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Éric Zemmour: "Forbidden Zone documentary, Afghanistan two hours from Paris"


FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE - For the presidential candidate, the report by Zone prohibited devoted to separatism and radical Islam, in the city of Roubaix (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), illustrates the "Islamization of our country" .

Last night, M6 did a very useful job.

By devoting a report as fascinating as it is frightening to the Islamization of our country, Zone Interdite has brought to light a reality that many still refused to see, but that no one can now deny.

The situation is much more serious than some believed, and unfortunately entirely consistent with my analyses.

This report brings us certain information which must particularly attract our attention and from which we must draw conclusions.

First, we meet Amine El Bahi, a very courageous 25-year-old lawyer, who reveals particularly disturbing facts taking place right now in Roubaix.

Amine El Bahi shows us the presence, on 500 meters, among other Islamic shops, of six halal butchers, an oriental hammam, an oriental bakery-pastry shop and three specialized bookstores - where the full veil, the


are sold - in the same street , one of the most central in the city.

If, while walking around Roubaix, you still do not believe in the existence of the great replacement, it is because you have decided not to see it.

The habits and customs of totalitarian Afghanistan are taking root here, under the benevolent gaze of the public authorities.

Eric Zemmour

But you haven't seen anything yet.

Because, in some of these shops, parents are offered to give their children faceless dolls: the eyes, the mouth, the nose are not drawn.

Children's books, sold in the same shops, also show faceless characters.

Why ?

Because the strictest Islam strictly prohibits the representation of human features - which is why the Islamic State and the Taliban, when they take power in a city, destroy the heads of all the statues.

Thus, the habits and customs of totalitarian Afghanistan are taking root here, under the benevolent gaze of the public authorities.

Benevolent? Not only. Accomplice also, in the strong sense of the word. Because Zone Interdite teaches us that the mayor of Roubaix, in all conscience finances an extremely militant Islamic association, AAIR, with the money of its taxpayers. “An Islamo-leftist or Melenchonist mayor? you will ask. Not at all. A Miscellaneous Right mayor, convicted at first instance for organized fraud in another case, on January 2, 2021. And this is not an isolated case for a certain right which has seriously compromised itself with Islam.

Everything is up to date. In public buildings, young women pray hiding under the stairs. The blatant, nightmarish clues of the great replacement accumulate over the minutes. In a denominational school in the city, the girls, almost all veiled from an early age, are strictly separated from the boys. Filmed with a hidden camera, the teacher explains that this separation teaches children to flee from the opposite sex, a

sine qua non

of good behavior in society. Here too, it is impossible not to think of Afghanistan and its obsession with the segregation of women from an early age.

Late last night, the young Mila wrote on



“Amazed in front of Zone Interdite, I realize that I myself seek to constantly flee this reality to protect myself mentally.


it is by

seeing this that I remember that I know full well how I will die one day in this Country.

We pay the price for cowardice.

Whether Mila supports me

or not, that is not the main thing: the lucidity she has acquired on the Islamic danger opens the eyes of many of our compatriots, and I thank her for that.

I am fighting so that there are no more Milas: so that our daughters and our sons can live free and in peace in this country.

Marie-Thérèse Urvoy: "Islamism does not aim to separate but to conquer"

Thanks to her, and to so many others, very fortunately, the truth is also progressing at high speed and unmasking the denial of the censors, the media, the ideologues and the professionals of political correctness, of all who refuse to see what suffered by the French. Even among my fiercest adversaries, no one denies today that with my candidacy for the presidential election, a vast current of "freedom of speech" on the subject of the Islamization of our country has overturned innumerable obstacles, in the media, in the parties, in all fields of democratic debate. I won't stop there. The hardest part remains to be done, and it is precisely to do so that I am appearing before the French.

It is time to reclaim our country. It is time to end Islamic indoctrination. I will ensure the permanent closure of places promoting


. I will ban the “Muslim Brotherhood” and all organizations linked to it. I will systematically expel foreigners who may represent a threat to public order, in particular the S files. I will also impose strict control of imams and foreign funding of the Muslim faith. I will prohibit the wearing of the Islamic veil in public spaces and the construction of imposing minarets and mosques. It's time to prevent any foreign infiltration. The time has come to impose discretion on Islam in our country and the greatest respect for our identity!

Source: lefigaro

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