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Green Land Home 2021|6 TPS units were cancelled for sale, Shan Shan Village accounted for 4 units, and some units were drenched in red oil


This phase of Green Home Ownership is the first to launch leasehold and reclaimed units, involving about 815 units. However, 6 flats were suddenly withdrawn for sale by the Housing Authority. Some of the flats had been sold but were later ordered. Reporter's tour

This phase of Green Home Ownership is the first to launch leasehold and reclaimed units, involving about 815 units.

However, 6 flats were suddenly withdrawn for sale by the Housing Authority. Some of the flats had been sold but were later ordered.

The reporter inspected the 6 units and found that some of the first-hand tenants of some units had been "drenched in red oil" by debt collection, and some units were adjacent to the "haunted house", but there were also units outside the door that were very organized and tidy, and the neighbors also said that they had never There were leaks and "dirt" in the unit.

In response to the enquiry, the Housing Department confirmed that the HA had withdrawn 6 TPS reclaimed flats offered for sale under the "Green Home Ownership Scheme 2020/21", which were located in Li Cheng Uk Estate, Nam Cheong Estate and Shan Shan Estate.

As for the reasons for the withdrawal, the department has not responded positively, but said that it will review the situation of the units from time to time. If some units require a longer period of time for renovation works, etc., they will temporarily withdraw the relevant units for sale.

Shan Shan Village, Tuen Mun, had the most TPS units withdrawn for sale, accounting for 4 of the 6 units.

(file picture)

The TPS in this phase originally sold 815 units, but now almost all of them have been sold out.

However, 6 units were withdrawn by the HA for unknown reasons.

The 6 units are from Lei Cheng Uk Village in Cheung Sha Wan, Cheung On House in Nam Cheong Village and Shan Shan Village in Tuen Mun, with saleable areas ranging from 145 to 424 feet.

He was once chasing debts "drenched in red oil"

Among the GSHs in this phase, Shan Shan Village in Tuen Mun is the estate with the most units sold, but it also has the largest number of units withdrawn, as many as 4 units from King Mei Building, King Lai Building and King Wah Building, among which King Mei Building Two units were withdrawn, including Unit 1 on the 2nd floor of Wing C, with a saleable area of ​​296 square feet.

As seen on site, the unit has been refurbished.

A neighbor revealed that the first tenant of the unit was originally a family of four, but later moved out due to debts.

He recalled that in about the middle of last year, the unit had been “drenched in red oil” and stickers to collect debts. Frequently, there were also knocks on the door to collect debts. “Everything that was filmed on TV has been done.” After leaving, no one came to collect the debt.

Room 201, Wing C, Jingmei Building, Mountain View Village has been refurbished, but it was withdrawn for sale earlier, and some neighbors said that the former tenant of the unit had been charged for debts.

(Photo by Wang Jien)

Neighborhood with "Haunted House"

Another withdrawn unit in Shan Shan Village is located in Room 2, 23/F, Wing C, King Lai Building, with a usable area of ​​296 sq. There was no difference at the scene.

However, the unit is adjacent to the "Haunted House" and has been listed in the "Express Public Rental Housing Allocation Scheme", which also indicates that there have been suicides or accidental deaths in the unit in 2019.

Looking through the news of Jingli Building in 2019, there was a 70-year-old man who committed suicide by hanging himself with a wire in his unit.

In addition, there was another suicide case in Jingli Building that year. A woman committed suicide by burning charcoal in her flat. After the fire broke into the house, she was confirmed to have died on the spot.

Room 2302 of the C wing of Jingli Building in Shan Shan Village was withdrawn for sale, and the adjacent Room 2304 had committed suicide or accidental death.

(Photo by Wang Jien)

Ordered after being purchased by a buyer

And Room 503 of Yan Oi House in Li Cheng Uk Estate was also withdrawn. The unit, with an area of ​​about 424 square feet, was the largest among the units that were cancelled.

According to the data, some buyers purchased the unit for 671,000 yuan at the end of October last year, but it was not until December 28.

The corridor outside the unit was clean and tidy as seen at the scene. Neighbors revealed that the first-hand resident had to be transferred to a larger unit because of the birth of a newborn. The Housing Department had renovated the unit earlier and had never heard of any abnormality in the unit.


A security guard in the building also said that the canceled large seats are very popular. In recent months, many people have come to inspect the environment, and they have not heard any abnormality or water leakage. The unit bluntly said, "I don't know what the owner is thinking about." The security guard also obviously didn't know that the unit had been cancelled for sale.


The other unit that has been cancelled for sale is located at Room 504, Cheung On House, Nam Cheong Estate, Sham Shui Po, with an area of ​​about 145 square feet and is a one-person unit.

There is a "Vacant Unit Inspection Record" attached to the door of the unit. From November 21 last year to January this year, the staff of the Housing Department will go to the unit for routine inspections, pour water and bleach at the drain level every other week, and also copy The readings of the water meter and the electricity meter, and past inspections have indicated that the unit is in normal condition.

The outside of the unit and the corridor are also very clean and well-organized. Neighbors open the door at will, and the law and order seems to be good.

Neighbors: Clean and big unit worth buying

The neighbor next to him also pointed out that the first-hand residents of the unit are senior citizens, and he has never heard of any difference in the unit. He emphasized that the neighbors get along well, and the law and order is also good. The department has also renovated some units earlier, and no one has ever lived in the unit. "It's not "dirty" at all." It even praised the large unit as very good and encouraged to buy it.

HA member: The practice of withdrawing if problems are found is worthy of recognition

Zhao Guowei, a member of the Housing Authority and Director-General of the Public Housing Federation, said that the reason for the withdrawal is not yet known, but if the department finds that there is a problem with the unit and temporarily withdraws the sale, it is worthy of recognition. "At least it will affect the next buyer. should be supported."

Zhao Guowei suggested that when the Housing Department launches the sale of TPS units in the future, it can first inspect the site environment to ensure the condition of the unit and the surrounding environment. If there are special circumstances, it should be indicated to the buyer first, or it may not be necessary to give priority to the sale. Relevant units, "The problem may not be solved for a moment, but it may be solved later."

Housing Department: Ensuring a reasonable level of quality

When asked about the reasons for the withdrawal and whether it would be put up for sale in the future, the Housing Department said in response to the enquiry that after the TPS units are recovered, the HA will carry out renovation works to bring the quality to a reasonable level. Prolonged renovations, etc., will temporarily withdraw the sale of the relevant units.

When the relevant works and other matters are completed, the Department will consider various factors, including the differences of the TPS estates and their popularity with buyers based on past experience, etc., and then launch the suitable properties for sale in the subsequent sales plan. The practice is to ensure that the quality of the unit is at a reasonable level before handing over the unit to the purchaser.

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