong House, Fu Tak House and Fu Man House in Tai Wo Hau Estate, On Tao House in Cheung On Estate in Tsing Yi, the restaurant "Now & ( Those who have been in the relevant places at the specified time are also required to undergo multiple compulsory tests.

In addition, in response to the positive results of sewage samples in Wong Tai Sin, all buildings or structures in the specified areas were included in the mandatory testing notice, including Fung Tak Park, Mansion 1-3, and Sik Sik Yuen Social Service Building.

From January 8 to 21, people who have been in a specified location for more than an hour will be subject to forced screening.

Killing hamsters | In order to cut off the chain of transmission as soon as possible, Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department: It is not a popular decision to make

[09:56] After a female clerk and a customer of Causeway Bay pet store Little Boss were diagnosed with the disease, the government decided to cull hamsters in all pet stores in Hong Kong, and strongly advised the public to hand over the hamsters purchased after December 22 last year, which attracted a lot of attention criticize.

Liang Zhaohui, director of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, said bluntly on a radio program this morning (22nd), "If you wait until the research is clear, you will not be able to afford it. If you do research while spreading, many people will be affected." He also admitted that the department did not have the appropriate equipment and measures to conduct repeated tests on animals. In terms of balancing animal welfare and public health, "the need to compete at the same time, cut off the chain of transmission, and protect the public is not welcome. Decide."

Blockade|No. 35-37 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po

[07:43] In response to the initial diagnosis of a 40-year-old construction worker last night, the government sealed off No. 35-37 Nam Cheong Street in Sham Shui Po for testing.

Authorities said this morning that no positive tests had been found at the site.

▼Illustration of group transmission of Pakistani women in quarantine (as shown below)▼

▼At 4:00 a.m. on January 22, the enclosure of Yingkui Building in Kwai Chung Village was forcibly inspected▼


Omicron|Ying Kwai Building, Kwai Chung Village, was closed at 4:00 this morning, and the government was expected to complete it at 7:00 pm

[04:05] Following the outbreak of Omicron in Yat Kwai Building in Kwai Chung Village, it was required to be quarantined for five days. The government suddenly announced at 4 am today (22nd) that there was one confirmed case in Ying Kwai Building, Kwai Chung Village. Yesterday, two more cases were found. The initial positive test case of Zong Zeng lived at the above site, so Yingkui Building was enclosed for mandatory testing from 4:00 a.m., and the goal was to complete the operation at 7:00 p.m. tonight, and residents could not leave during the period.







葵涌邨逸葵樓禁足隔離至下周三 中學生情侶「預備五日冇得見」







昨日總覽:疫情.1.21|葵涌邨逸葵樓2700居民禁足隔離5日 深水埗有新火頭

逸葵樓增至20人中招 病毒入侵鄰座映葵樓 清潔工及2歲童初確診

疫情│巴裔婦丈夫拾荒致葵涌邨逸葵樓爆疫 疑關鍵超級傳播者曝光

Omicron|圖解巴裔婦檢疫群組 11日傳5代涉逾40人直逼國泰空姐母

Omicron| 葵涌邨逸葵樓20人染疫 2700居民原址禁足5日隔離

Omicron|葵涌邨逸葵樓老翁獨自隔離 女兒目送父入樓作淚的控訴

梁子超倡逸葵樓禁足三日 指Omicron發病快 上午陰性下午可傳染

葵涌邨逸葵樓1連3天強檢 居民指自出自入未有檢查 較圍封強檢鬆

01消息|政府原計劃隔離逸葵樓全部1400名居民 中途臨時取消

疫情|向逸葵樓鄰近3460戶派快速測試套裝 不能替代強制檢測

葵涌邨逸葵樓居民禁足首晚9時後獲派飯 有燒味飯等至少8款可揀



深水埗增源頭不明個案 40歲地盤工居南昌街 葵涌象山邨地盤開工

封區|建築工初確診源頭未明 深水埗南昌街35至37號封區強檢

Omicron|有南亞人士仍於大南街擺地攤 排檔檔主:見過賣垃圾

Omicron|北河街街市提早今晚7時關閉 全面清潔消毒攤檔明天重開

Aberdeen Dragon Club is now spreading one more diners diagnosed and far away from the patient, but they all used the toilet

Compulsory Inspection|Over 20 Residential Buildings in Aberdeen Are Listed in Shamjing Wave Crest Phase 2

Mobil kindergarten teacher and patient have the same viral gene sequence Xu Shuchang: short-range airborne transmission when they meet

The passage of Mei Foo Station is suspected of spreading the MTR Disinfection Robot Cleaning Material to be used at 19 stations

Siu Kit Hang refers to the fact that Mei Foo Kindergarten Teachers may be infected with the epidemic in the MTR station tunnel, and there are multiple transmission chains in Kowloon West

Cai Ruolian: 2.24 The vaccine bubble takes effect, and teachers are not allowed to enter the campus without a health certificate and injections

The fifth wave of the epidemic | Shue Yan University has released the Lunar New Year holiday for up to 15 days in advance until February 7

Class Suspension|Over 100 Bus Routes Continued to Reduce Classes for Two Weeks, NWFB and Citybus About 20 School Routes Suspended

Omicron|Chegong Festival Market cancels FEHD’s repayment of stall rentals and provides half of the stall rental discounts

▼On January 20, about 10 volunteers prevented citizens from handing over hamsters to the government▼


Killing hamsters|I Love Rabbit positive samples in Causeway Bay and Tai Po Plaza should be tested

Rat Killing Order|A total of 2,298 hamsters have been killed by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Rat Killing Order|The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department reprimands someone for blocking the acceptance of hamsters, urges them to stop and hand them over, and report the incident to the police

Former Little Boss employee complained that not-for-sale small animals were killed, and the AFCD made a mistake

The fifth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund is available for various industries.

(Hong Kong 01 cartography)

▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for various industries▼


Omicron|Che Kung Festival Market cancels FEHD’s rebate of stall rent and grants half of the stall rental fee Far away but they have used toilets in Sham Shui Po. A 40-year-old site worker lives in the site of Cheung Shan Village, Kwai Chung, Nam Cheong Street. The construction of the Mei Foo Station passageway is suspected of spreading.

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