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There are elderly residents in Xiaokui Building who have not been tested and have been unsealed: repeated requests for door-to-door sampling were rejected


Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Kwai Chung Village, the government started to enclose Hiu Kwai House, Xu Kwai House, Qian Kwai House and Ya Kwai House last night (22nd) for compulsory testing. detection, no

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Kwai Chung Village, the government started to enclose Hiu Kwai House, Xu Kwai House, Qian Kwai House and Ya Kwai House last night (22nd) for compulsory testing. No positive cases were found in the test, and the forced inspection of Xiaokui Building was completed at about 9:45 this morning (23rd).

However, a resident of Xiaokui Building told "Hong Kong 01" that two elderly people at home were unable to go downstairs for testing due to limited mobility and Alzheimer's disease. Arranging for on-site sampling service, even though the victim asked the on-site staff many times, the other party only repeatedly emphasized that there was no one to arrange on-site sampling service, which made her very angry, "Someone unblocked the building without testing, what is the difference between every floor of Xiaokui Building? How many fish have slipped through the net?"


Ms. Feng, who lives on the upper floors of Xiaokui Building, told "Hong Kong 01" that she lived with her 60-year-old parents and a foreign domestic helper. After learning that the government had enclosed Xiaokui Building at 8 o'clock last night, she stayed at home until she was notified to undergo testing. , but she pointed out that her 69-year-old father suffers from Alzheimer's disease. If he goes out and screams and becomes incontinent at any time, he will injure himself from time to time due to collisions, while his 63-year-old mother is a 180-pound disabled person. They have to stay in bed for a long time and need regular kidney dialysis because of their diabetes. Neither of the two elders can go downstairs to line up for the test. .

Therefore, Miss Feng and the foreign domestic helper went downstairs in batches for testing last night, but the two elders at home have been waiting for the door-to-door sampling service.


The Civil Affairs Department once called to say that the stool test could replace the staff of the testing station: only children

Ms. Feng revealed that at 11:45 last night, a staff member wearing protective clothing came to her residence and patted the door, informing her that she could go downstairs for testing. She immediately suggested to the staff that the two elders needed door-to-door testing services, but the other party responded that they did not. This service will be provided, emphasizing that the two elders also need to go downstairs for testing.

When Miss Fung went downstairs to conduct the test, she was called by the staff of the Civil Affairs Department. The other party suggested that she could get a stool bottle from the staff of the testing station, so that the two elders could use stool sample testing instead of throat and nasal cavity combined swab sampling, but she was immediately taken by the testing station. The personnel corrected, pointing out that the stool sample testing service is limited to children, and promised Ms. Feng that she would send staff to sample the two elders.

The two old people waited for one night without arrangement, the building has been unblocked this morning

Miss Feng went upstairs and waited until 4:00 in the morning, but no relevant personnel had notified the two elders about the testing arrangement. It was only in the morning that she learned through news reports that all the test results of Xiaokui Building were negative and the closure had been lifted.

"Half the people in my housing company have not been tested, so the building is unsealed? How many fish escaped the net on each floor of Xiaokui Building?" She described that the government has repeatedly told the public that it will provide door-to-door sampling services for the disabled and the elderly. , actually not, is a lie.

"Hong Kong 01" drawing

"The government clearly said yes, but the family said nothing"

After some tossing, this afternoon, Miss Fung's father received a call from the Housing Department. Since her father could not understand the content of the call, Miss Fung called the Department again to inquire about the door-to-door sampling service.

The staff of the Housing Department responded that due to the shortage of testing contractors, they did not provide door-to-door sampling services.

Miss Feng felt very angry, "The government clearly said that there is, if it will help the disadvantaged groups to come to the door to test, 𠵱The family has no words! If there are invisible communicators in Xiaokui Building who are not tested, they will unblock the building. It is possible to spread the drug in the community, even if the testing company does not have enough people, the Housing Department and the Civil Affairs Department have a lot of staff, and they can help me through the wheelchair, or help my parents to go downstairs for testing.”


Legislative Councillor Chan Wing-xin said that in addition to Ms. Fung, she also received many cases of people with disabilities and elderly people who were unable to go downstairs for compulsory testing. "Some were forced to do it by themselves, and some were not Do".

She pointed out that if the government is unable to provide door-to-door sampling services, it should not deceive the public and make them "wait in vain".

Assistant Director of Housing (Estate Management) Lu Zihui said at a press conference on the epidemic today that he would try his best to arrange door-to-door sampling and testing services for people with reduced mobility.

"Hong Kong 01" is inquiring about the incident with the Civil Affairs Department and the Housing Department.

There are now 105 positive cases in Kwai Chung Village, an increase of 5 times in 3 days, more than 40 cleaners and 7 new confirmed cases in Xiao Kwai House, and 7 confirmed cases in Kwai Chung Village. Thousands of help cleaners quarantined Yak Kwai House and no one cleared Kwai Chung Village | A total of 170 cases were reported in the village, Yak Kwai House accounted for 73%, and Kwai Chung Village is close to Block E of SARS Amoy Garden | Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and Li Jiachao came to the scene to inspect and stayed for 20 minutes. There are residential buildings People who are dissatisfied with the outbreak of the epidemic in Kwai Chung Village, residents rushed out to eat in restaurants after the lockdown was lifted, and the elderly spent more than 1,000 yuan to store food

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