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Live|Au Ka Wing: Residents of some floors are evacuated tonight at Wing Wah Court, Tsuen Wan Garden


There were 124 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (25th), 6 of which were of unknown origin, and a total of 276 cases in Kwai Chung Village, with more than 70 initial positive cases. There have been many cases in Wong Tai Sin District, including three cases in the new image hair salon of Fenghuang New Village.

There were 124 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (25th), 6 of which were of unknown origin, and a total of 276 cases in Kwai Chung Village, with more than 70 initial positive cases.

There have been many cases in Wong Tai Sin District, including three cases in the New Image Hair Salon in Fung Wong New Village, and confirmed cases in Hao Yuan in the district.

▼On January 24th, the building where the confirmed cases lived▼


[18:56] A total of 16 households need to be evacuated. The EPD pointed out that there are people living on the 4th to 18th floors and the roof. The condition of the canals is OK, but the water level of the units on the 12th floor is sealed, and the U canal has no water. The roof on the 18th floor In the unit, the drainage pipes are in good condition, but they are sealed. There are windows in the bathroom and kitchen, and there are exhaust fans but they are broken, and the exhaust port of the fecal channel is aligned, so the risk is higher.

[18:51] The current vertical transmission of Tsuen Wan Garden Wing Wah Court includes one case 13340 whose source is unknown, and the other Xincon 13420, both of which are Wing Wah Court. The first case was diagnosed on January 20, and the second case in the rooftop unit was both. Unit 5, a renovation worker, fell ill on January 22, and took samples the next day. The CT value was low and the virus amount was high. It was suspected that there was vertical transmission. The EPD and the Buildings Department inspected. The preliminary conclusion was that the sewage discharged in the first case was The dung canal, go to the left roof through the gas pipe, and face the outside of the kitchen and toilet windows of the roof unit, infiltrating the house and attracting the residents of the roof unit. It is decided to evacuate the residents of Unit 5 on the 4th to 18th floors tonight. 16th to 18th Unit 4 on the building and the roof will also be evacuated.

[17:12] The government departments have positive sewage samples from Lam Village in Tai Po, Lam Kam Kung Gao Liao to Ping Long Garden. They will test in a narrow range of samples. It is hoped that residents will be tested voluntarily, and mobile testing stations will be set up.

There are currently more than 70 early positive cases.

[17:10] Zhang Zhujun said that Huang Daxian has a transmission chain and delta variants. No matter whether there are cases in the hair salon or Haoyuan, it may be related to the hamster, but it is not known for sure. It needs to wait for genetic analysis. Waiting for the report, the patient himself has to wait for the results of the whole gene analysis.

【17:05】The latest epidemic situation in Kwai Chung Village:

Confirmed or newly confirmed persons/units)

1) 184/120, Yat Kwai Building

2) Yingkui Building 64/43

3) Ya Kwai Building 4/ 4

4) Xia Kui Building 13/5

5) Qiankui Building 1 person

6) Xukui Building 2/2

7) Xiaokui Building 1 person

8) Cui Kwai Building 2/2

9) Lvkui Building 1 person

10) Bikui Building 1 person

11) Chunkui Building 3/3

12) 1 person in Baikui Building

[17:00] The sixth new case with no source today is a 29-year-old housewife who lives in On Kwai House, Kwai Chi Court, the disciplined services quarters in Kwai Chung Village. During the source of infection investigation, she had a fever on January 24, The sample at the testing center was positive on the 23rd.

The patient of the other source case lives in Block 2, Grand yoho, Yuen Long. He works as an accountant at one pacific in Kwun Tong. He returned to Hong Kong on January 16 and arrived in Hong Kong on January 16. The test results were negative on the 14th and 16th and in Shanghai. On March 23, the fever test turned positive. Zhang Zhujun pointed out that there is a high chance of local infection. The investigation is still underway, and the Omicron case is suspected.


[16:53] The new case of the new image hair salon in Fenghuang New Village is 13481. The patient works part-time there. Another case 13480 has also visited the hair salon. There was also a case 13370 earlier, or whether it is related is undecided , several cases are L452R, there is no clear source yet, but 3 cases should be related, call for contact and testing.

[16:45] A total of 276 cases have been reported in Kwai Chung Village, 64 more than yesterday. Most of the cases were from the same unit. There were more than 30 more units in total, including 17 more units in Yat Kwai House and 15 more units in Ying Kwai House. , 1 more unit in Ya Kui Building (now total 4 units), 5 more units in Xia Kui Building, no increase in Qian Kui Building, no increase in Xiao Kui Building, 1 increase in Xu Kui Building, 1 increase in Cui Kui Building (total 2), There is 1 case in Lvkui House, 1 case in Bikui House, 3 cases in Chunkui House (plus two), and one unit in Baikui House.

In yesterday's case, 11 environmental samples were taken from Fuqiang Building, and 3 of the upstairs units were positive.

Among the confirmed cases today, one case lives in Wing Wah Court, Tsuen Wan Garden. There is no source yet. It is in the same building as the previous case (case 13340), and both have no source. Both are relatively high-rise, but both are Unit 5. It is suspected Vertical transmission, colleagues from other departments have come to the scene to investigate.

[16:40] Zhang Zhujun, Director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, today added 124 cases, 6 of which have unknown origins, a total of 276 cases in Kwai Chung Village, and 21 cases of outbreaks on Indian cargo ships arriving in Hong Kong.

[15:45] Sik Sik Yuan announced that Huang Daxian Temple will be closed and closed to the public. On the 31st of the 29th year, the daytime opening hours will be maintained, that is, from 7:30 am to 4 pm At half past midnight, the incense stick held at midnight will not be open to public participation, and there will be no media interviews. The main subject will be Daoist Li Yaohui (Yijue) of the Sik Sik Yuan Supervisory Institute, and the board members will preside over the Renyin Nian Prayer Section. Ceremony, the bells and drums tolled twenty-four in unison at twelve o'clock in the midnight, sincerely bowed to the table and prayed for the good faith of all Hong Kong citizens.

The ritual of praying for the New Year of Yin Yin will be broadcast live on the Sik Sik Yuen Facebook page and YouTube channel.

[15:22] A government spokesman said that on January 22, Xia Kui Building, Kwai Chung Village, was included in the mandatory testing, and the enclosure testing operation was carried out last night (24).

So far, at least 13 preliminary positive and positive test cases have been found, distributed in different blocks and floors of Xia Kui Building, and there are signs of a large-scale outbreak. The situation is worrying.

In view of the high risk of infection in Ha Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate, it is necessary to take decisive action to extend the earlier restrictions and testing declarations under Chapter 599J to Saturday (29th) to stop the further spread of the virus.

Kwai Chung Village|At least 4 cases of "Yang to Yin" were sent to the temporary hospital by mistake, family members questioned: testing is a joke

[14:57] More than 100 residents of Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village have tested positive, and their close contacts also need to go to the quarantine center.

However, "Hong Kong 01" has successively received complaints from residents that the test results were wrong. There were at least 4 confirmed positive cases from Yat Kwai House. ".

Some family members criticized the test results as "a joke". "False positive" residents have been sent to the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Center (i.e., a temporary hospital) and live in the same ward as the confirmed patient, which greatly increases the risk of infection.

Compulsory Inspection|43 places of forced inspection of Liangyoshi Yejia Branch in Kwai Chung District and Tan Zai on Soy Sauce Street in Mong Kok are on the list

[13:58] The fifth wave of new coronary pneumonia continues to spread. The government issued a mandatory testing announcement on January 24 this morning (25th). A total of 43 venues were listed, including Tanzai Yunnan Rice in Fuda Building, Soy Street, Mong Kok. Line, two Yoshinoya branches in Kwai Chung District, Ichiko at The Cameron in Tsim Sha Tsui, Sham Shui Po West Kowloon Centre, and the 3rd floor of the Legislative Council Complex.

In addition, some confirmed cases were on the first floor of the general service area of ​​Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the third floor of the North Wing of the Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinic of Prince of Wales Hospital.


Epidemic | "Anti-epidemic indicator" Auscow's fifth suspension of business will be closed from today, tentatively scheduled to open in the 13th

[13:34] The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is severe. The mutant virus Omicron and Delta have doubled in the community. Yesterday (24th), 109 new confirmed cases were reported, breaking the 100 mark for two consecutive days.

The famous tea restaurant "Australian Milk Company" in Jordan announced on its Facebook page today (25th) that it will suspend business from now on, and is tentatively scheduled to open on the 13th of next month (13th).

Looking through the information, the "Australian Dairy Company" is closed for the fifth time due to the epidemic.

Kwai Chung Village|A district councillor pointed out that there is still a large amount of garbage in the village that has not been cleaned up. It is estimated that the authorities have not dealt with it.

[12:06] The epidemic situation in Kwai Chung Village continues, and Yak Kwai House and Ying Kwai House still need to be enclosed and restricted.

Kwai Tsing District Councilor Leung Chi-shing said on the RTHK program this morning (25th) that although the hygiene situation in the village has improved, it is still bad.

He also said that cleaners from time to time clean up garbage during peak hours, and that the trash cans and residents use the same lift, describing the residents as "coexisting with the trash cans."

Kwai Chung Village | A resident claims to have been fired Zhu Minjian: it depends on the situation or violates the Disability Discrimination Ordinance

[12:03] The epidemic in Kwai Chung Village continued to spread. A group visited the affected residents and found that at least 11 people had been dismissed due to being grounded.

EOC Chairman Chu Minjian said on the RTHK program this morning (25th) that if the reason for dismissal is because the employee lives in Kwai Chung Village and suspects that he may have a higher risk of infection and transmission, the employer may violate the Disability Discrimination Ordinance ", but the specific circumstances depend on the details of each case.


[10:22] Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor pointed out that there is no need to completely seal Kwai Chung Village at this stage.

[10:22] Lin Zhengyue said that the investigation on officials who attended Hong Weimin's birthday banquet is nearing completion, and that a disposal plan including Xu Yingwei will be announced before the lunar calendar, and that he is still disappointed with Xu Yingwei.


▼1.17 Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei completed the quarantine and left the Penny's Bay Inspection Center on the 14th▼


[10:10] Lin Zhengyue predicted that there is little chance of significantly relaxing social distancing measures on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, but there may be fine-tuning, which was announced this week, and pointed out that the vaccine bubble will be greatly promoted after the Lunar New Year.

[10:00] The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, pointed out that as of yesterday, there have been 226 confirmed and initial confirmed cases in Kwai Chung Village, and 94%, or more than 210 cases, are concentrated in Yat Kwai House, Ying Kwai House and Xia Kwai House, among which Yat Kwai House The number of cases in the building has grown to more than 150.

Therefore, she announced that the Xia Kui Building will be enclosed for 5 days from now, and the Yikui Building, which has been enclosed and will be enclosed tomorrow, will be extended for two more days until this Friday (28th).

▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Xia Kui Building, Kwai Chung Village▼

Blockade | The fifth wave has not yet reached its peak, Zeng Qiyin calls for review of testing capabilities: you may need to seek assistance from the mainland

[09:57] The epidemic situation in Kwai Chung Village continued to spread. Zeng Qiyin, Co-Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Infectious Diseases of the Medical Association, stated on the RTHK program this morning (25th) that the fifth wave of the epidemic is on the rise, and it is believed that the peak has not yet been reached. The numbers are likely to continue to rise.

He said that the government should review whether the testing capacity is sufficient, and more areas may be involved in the future, if the capacity is not up to standard, or it may need to seek foreign aid from the mainland.

As for whether Kwai Chung Village needs to continue to be enclosed, he believes that the current 5 days may not be enough, and it is necessary to review the extension of the number of quarantine days and expand the scope of the enclosure.

Closed districts|Ha Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village and Fu Tak House in Tai Wo Hau Village completed forced inspections and found 5 cases and 1 case

[08:20] The forced inspection of the closed area of ​​Fu Tak Building in Tai Wokou Village was completed at about 7:30 am. As of 1:00 am today, about 1 695 residents were tested, and 1 preliminary positive test case was found. The Department of Health The Centre for Protection will arrange follow-up.

▼On January 24th, residents of Unit E of the Mansion in Wong Tai Sin were evacuated from quarantine▼


Two years of anti-epidemic | Hong Kong-made masks vow to persevere in research and development: if you can't earn enough, you will be harvested

[07:00] Since the first confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia on January 22, 2020, Hong Kong has been involved in a two-year anti-epidemic war, and masks have accompanied the public for two years.

At the beginning of the epidemic, it was difficult to find a mask in the society, and the price of masks even went up to several hundred yuan per box. Since then, mask factories have sprung up, and the golden lacquer signboard of "Made in Hong Kong" once again appeared in the rivers and lakes.

However, there are many brands of masks, and it is inevitable that there will be a bloody storm.

After two years, how does the standing mask factory see the future?

"Savewo", established in June 2020, has successfully established itself. The masks made by the company went out of Hong Kong and exported to 10 overseas countries. Its CEO and factory manager accepted an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01" by Shi Hao. The goal is to be number one in the world: "I don't want to develop the world's number one. If I can buy it as soon as I go out to the street, why should I do it in Hong Kong?"


Diagnosed Buildings|98 local patients are distributed in 47 buildings, and they live in Yan Tsui Building and Yat Kwai Building in Tin Yan Village

[01:19] The new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe. On Monday (24th), Hong Kong added 109 confirmed cases in a single day, of which 98 were local patients.

In Kwai Chung Estate this time, Ying Kwai House has the most cases, with 32 cases. On Sunday, Yat Kwai House recorded 89 cases, but there are 22 cases. There are still 9 blocks with 1 or 2 cases recorded.

The epidemic has spread around Kwai Chung Village. There are new cases in Kwai Fong Village, Zu Yiu Village, Shek Yam, and even Tsuen Wan and Sham Tseng. One more case in Tsuen Wan Mingyi Residence and two more confirmed cases are family members of the patient.

There are cases at Block 5, Tsui Wu Residence, Kingswood Villas, and Yan Chui House, Tin Yan Estate. Among them, a 23-year-old female patient who used to live in Tin Yan Estate also lives in Yak Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate.

Wong Tai Sin, Sham Shui Po and Tung Chung have three buildings on the list, and the epidemic is heating up.

There is another patient in Block 1 of Ming Wah Building, Shau Kei Wan, who is a family member who was previously infected. There is also an epidemiologically related case in Yiu Fuk House, Yiu Tung Estate, in the same district.

A new case was also recorded in the newly occupied Queen's Hill Village.

Schoolchildren get injections|The Education Bureau announced the collective vaccination arrangement, and the primary school vaccination rate can resume face-to-face teaching

[00:58] The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is still severe. The government has earlier relaxed the age of vaccination against the new crown to 5 years old or above, and has sent letters to inform schools about the arrangements for students to receive the Kexing and Fubitai vaccines. Children between the ages of 5 and 11 can be vaccinated with Sinovac vaccine from January 21 or forbex vaccine at the Children's Community Vaccination Center on February 16.

In response to the reduction of vaccination to children aged 5 to 11, the Education Bureau also announced that if individual primary schools can reach a certain vaccination rate, full-day face-to-face classes can be arranged.

▼On January 24, an E unit of Wong Tai Sin Mansion exploded with vertical poisoning▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Qingfeng Building, Beihe Street, Sham Shui Po▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Fude Building in Dawokou Village▼


▼On January 24, the enclosure inspection of Xia Kui Building, Kwai Chung Village▼

Yesterday's overview: Epidemic.

1.24|Increased 109 new cases of Penny's Bay Civil Security Team members' initial diagnosis

Blocked area|Three buildings in a row: Ha Kwai House, Kwai Chung Village, Hing Fung Building, Sham Shui Po, Fu Tak House, Tai Wo Hau Village

Kwai Chung Village | Worrying about the blurring of the transmission chain, Leung Tsz-chao: Omicron may not happen in Hong Kong

Wong Tai Sin Mansion Explosion Delta Vertical Transmission Suspected of Hamsters involved in Fu Qiang Building, Tai Wokou Village

Residents of Room E, Block 1, Mansion, Wong Tai Sin, suspected of vertical poisoning, must evacuate the newly diagnosed man to buy hamsters in early December

5 new cases of unknown origin were added today, 69 more people were infected in Kwai Chung Village, a total of 210 people were recruited

Epidemic outbreak in public hospital | Nurse in the psychiatric department of Weiyuan Hospital, staff of Yiyuan Hospital were diagnosed after chemotherapy with infected patient

New Coronary Pneumonia|Two confirmed patients went to Tsuen Wan and Shatin to donate blood and platelets have been used for patients

Liang Junyan: An assistant of an outsourced contractor was initially diagnosed and worked in the Legislative Council last Wednesday

A member of the Penny's Bay Civil Security Team was initially diagnosed and served as a receptionist and support worker today

Two employees of AEON's Dawokou store were diagnosed and closed down the gate and completely disinfected the posts of unknown infected employees

Kwai Chung Estate|Trash in the lift lobby of Yat Kwai Building

Kwai Chung Village | Confinement mothers without food

Kwai Chung Village | Nearly half of the infected residents have not been vaccinated, 30% are asymptomatic

The government will implement special work arrangements from Tuesday, and some employees will take turns to work from home and reduce public services

The confirmed patients complained about the shortage of manpower resources in the infection control center: change the paper bottoms for a few days

The 5th wave of the epidemic|CityU President Guo Wei once and the newly diagnosed students were in the same venue and the school said that they were wearing masks

Sand Banshan Notes|The disposal plan of "Hongmen Banquet" is expected to be announced on Tuesday, and two senior officials "fall into the wok"

Kwai Chung Village | Worrying about the blurring of the transmission chain, Leung Tsz-chao: Omicron may not happen in Hong Kong

Two years of anti-epidemic | Experts silently criticized Xu Shuchang understands the grievances of the public: our words are a misunderstanding

Omicron | Cathay Pacific expected to lose 5.6 billion to 6.1 billion last year CEO: Do everything possible to increase capacity

Under the epidemic, enterprises accelerate the transformation of technology vouchers. Last year, 5108 applications for technology vouchers were approved by the Innovation and Technology Commission in the middle of this year.

▼On January 24, the government dispatched personnel to clean up the garbage in Yikui Building and Yingkui Building▼

▼On January 23, the situation of Yat Kwai House and Ying Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village▼


▼On January 23, the Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists introduced the children's and adult version of Forbidden▼


▼Illustration of group transmission of Pakistani women in quarantine (as shown below)▼

▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for all walks of life ▼


A member of the Penny's Bay Civil Security Team was initially diagnosed. Today, he was on duty as reception and support. The confirmed patient complained about the shortage of manpower resources in the temporary hospital: change the closed area for a few days after wearing paper bottoms | Hing Fung Building in Sham Shui Po and Fu Tak Building in Tai Wo Hau Village participated in the encirclement of Kwai Chung Village. Civil servants go to work as usual. Authorities "make up the flight": if there is no negative result, the residents of Room E, Block 1, Mansion Court, Wong Tai Sin, WFH, must be evacuated. In early December, he bought blood from a hamster patient and donated platelets to a patient in Eastern District Hospital, Liang Zichao: The virus may not enter the blood in the early stage

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