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Latest | A citizen handed over a hamster card with the virus, and 10 pet store hamster samples tested positive


Hong Kong added 26 new confirmed cases yesterday (22nd), 3 cases with unknown origin, and more than 100 initial confirmed cases. The number of infected people in Kwai Chung Village increased to 105. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor described the number of infected people in the village as a "geometric outbreak". .

Hong Kong added 26 new confirmed cases yesterday (22nd), 3 cases with unknown origin, and more than 100 initial confirmed cases. The number of infected people in Kwai Chung Village increased to 105. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor described the number of infected people in the village as a "geometric outbreak". .

According to the source, the Yingkui Building, which is under a foot-limit order requiring residents to undergo mandatory testing for 5 days, has found at least 10 more preliminary confirmed cases during the forced inspection. There are currently at least 6 early positive cases.

In addition to Yat Kwai Building and Ying Kwai Building, the authorities will also carry out enclosure operations at Qiankui Building, Xiaokui Building, Xukui Building, and Ya Kui Building last night, but there is no need for a 5-day confinement.

The remaining 10 buildings in Kwai Chung Village will be included in the mandatory testing list, and the two police quarters in the neighboring Kwai Fu Court will also be tested.

[13:15] The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department announced that a hamster handed over by a citizen tested positive for the virus.

The AFCD stated that from January 17 to 22, a total of 1,793 animal samples were taken for testing, including hamsters handed over by the public, as well as all pet shops that sell hamsters in Hong Kong and one in Tai Po. Hamsters and small animals seized in warehouses.

All tests have been completed and the results showed that, of the 113 samples taken from hamsters surrendered by the public, two samples from the same hamster received on January 19 tested positive for the virus.

The AFCD has reported the results to the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health for follow-up. The Department reiterates its strong appeal to the public to hand over the hamsters purchased from local pet stores on or after December 22 last year to the Department for humane treatment.

In addition, among the 125 animal samples taken by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department from the Little Boss pet store in Causeway Bay, a subsidiary of the I Love Rabbit Group, a total of seven samples from seven hamsters tested positive for the virus.

Among the 49 hamster samples collected from another pet shop of the above-mentioned group in Causeway Bay, two samples from two hamsters tested positive for the virus.

As for the 511 animal samples taken from the group's warehouse in Tai Po, one hamster sample also tested positive for the virus.

The AFCD has also reported the above results to the CHP for follow-up.

Carrie Lam attends the press conference without wearing a mask, Yuan Guoyong "plays a margin": social leaders should lead by example

[13:10] Chief Executive Carrie Lam still chose to remove her mask when she met with reporters on Saturday.

Yuan Guoyong, chair professor of the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong University, said in the radio program "Speak Clearly" that both experts and social leaders need to set an example and let all citizens understand that the Omicron virus has a strong ability to spread, so as to suppress the fifth wave of the epidemic as soon as possible. .

A few days ago, Yuan Guoyong advocated that two masks can be worn if necessary. He also demonstrated how to "play on the slap" when he attended the show.

Vaccines | Parents bring their young children to Kexing to have confidence in inactivated vaccines: if there are antibodies, classes will resume quickly and follow up

[13:00] The government announced earlier that children aged 5 to 11 can be vaccinated against Sinovac from the 21st of this month.

Yau Ma Tei Kwun Chung Vaccination Center has parents taking their children for injections this morning (23rd). They all believe that Sinovac has a long history of inactivation technology, and they are more confident in this. Back to learning progress.

[10:55] The Government cited the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing of Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap. 599J) yesterday and restricted the designated "restricted area" in Kwai Chung, namely Hau Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate, from 8 pm yesterday , Xu Kwai House and Ya Kwai House are required to stay on their premises and undergo compulsory testing.

The government completed the compulsory testing operation in Xukui Building in the "restricted area" at about 9:45 this morning, and is carrying out law enforcement operations in Xukui Building, confirming that the people in Xukui Building have undergone compulsory testing.

As of 1:00 am today, about 1 820 residents and visitors of Xu Kwai House have been tested, of which one preliminary positive test case was found.

[10:20] According to the news, 6 buildings in Kwai Chung Village have been closed for inspection or forcibly inspected, and 16 new cases have been reported in Chuyang so far. Among them, there are more than 10 cases in Yak Kwai Building, which is implementing the third-day foot ban. .

The customs press conference on the case of cannabidiol products on January 22

The reporter went to the customs to record the recruitment and change of the tested person and the expert dismantling risk depends on the amount of poison of the customs officers in Chuyang | Epidemic

[10:15] The customs stated that a customs officer was initially diagnosed.

On January 20, he went to a warehouse of a chain store to participate in the investigation of a case of cannabidiol products containing THC, during which he had contact with a warehouse employee.

Customs learned last night (22nd) that the warehouse clerk had tested positive, and the customs officer also went to the hospital for medical treatment due to physical discomfort, and the initial diagnosis was confirmed this morning (23rd).

The customs officer attended a press conference on the customs case yesterday. He has no travel history in the past 14 days and has been wearing a surgical mask during work.

His last day of work was January 22.

He is currently hospitalized for treatment and is in stable condition.

[10:00] According to the news, at least 10 more preliminary confirmed cases were found in the forced inspection of Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, which is on the third day of the lockdown order.

On January 22, residents of Yingkui Building will be banned for 5 days


Closure of the district|The labor sector reminds to apply for a certificate to apply for sick leave and the catering industry to advocate the support of the epidemic fund

[09:50] Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced yesterday (22nd) that social distancing measures will be greatly relaxed on the fourth day of the new year (February 4th).

Some catering industry said that since the government's latest tightening of social distancing measures, it is estimated that the catering industry has lost about 4 billion yuan in business volume. They are worried that there will be a wave of closures in the industry, especially large restaurants that mainly engage in banquet business. They urge the government to announce the budget next month. A new round of employment protection plan was launched.

Residents of two buildings in Kwai Chung Village were locked down for five days. Labour Legislator Chow Siu-sung reminded citizens who were unable to work due to the blockade to obtain a sick leave certificate from the Department of Health after completing the quarantine. The company applied for sick leave allowance and got back 80% of the salary. It also called on employers and employees to help each other.

Anti-epidemic for two years | Omicron is expected to be like a flu in the future. Kong Fanyi: I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel

[08:00] During the new crown epidemic, experts in various medical fields have become familiar faces in the news.

It is not the first time that Kong Fanyi, a clinical professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, has faced the epidemic of the century.

Recalling that during the outbreak of SARS, the whole social atmosphere was tense, and the hospital was like a dead city, but as a doctor, he needed to contact patients in the ward every day.

His experience in SARS made him fascinated by clinical research. In the early stage of the new crown epidemic, he had learned that drugs such as interferon and protease inhibitors were very helpful to the new crown disease. Early medication also made the patient's recovery progress faster and better.

Although Omicron is now a mainstream virus, the chain of community transmission triggered by Pakistani women spreads rapidly.

However, Kong Fanyi said that the case cited to the end of the virus cycle, the virus will be highly transmissible, but the fatal or severe rate is low; in the future, the new coronavirus may have the opportunity to be popular in winter, such as influenza, and citizens may need to receive one dose of influenza vaccine and one dose of influenza every year. The new crown vaccine, and with the introduction of the second-generation vaccine, will be more effective against the Omicron variant virus.

He encouraged the public to continue to adhere to the epidemic prevention measures at this stage: "I believe that we will persist for a long time, and we have seen the light. I believe that we have reached the end of the epidemic. When you see the end of the tunnel, get out of the tunnel."

▼1.22 The first day of compulsory testing for residents of Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village


Information as of January 19th at 7pm

▼Illustration of group transmission of Pakistani women in quarantine (as shown below)▼

Summary of yesterday:

The Jockey Club cancels the Mark Six Chinese New Year Gold Turbo but will close all betting shops as usual from next Wednesday

Ying Kwai Building, Kwai Chung Village, suddenly closed without providing dinner. Residents bought food and went home: prepare to sit for a few days

01News|Informal inspection or fines in the high-level government research on the compulsory inspection plan in Kwai Chung

More than 40 cleaners in Kwai Chung Village sent garbage for inspection, but no one dumped it. The first day of closure in Yak Kwai House, the garbage mountain was closed 𨋢

Carrie Lam: Yingkui Building will be closed for 5 days today, but it is difficult to arrange for dinner in 10 blocks in the same village, and the police station in Kwai Fu Court will be inspected.

▼On January 20, about 10 volunteers prevented citizens from handing over hamsters to the government▼


▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for all walks of life ▼


Epidemic outbreak in Kwai Chung Village|The hamsters were taken away by the staff of the Fisheries and Conservation Department: the Department of Health notifies the recipients of the pets. Anniversary of Ying Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, closed for 5 days for forced inspection in the whole village Epidemic outbreak in Kwai Chung Village | Tobacco Toxic Village outbreak | Zhang Zhujun expects cases to continue to rise

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