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Elderly | Elders who resist being taken care of or consider privacy and dignity in 4 steps to encourage them to unravel them


Caring for the elderly is difficult and exhausting, and it is even more difficult when elders resist home care. If we, as children, can better understand the reasons for their resistance, and use the skills and appropriate solutions, we will be able to go more smoothly.

Caring for the elderly is difficult and exhausting, and it is even more difficult when elders resist home care.

If we, as children, can better understand the reasons for their resistance and use skills and appropriate solutions, we can help them more smoothly and maintain harmony in our interactions.

Text: Chuck Huang.

Medical reviewer: Taiwanese physician Lai Jianhan / Hello Physician

The elderly at home have been refusing care services, what can I do?

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Why do old people resist being taken care of by others?

When the elderly have mental problems, physical injuries, etc., they usually need to be taken care of by others, but this also makes them feel that they have lost their privacy, and they also feel that they are incompetent and useful, which makes them feel angry.

Another reason is guilt, because they will feel like a burden to their family.

And sometimes, the elderly will have some confused consciousness because of memory loss, and don't know why they need help from others.

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How to communicate with elderly people who resist being cared for?

1. Assess needs

Carefully assess the condition of the elderly, understand the level of help needed, and provide good care.

2. Speak and listen

Talk to the elderly in a relaxed and moderate situation, listen to and understand their needs, and also clearly inform the elderly about the content of care, they will be more willing to accept help.

3. Ask the other party for their opinion

Ask the elders if they prefer what kind of care they prefer, or if they would like to be looked after by a family member.

Of course, their expectations may not be fully met, but we should still listen carefully to the thoughts of the elderly and try our best to do so.

4. Simple words

The comprehension of the elderly is usually poor. When communicating, please use simple words and avoid complicated and lengthy sentences, which may confuse and confuse the elders.

5. Seek family help

If you can't convince your elders, ask someone else in the family to help.

6. Don't get discouraged

The elderly may not want to talk about this kind of thing at first, but please don't be discouraged, and try to discuss the care service with the elder after a period of time.

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Strategies for dealing with resistance

1. Encourage elders to try bravely, but don’t force them to make a decision right away, but suggest that they can experience it first, and take this opportunity to feel the advantages and comforts that may be brought by the care services provided by others.

2. Try to let the elderly understand the position of their children or caregivers, and kindly explain to them that if they receive care services, the daily life of family members can be more normal.

Try to communicate so that they can understand, but don't forget to compromise and make concessions at the right time.

3. Tell the elderly at home about the cost of care services. Sometimes they refuse to accept care services because they are worried that the younger generation will spend too much money.

But if there are relevant insurance or subsidy programs, please let them know so they don't worry too much.

4. If the elderly in the family still refuse to be cared for by others, please seek professional medical assistance. They may be more likely to accept the advice of professional medical service personnel.

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6 ways to communicate effectively]

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