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epidemic. Latest|Carrie Lam: Xia Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village was enclosed for 5 days, and the ban on Yak Kwai House was extended for 2 days


The epidemic in Hong Kong is severe, with 109 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong yesterday (24th), bringing the total to 13,395. Yesterday, there were also 100 initial confirmed cases, which reached 100 for three consecutive days. Among them, there were two Delta confirmed cases in the Mansion One in Wong Tai Sin.

The epidemic in Hong Kong is severe, with 109 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong yesterday (24th), bringing the total to 13,395.

Yesterday, there were also 100 preliminary confirmed cases, and the number reached 100 for three consecutive days. Among them, in addition to the two Delta confirmed cases, there was one preliminary confirmed case in the Mansion One, Wong Tai Sin. The patient was detected on the 9th day of the onset, and at least one colleague He has been infected. He has hamsters purchased at I Love Rabbit, a pet store in Mong Kok, in his home, but he claimed to have bought them in early December last year, not the batches that were found to have Delta virus and were sold on December 22.

In addition to another 69 confirmed cases in Kwai Chung Village, it has spread to Cheung Shan Village and Tai Wo Hau Village.

The chain of transmission of the Delta variant virus caused by the pet shop has not subsided. The E unit of Wong Tai Sin Mansion has vertical transmission and has to be evacuated. One of the households was involved in buying hamsters last month.

▼On January 24th, the building where the confirmed cases lived▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Xia Kui Building, Kwai Chung Village▼

Closed districts|Ha Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village and Fu Tak House in Tai Wo Hau Village completed forced inspections and found 5 cases and 1 case

[08:20] The forced inspection of the closed area of ​​Fu Tak Building in Tai Wokou Village was completed at about 7:30 am. As of 1:00 am today, about 1 695 residents were tested, and 1 preliminary positive test case was found. The Department of Health The Centre for Protection will arrange follow-up.

▼On January 24th, residents of Unit E of the Mansion in Wong Tai Sin were evacuated from quarantine▼


Two years of anti-epidemic | Hong Kong-made masks vow to persevere in research and development: if you can't earn enough, you will be harvested

[07:00] Since the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia on January 22, 2020, Hong Kong has been involved in a two-year anti-epidemic war, and masks have accompanied the public for two years.

At the beginning of the epidemic, it was difficult to find a mask in the society, and the price of masks even went up to several hundred yuan per box. Since then, mask factories have sprung up, and the golden lacquer signboard of "Made in Hong Kong" once again appeared in the rivers and lakes.

However, there are many brands of masks, and it is inevitable that there will be a bloody storm.

After two years, how does the standing mask factory see the future?

"Savewo", established in June 2020, has successfully established itself. The masks made by the company went out of Hong Kong and exported to 10 overseas countries. Its CEO and factory manager accepted an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01" by Shi Hao. The goal is to be number one in the world: "I don't want to develop the world's number one. If I can buy it as soon as I go out to the street, why should I do it in Hong Kong?"


Diagnosed Buildings|98 local patients are distributed in 47 buildings, and they live in Yan Tsui Building and Yat Kwai Building in Tin Yan Village

[01:19] The new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe. On Monday (24th), Hong Kong added 109 confirmed cases in a single day, of which 98 were local patients.

In Kwai Chung Estate this time, Ying Kwai House has the most cases, with 32 cases. On Sunday, Yat Kwai House recorded 89 cases, but there are 22 cases. There are still 9 blocks with 1 or 2 cases recorded.

The epidemic has spread around Kwai Chung Village. There are new cases in Kwai Fong Village, Zu Yiu Village, Shek Yam, and even Tsuen Wan and Sham Tseng. One more case in Tsuen Wan Mingyi Residence and two more confirmed cases are family members of the patient.

There were cases at Block 5, Tsui Wu Residence, Kingswood Villas, and Yan Tsui House, Tin Yan Estate. Among them, a 23-year-old female patient who used to live in Tin Yan Estate was also living in Yak Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate.

Wong Tai Sin, Sham Shui Po and Tung Chung have three buildings on the list, and the epidemic is heating up.

There is another patient in Block 1 of Ming Wah Building, Shau Kei Wan, who is a family member who was previously infected. There is also an epidemiologically related case with the imported case in Yiu Fuk House, Yiu Tung Estate in the same district.

A new case was also recorded in the newly occupied Queen's Hill Village.

Schoolchildren get injections|The Education Bureau announced the collective vaccination arrangement, and the primary school vaccination rate can resume face-to-face teaching

[00:58] The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is still severe. The government has earlier relaxed the age of vaccination against the new crown to 5 years old or above, and has sent letters to inform schools about the arrangements for students to receive the Kexing and Fubitai vaccines. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 can be vaccinated with Sinovac vaccine from January 21 or forbex vaccine at the Children's Community Vaccination Center on February 16.

In response to the reduction in vaccination to children aged 5 to 11, the Education Bureau also announced that if individual primary schools can achieve a certain vaccination rate, full-day face-to-face classes can be arranged.

▼On January 24, an E unit of Wong Tai Sin Mansion exploded with vertical poisoning▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Qingfeng Building, Beihe Street, Sham Shui Po▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Fude Building in Dawokou Village▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Xia Kui Building, Kwai Chung Village▼

Yesterday's overview: Epidemic.

1.24|Increased 109 new cases of Penny's Bay Civil Security Team members' initial diagnosis

Blocked area|Three buildings in a row: Ha Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, Hing Fung Building, Sham Shui Po, Fu Tak House, Tai Wo Hau Village

Kwai Chung Village | Worrying about the blurring of the transmission chain, Leung Tsz-chao: Omicron may not happen in Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Mansion Explosion Delta Vertical Transmission Suspected of Hamsters involved in Fu Qiang Building, Tai Wokou Village

Residents of Room E, Block 1, Mansion, Wong Tai Sin, suspected of vertical poisoning, must evacuate the newly diagnosed man to buy hamsters in early December

5 new cases of unknown origin were added today, 69 more people were infected in Kwai Chung Village, a total of 210 people were recruited

Epidemic outbreak in public hospital | Nurse in the psychiatric department of Weiyuan Hospital, staff of Yiyuan Hospital were diagnosed after chemotherapy with infected patient

New Coronary Pneumonia|Two confirmed patients went to Tsuen Wan and Shatin to donate blood and platelets have been used for patients

Liang Junyan: An assistant of an outsourced contractor was initially diagnosed and worked in the Legislative Council last Wednesday

A member of the Penny's Bay Civil Security Team was initially diagnosed and served as a receptionist and support worker today

Two employees of AEON's Dawokou store were diagnosed and closed down the gate and completely disinfected the posts of unknown infected employees

Kwai Chung Estate|Trash in the lift lobby of Yat Kwai Building

Kwai Chung Village | Confinement mothers without food

Kwai Chung Village | Nearly half of the infected residents have not been vaccinated, 30% are asymptomatic

The government will implement special work arrangements from Tuesday, and some employees will take turns to work from home and reduce public services

The confirmed patients complained about the shortage of manpower resources in the infection control center: change the paper bottoms for a few days

The 5th wave of the epidemic|CityU President Guo Wei once and the newly diagnosed students were in the same venue and the school said that they were wearing masks

Sand Banshan Notes|The disposal plan of "Hongmen Banquet" is expected to be announced on Tuesday, and two senior officials "fall into the wok"

Kwai Chung Village | Worrying about the blurring of the transmission chain, Leung Tsz-chao: Omicron may not happen in Hong Kong

Two years of anti-epidemic | Experts silently criticized Xu Shuchang understands the grievances of the public: our words are a misunderstanding

Omicron|Cathay Pacific expected to lose 5.6 billion to 6.1 billion last year CEO: Do everything possible to increase capacity

Under the epidemic, enterprises accelerate the transformation of technology vouchers. Last year, 5108 applications for technology vouchers were approved by the Innovation and Technology Commission in the middle of this year.

▼On January 24, the government dispatched personnel to clean up the garbage in Yikui Building and Yingkui Building▼

▼On January 23, the situation of Yat Kwai House and Ying Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village▼


▼On January 23, the Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists introduced the children's and adult version of Forbidden▼


▼Illustration of group transmission of Pakistani women in quarantine (as shown below)▼

▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for all walks of life ▼


A member of the Penny's Bay Civil Security Team was initially diagnosed. Today, he was on duty as reception and support. The confirmed patient complained about the shortage of manpower resources in the temporary hospital: change the closed area for a few days after wearing paper bottoms | Hing Fung Building in Sham Shui Po and Fu Tak Building in Tai Wo Hau Village participated in the encirclement of Kwai Chung Village. Civil servants go to work as usual. Authorities "make up the flight": if there is no negative result, the residents of Room E, Block 1, Mansion Court, Wong Tai Sin, WFH, must be evacuated. In early December, he bought blood from a hamster patient and donated platelets to a patient in Eastern District Hospital, Liang Zichao: The virus may not enter the blood in the early stage

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