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There's a war here. If we do not wake up quickly, it will end in a severe Zionist defeat - Walla! news


In the face of the letter of surrender laden with the lies of Israel's political, media and legal leadership in the face of the Bedouin rioters, it is important to present the facts. Last May, Israeli Arabs carried out antisemitic attacks on Jews, and last week it was the Bedouin's turn to lead the riot against a nationalist background.

There's a war here.

If we do not wake up quickly, it will end in a severe Zionist defeat

In the face of the letter of surrender laden with the lies of Israel's political, media and legal leadership in the face of the Bedouin rioters, it is important to present the facts.

Last May, Israeli Arabs carried out antisemitic attacks on Jews, and last week it was the Bedouin's turn to lead the riot against a nationalist background.

Kalman Liebskind


Saturday, 22 January 2022, 01:02 Updated: 21:22

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In the video: Demonstration and confrontations with the police in protest of the plantations in the Negev (Photo: Yanir Yagna)

We are at war. The IDF did not issue 8 orders, people do not run around us in uniform, the Egyptian tanks do not run in Sinai, but we are at war. In Jews, and burning Jewish businesses, and setting fire to Jewish synagogues, we chose to ignore.

Senior politicians claimed it was all a result of neglect. Television channels prayed for a moment when we could go back to wiping hummus together. Leftist organizations explained This would not have happened. Even after the slap in the face we received last week in the Negev, with the violence and riots, nothing seems to have changed.

An interviewee from the community of Carmit said that when she and her husband leave the house, they make sure to split up and drive two vehicles. If one is attacked, the other will be able to help. What else? For two minutes and 23 seconds of this article, News 12 made sure not to use the word "Bedouin" and the word "Arabs." We are in the midst of a war over this country, and almost everyone who holds warning bells, sins for their job and chooses not to use them, and almost everyone who history has placed them in performance roles, prefer to close their eyes and tell themselves fairy tales. Sometimes the Arabs attack us because it is bad for them, sometimes because we did not invest in them, sometimes because we did not check their ownership claims.

The most worrying problem is that we have reached the decisive moment, the game of the season, the most important struggle, with the patchwork team.

We have a prime minister who has no idea and understanding of everything that is being done in the Negev.

We have a foreign minister whose embarrassing tweets last week made it easy to understand that he is not connected to the facts.

We have a Minister of Internal Security who, even if the Arab violence against Jews clashes with him, he will not notice it.

We have a leadership that even if the enemy waved at her with the PLO flag, and even if he shouted at her "Allah is great", and even if he talked about his connection to the Palestinians and reminded us of '48, she would continue to think that if only we planted trees elsewhere, everything would pass in peace.

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We have reached the decisive moment.

The riots in the Negev (Photo: Flash 90, Jamal Awad)

Last weekend I read countless articles that analyzed what happened in the Negev.

A collection of writers who have never researched what is happening in the Negev, and have never studied the Bedouin issue, but it is enough for them to see an Arab on the one hand and the State of Israel on the other, to decide which of the two groups they are fans of.

One simple matter needs to be understood.

There is nothing in common between the al-Atrash family and the al-'Azma family.

They are not members of the same family, they are not members of the same tribe, they are not members of the same staff, they will not donate a kidney to each other, and they will not prepare food baskets for each other.

Only one thing connects them and takes them out to throw stones at Jews.

The national-nationalist issue.

And he who does not understand it, does not understand anything.

And so, they are engaged in strategy, and we are in tactics.

They are waging an ideological war, and we are debating whether or not the carob tree planted by the JNF contributes to ecology.

Is the country cruel?

Have you heard journalists and politicians explain that the State of Israel is not investing enough in the Bedouin sector? So listen carefully. These journalists and these politicians know nothing of their lives. The Bedouin company in the Negev is probably the most invested company in Israel in terms of budget in recent years. The Bedouin settlements are undergoing a tremendous development boom, under the direction of the Bedouin Authority. Thirteen industrial areas that will be spread over thousands of dunams - in Rahat, Balside, Umm Batin, Abu Karinat, Segev Shalom, Kuseife, and Tel Sheva - are currently undergoing various promotion and development processes. The state invests hundreds of millions of shekels in them.

These industrial areas created jobs for tens of thousands of people and revenues of hundreds of millions from property taxes. In recent years, 110,000 housing units have been approved for validity, according to the Bedouin Authority's publications, 50,000 of which are already under development. In the Bedouin communities in the Negev, also according to the publications of the Bedouin Authority, projects currently costing NIS 5.7 billion are currently underway. 2,000 classrooms were established with a budget of one and a half billion shekels. In the town of Moleda alone, the one next to which the Bedouin rioted, 84 new classrooms were built at a cost of NIS 50 million. Partners in this, as mentioned, are the infamous Bedouin Authority, the JNF, which is portrayed as racist, and the Israel Land Authority, which is portrayed as the great enemy of the sector.

And there is Deputy Minister Yair Golan - a man who was almost chief of staff here, and today is one of the great representatives of the great vacuum of our political system - and after making it clear to the Bedouin that the rioters arrested by the police should be released, he pledges: Properly true for Bedouin society in the Negev. And plans as well. And I promise you that there will be no plans on paper. "And Golan also promises the Bedouin that he will check every month that the budgets do go out, and he has no idea, to the Deputy Minister of Economy, that these budgets have been pouring into the Negev for several years, even without him.

Why do you hardly hear about these facts?

Because again and again reporters and commentators are sent to wipe, who have no clue, and all their system expects of them is to find a Bedouin, open a microphone for him, and allow him to tell how hard it is for him and how cruel the country is to him.

Few are interested in the facts.

Few know how to identify when they are told lies.

Last Saturday, a columnist in Yedioth Ahronoth, a foreign commentator by education, published his impressions of a visit to the Negev.

When an anonymous "clerk" told him what every child knows, that the average Bedouin in the Negev has much wider land than the average Jew in the Negev receives, and also threw him a comment that the settlement of Moleda is the same size as Ramat Gan, the diligent journalist decided to mock the data.

Molde, he wrote, is spread over 11,000 dunams.

Ramat Gan, about 16 thousand.

One fact the journalist forgot to mention.

The homeland has 1,900 inhabitants.

In Ramat Gan 170 thousand.

Budgets are pouring in like water.

The riots in the Negev (Photo: Official website, use under section 27A of the Copyright Law)

Let's blow for a moment the legend of the poor Bedouin in front of the rich Jews.

The most expensive and significant property that a family gets in Israel is a house or an apartment.

To me, for the sake of example, it took 22 years and a mortgage from here to America, to get to that.

Well, in the Bedouin sector there is no problem getting to your own home.

Go to the orderly and legal Bedouin localities, and you will see villas on a huge scale.

And you know what's most amazing?

That none of the owners of these villas got a mortgage to build.

So how do they build them?

Well, in a sector where a very large part of it works in black, and gets drunk in black, and does not pay income tax, and does not pay VAT, and buys its building materials without taxes, the road to home in Rahat is much shorter and easier than the road to home in Ofakim.

wild wheat

Even before we mention the people of RAAM, it should be noted that even with some of the other elements of the current coalition - with the people of Meretz, with Yair Lapid, and with Amar Bar-Lev - it is impossible to win the war declared by us Israeli Arabs.

A few days ago, Yair Golan was asked by Amiel Yirchi, a reporter for the Kippah website, if he condemned the Bedouin violence, as he condemned settler violence. "The comparison is illegitimate," the former deputy chief of staff replied. "Here there are Bedouins who claim power on the land and have an argument with the state, and there are people who just passed through a village, destroyed graves, destroyed houses, and beat up innocent people."

Nitzan Horowitz, who was sitting next to him, added that Golan called him from the field in real time. "He told me, 'This is an explosive barrel, it's on the verge of burning, we need to stop planting, we need to calm the area.'" The Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, also added hers and explained that planting in the Negev is an "anti-environmental" act. The State of Israel is probably the only place in the world where planting trees that come to fill soils with green, just before illegal wild construction rises on them, and just before they become a huge landfill, is an anti-environmental action.

But put it all aside for a moment.

The thing is that Meretz people do not understand a thing and a half about what is happening in the Negev.

When Iar Golan talks about the Bedouin's ownership claims, he seems to have no idea that all the lawsuits that have been filed in the courts to date, on the question of who owns the land, have been decided by knockout in favor of the state.

Of all the stories sold to Yair Golanim of all kinds about their grandfather who owned the land, nothing remains.

That in hundreds of cases the state tried to drag the Bedouin to the courts, so that a question would be decided, and the Bedouin, who did not recognize the court's authority to determine, did not even appear.

That in the few cases in which they did choose to appear, and to bring in lawyers and experts and evidence, they were defeated.

Until the last case.

The great representative of the void in our political system.

Golan (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Will these facts, together with the knowledge that no single Bedouin has managed to prove strong on the land, prevent Yair Golan from continuing to talk about a dispute over ownership claims? probably not. Golan, like Nitzan Horowitz, like Tamar Zandberg, know that there is a national struggle here. The problem is that whenever the Jewish state is confronted by Arabs - whether those from Samaria or those from al-Atrash - they stand on the other side.

And like the Meretz people, so did the Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev, who could be given a discount and claimed that he simply does not understand many of the areas he deals with, but to those who opposed calling his party "Zionist camp", arguing that the word "Zionist" could be problematic For Arabs, there is no reason to give this assumption. "The question is whether after 72 years and so many areas where no plantings have been carried out, it is right (to plant) precisely in these areas where the Bedouin grow wheat," he told Liat Regev on Network B, "... and the answer is quite understandable."

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid also repeated this fabrication when he asked to stop planting so as not to harm the Bedouin's livelihood.

"If there are some plots where exactly the Bedouin planted wheat - you could say wait a minute and try to solve the local problem," he said.

Now, go explain to these two ignorant people, who sit in the most important positions in the government, that in the area where the JNF was planted, the Bedouin have no wheat and no Bedouins a livelihood. There is simply no. Everything is a lie. You know what? Just for the sake of discussion. Can anyone here sow wherever he wants, even when the area is not his? Can I establish an orchard on state lands without the state taking punitive measures against me? Does this seem reasonable to Torch and Bar-Lev, just because they are Bedouins?

Beyond the Green Line

Wait, but that's not the point at all. Is the Bedouin's livelihood important to Bar-Lev and Lapid? So listen well. The Israel Land Authority meets every Bedouin who wants to make a living from agriculture, and allows him to rent land for seasonal cultivation. How much does it cost the Bedouin? Hold on tight. Two shekels and forty cents per dunam of land per year. Read this number again. This means that if the rioters who threw stones at police forces and Jewish vehicles wanted to grow wheat and not fight against the state, they would pay 240 shekels a year for growing in a huge area of ​​100 dunams.

And that's not all.

A Bedouin who wants to rent land from the state for grazing, pays the Israel Land Authority 30 agorot per dunam per year.


Really awful what the state is doing to the poor Bedouins who just want to make a living, right?

There are huge areas that are rented out to the Bedouin in this way.

Tens of thousands of acres.

So why are not all the Bedouin pouncing on this great offer?

Not because they do not have NIS 200, but because they are not willing to sign a contract stating that the land belongs to the State of Israel.

It's more important for them to invade state territory for free, and shout on TV that their land.

Now that we understand that the whole story here is a national ideological war, let's see it in the numbers as well.

Many of the Bedouin in the Negev carry a second wife.

Almost all of the other women are Palestinian.

We will not go into here to explain why, let's just say that a woman who comes here without a family backbone is an easier woman to manage.

Exactly so.

How can you win like this?

The riots in the Negev (Photo: Flash 90, Jamal Awad)

A few years ago, I made a calculation from the pages of this column that revealed that one-fifth of the Bedouin in the Negev are either Palestinian women or children of Palestinian women. This is a careful calculation, very biased, because it is based only on the women who came here from Judea and Samaria and they were approved of a family reunification procedure. At least the same number of women flow here regularly, and they are not listed anywhere. This takes us in the cautious case to the close to 40% of the residents of the Negev who have a Palestinian family, Palestinian cousins ​​and Palestinian grandparents. These are alarming numbers. These numbers explain the war they are waging against us. These are Bedouins who live with us here, but their hearts, relatives and their worldview are beyond the Green Line. When they fight against the planting of JNF in the Negev, they do not do it because they have read studies on the ecological damage that these trees cause.

And if we were talking about politicians and journalists who do not understand that we are at war, what about the justice system and its conduct last week, and in the days of the "Wall Guard"?

This week I went through some of Judge Ron Sulkin's decisions in the Magistrate's Court in Be'er Sheva.

Sulkin sent Bedouin boys into custody after throwing stones at police vehicles and innocent vehicles.

A few hours later the district released them, claiming they were minors.

And what do you think will happen next?

These young people will sit in the corner, think about the bad deeds they have done and repent?

After all, they are mocking this country, and rightly so, when its judges do not understand that they are supposed to give a legal backing to the battle for the Negev.

How does anyone even think you can win like that?


There is a growing group here for whom the Zionism of yesteryear is no longer important, for which the belief in the righteousness of the way no longer speaks to it, and for which the violence of our enemies from within does not seem entirely unjustified to it.

We were unlucky, and precisely when we needed resilience, and insistence, and a desire to continue the Zionist enterprise with all our might, this group led us.

It should be clear, that we can not win when senior ministers in our government kick back and score own goals.

We are on the battlefield, the war is in full swing, and if we do not wake up quickly, this struggle will end in heavy bloodshed and heavy defeat.

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