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Mistakes to avoid when cooking red meat


To sublimate a good piece of meat as much as it deserves, you still have to know how to cook it correctly. An enlightened butcher reviews the mistakes to avoid in order to make a success of his prime rib for sure.

Notice to all carnivores aficionados of good cuts of meat, three quarters of you would not know how to cook it correctly, according to Serge Jouan, director of the Nivernaise butchery in Parly 2 (1) .

"People think that all red meats are cooked the same way, but that's totally wrong: there is a very specific "know-how" to each piece, steak, sirloin, rib of beef...", explains he.

The most common errors?

“There are a lot of them,” adds the professional butcher.

Here are his tips for getting the perfect doneness.

Let the meat rest at room temperature

We often hear that it is mandatory to take your meat out of the refrigerator before cooking in order to let it rest at room temperature.

Our butcher is not of this opinion: "Of course, frozen meats require a few minutes of defrosting in the microwave or a few hours in the refrigerator before cooking, but not a fresh rib of beef", says Serge Jouan.

“Fresh meat risks oxidizing, drying out and losing flavor,” he adds.

Cook your meat in a “cold pan”

Beef, mutton, horse... red meat offers a wide choice of flavors, cuts, textures and smells that allow us to vary the pleasures and recipes.

What do all these marvels have in common?

They cook in the pan.

“Grilled or pan-fried, red meat is seared over high heat.

It is therefore imperative to wait until the pan is very hot, even smoking before adding first the fat and then the chosen piece, ”says the expert.

Be careful when buying minced meat!

"Improper handling of minced meat can quickly make it 'inedible'", says Serge Jouan.

"Fresh minced beef is made from muscle and fat, with no other added ingredients, so it must be kept directly in the refrigerator and eaten during the day, which is why butchers don't do not prepare it in advance!


Use only oil or only butter

Butter or oil, the debate unleashes the crowds (at least as much as the one between pain au chocolat and chocolatine).

But fortunately, the director of the Nivernaise butcher's shop makes everyone agree: “I recommend mixing the two fats.

Red meat requires cooking at a very high temperature and the mixture of oil and butter prevents it from being burned”.

Turn your meat right away

Another common mistake is turning your meat just seconds after putting it on the grill.

"A little patience, you have to allow time for the crust to form before turning your steak, steak or sirloin," recalls Serge Jouan.

How many times do you have to turn it over in the pan?

"It's very arbitrary, it depends both on the piece of meat in question and the desired doneness, rare, medium or well done," he adds.

It is therefore best to seek advice from your butcher at the time of purchase.

“It is best to season your meat after cooking so that this seasoning does not burn in the smoking pan,” says Serge Jouan, director of the Nivernaise butchery in Parly 2.


Season before cooking

“It is best to season your meat after cooking so that this seasoning does not burn in the steaming pan,” confides the professional butcher.

“However, you can salt the meat before or during cooking, the salt bringing out the juices,” he admits.

On the other hand, with regard to pepper, herbs, spices and sauce, the professional is intransigent: it's after.

Taste the meat directly

“After cooking, it is better to let your rib of beef rest for a few minutes on a plate covered with aluminum foil”, warns the director of the Nivernaise butchery.

The juices will thus penetrate better into the tissues of the meat, which will remain tender and juicy.

(1) Serge Jouan, Nivernaise Butchers, Parly II Shopping Center, 78150 Le Chesnay.


: 01 39 54 05 30.

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*This article, originally published on January 9, 2017, has been updated.

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