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epidemic. Latest | Early yesterday, more than 100 confirmed cases broke the 100 mark for two consecutive days


The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is severe, with 140 new confirmed cases yesterday (23rd), a single-day high in a year and a half. Among them, 125 are local cases, mainly involving Kwai Chung Village; there are also 4 cases of unknown origin, which are the fifth wave of single cases.

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is severe, with 140 new confirmed cases yesterday (23rd), a single-day high in a year and a half.

Among them, 125 were local cases, mainly involving Kwai Chung Village; there were also 4 cases of unknown origin, which were the largest in a single day in the fifth wave.

At the beginning of yesterday, the number of confirmed cases exceeded 100 again, and it was at the top for two consecutive days.

▼The building where the confirmed cases lived on January 23 (mandatory testing building)▼

▼On January 23, the Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists introduced the children's and adults' version of Forbidden▼


▼1.23 Enclosure inspection of Fuqiang Building in Dawokou Village▼


Kwai Chung Estate|Trash in the lift lobby of Yat Kwai Building

[04:21] The outbreak of the Kwai Chung Village outbreak has accumulated over 173 confirmed and preliminary confirmed cases as of yesterday. Yat Kwai Building and Ying Kui Building are the hardest hit areas. More than 5,000 residents in the two buildings need to be quarantined at the original site and undergo mandatory testing for five days. Authorities provide three meals a day.

The epidemic in Kwai Chung Village was detonated by scavengers and cleaners. After the outbreak, the situation is still very poor. There are pictures on the Internet. There is a lift lobby on the floor of Yak Kwai Building, and no one has cleaned up the garbage accumulation; residents of Ying Kwai Building have reported that they are working to distribute meals. The staff put two boxes of lunch boxes in the elevator lobby on the floor and left, and the household garbage was next to them. "They just lowered two boxes of meals into a lift (lift) mouth." They also pointed out that many neighbors did not receive meals, which was a waste.

▼1.23 Enclosure inspection of Fuqiang Building in Dawokou Village▼


The 5th wave of the epidemic|CityU President Guo Wei once shared with the newly diagnosed students and the school officials pointed out that they were wearing masks

[02:46] A student of City University who was initially diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia worked as a staff member at an on-campus event on the 11th of this month. It is reported that CityU President Guo Wei, Vice President Li Guoan, and Dean of Engineering Guo Dawei also attended the same day.

CityU said that all attendees on that day wore masks throughout the day.

▼1.23 The staff of Kwai Chung Village are waiting for you▼


Confirmed Building | 60-year-old woman at Bai Jianshi Road, Jardine's Hill, Mid-Levels was infected with the epidemic.

Guofeng is on the list again

[00:01] There is a big outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in Hong Kong.

In addition to the accumulative total of more than 170 cases in Kwai Chung Village, the new cases yesterday also involved many residential buildings in Hong Kong, mainly related to patients.

Among them, there are many public housing estates on the list, such as Shui Chuen O Estate, Choi Wan Estate, Yat Tung (2) Estate, etc.

A 60-year-old female patient lives in Bai Jianshi Road, Jardine's Hill, in the middle of the mountain. There are many celebrities and wealthy people living there, many of them are detached houses. However, the Department of Health has not explained the details involved. building or house number.

West Kowloon Mansion Royal Gold.

Guofeng is on the list again, and the 31-year-old male patient ranks first, at least the fifth time on the list.

A 31-year-old male resident of Tower 1, Royal Gold and National Peak, Yau Ma Tei, was infected with the virus.

(file picture)

▼1.23 Residents of Kwai Chung Village to be tested again▼


Under the epidemic, enterprises accelerate the transformation of technology vouchers. Last year, 5108 applications for technology vouchers were approved by the Innovation and Technology Commission in the middle of this year.

[00:01] In recent years, the government has been determined to develop innovation and technology, and plans to build Hong Kong into an innovation and technology center.

The Innovation and Technology Commission recently announced its 2021 review and future outlook. The "Innovation and Technology Fund" spent about $4 billion last year, three times higher than in 2017.

In addition, due to the accelerated digital transformation of enterprises due to the epidemic, the funding applications for the "Technology Voucher" exceeded the expectations of the Innovation and Technology Commission. In June last year, the Hong Kong Productivity Council was entrusted to serve as the secretariat of the "Technology Voucher" to expedite the processing of applications. , it is expected that most of the applications accumulated last year will be completed by the middle of this year.

▼Illustration of group transmission of Pakistani women in quarantine (as shown below)▼

Overview of yesterday: Epidemic.

1.23|Added 140 new diagnoses, a new high for half a day in a year and more than 100 cases

Yuan Guoyong predicts that the number of confirmed cases will increase exponentially, and the fifth wave of the epidemic may take 2-3 months to be brought under control

Anti-epidemic for two years | Omicron is expected to be like a flu in the future. Kong Fanyi: I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel

Kwai Chung Village|A total of 173 cases in the whole village, Yak Kwai House accounts for 74%, and it is similar to Block E of Sars Amoy Garden

Kwai Chung Village|The sampling tester of Ju Wo Che Village was initially confirmed to have participated in the closed area test of Kwai Tsing Village

Epidemic | 4 additional cases of unknown source of infection, Delta elevator maintenance personnel recently went to Wong Tai Sin to repair in Chongshan 𨋢

More than 100 cases of Chu Yang Wei Hospital and Princess Margaret's patient service assistant were recruited to have dinner at Yat Kwai House

Yikui Building | Father Chuyang and others sent him to the yard for half a day without isolation and asked the government angrily: Do you want to be exposed to the sun in the whole building?

The reporter went to the customs to record the recruitment and change of the tested person and the expert dismantling risk depends on the amount of poison of the customs officers in Chuyang | Epidemic

Kwai Chung Village|Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and Li Jiachao came to the scene to inspect and stayed for 20 minutes, and some residents shouted dissatisfaction from upstairs

Carrie Lam attends the press conference without wearing a mask, Yuan Guoyong "plays a margin": social leaders should lead by example

Kwai Chung Village | KMB Route 10 Bus Route Temporarily Cancelled at Kwai Chung Village Terminus and Village Building Bus Stop

Chen Heng-pung, the infected area of ​​Kwai Chung Village, pointed out that more than 1,000 cleaners have been asked for help, and the garbage in Yak Kwai House has not been cleared.

Area Closure Test|Fu Qiang Building, Tai Wo Hau Village

Closure of the district|The labor sector reminds to apply for a certificate to apply for sick leave and the catering industry to advocate the support of the epidemic fund

A total of 4 cases of outbreaks in Xiangshan Village, one more employee of the Housing Department was diagnosed and worked in the Leshan Building Office

A contract employee of the Housing Department Headquarters was initially diagnosed with more than 100 people sharing a pantry on the same floor

Kwai Chung Village|At least 7 outbreak residents are worried about quarantine

Residents in Kwai Chung Village rush out to eat in restaurants after the lockdown is lifted. The elderly spend more than 1,000 yuan to store food

Kwai Chung Village, Kwai Fau Court mail delivery service suspended from Monday to Thursday Kwai Chung Post Office is closed

Vaccines | Parents bring their young children to Kexing to have confidence in inactivated vaccines: if there are antibodies, classes will resume soon and follow up

The Society of Pharmacists advocates that children be given one-third of the dose of Fubitai to become a global pioneer in February

Hamsters|LittleBoss Mong Kok branch buys hamsters and recruits Western stars, and another diners are diagnosed

Rat Killing Order | Citizens hand over 77 hamsters, one of which is positive, pet shop at least 10 hamsters infected

WFH | HKUST, CUHK and faculty members work from home together on Monday for at least five online classes

Mandatory testing|95 locations are on the list, including Lingyin Temple in Lantau Island, restaurants in Tsuen Wan, Ruxin Hotel, etc.

▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for all walks of life ▼


Kwai Chung Village|At least 7 outbreak residents are worried about quarantine and emergency purchase: don’t want to eat instant noodles The initial diagnosis was made by the inspector who participated in the closure of Kwai Tsing Village. Kwai Chung Village | A total of 173 cases were detected in the village. Yak Kwai House accounted for 73%. Kwai Chung Village is close to Block E of Sars Amoy Garden. Mandatory testing for shouting and dissatisfaction | 95 locations on the list are located at Lingyin Temple in Lantau Island, restaurants in Tsuen Wan, Ruxin Hotel, etc.

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