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Democratic poll: 65% of citizens support the strategy of "living with the virus", up from two months ago


According to a poll released by the Democratic Party today (25th), 65% of respondents believe that Hong Kong "should" or "very should" adopt a strategy of "coexisting with the virus". Up 23 percentage points from two months ago, the Democratic Party on the 14th of this month

According to a poll released by the Democratic Party today (25th), 65% of respondents believe that Hong Kong "should" or "very should" adopt a strategy of "coexisting with the virus".

23 percentage points higher than two months ago

The Democratic Party interviewed more than 600 citizens from January 14 to 23, and 65% of the respondents believed that Hong Kong "should" or "very should" adopt the strategy of "coexisting with the virus", a significant increase of 23% compared with the same survey conducted in November last year. percent.

When asked, "Under the strategy of 'coexisting with the virus', the number of confirmed cases will inevitably increase. What do you think is acceptable for the average number of confirmed cases per day?", 30% and 35% of the citizens, respectively, said it was acceptable "Up to 1,000 cases" and "up to 10,000 cases" per day, while only 17% and 12% of the same survey in November last year said "up to 1,000 cases" and "up to 10,000 cases" respectively.

In addition, 67% of the respondents believed that in addition to fines, “should” or “very should” additionally punish officials who participated in Hong Weimin’s birthday party, a representative of the Hong Kong People’s Congress, but did not scan the “Safe Travel” app.


Luo Jianxi: The government's epidemic prevention policy can no longer convince citizens

Luo Jianxi, chairman of the Democratic Party, said that regarding the impact of different viruses on the public, at present, the public mainly obtains information from the media and foreign research, but the government has not explained much. , the average length of hospital stay, etc., to let the public understand the severity of the epidemic.

He also pointed out that according to the current development of the epidemic, when one can even be infected by "taking a needle and meeting at a subway station for 9 seconds", it is difficult for the government to persuade citizens to continue to follow strict social distancing restrictions, so the government needs to provide more information .

Yuan Haiwen, a spokesman for the Democratic Party's medical policy, said that such frequent tightening of social distancing and restrictions on people's lives is not necessarily a good thing for Hong Kong, and it is unlikely that citizens will wait indefinitely for some people who are unwilling to get injections.

He pointed out that the survey results showed that compared with two months ago, the public was more in favor of the "coexistence with the virus" strategy to deal with the latest development of the epidemic, and the authorities should seriously consider the opinions of the public.

Regarding the birthday party incident, Luo Jianxi hopes that the government will take it seriously and not take the incident lightly with the attitude of "yes, but it doesn't matter", etc., thinking that this will set a bad precedent and set a bad example, which will have serious implications for the future anti-epidemic work. Impact.

He pointed out that the results have clearly shown that the public is quite dissatisfied with the high-level officials attending large birthday parties, and they have higher requirements for the officials responsible for epidemic prevention.

When asked if the Democratic Party currently does not have a Legislative Council seat, whether he is worried that its policy proposals will not be taken seriously, Law Kin-hee said that he will continue to reflect the opinions of the public, and also pointed out that in the past when he was seated in the Legislative Council, he would also make different moves, but he questioned that at that time. Does the government take the advice seriously?

Therefore, he believes that as long as they sincerely reflect some opinions that are helpful to the society, it is their freedom whether the government is willing to accept them.

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