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Xu Yingwei knew to leave Carrie Lam a few years ago and ordered a leave: Disappointed, officials should not embarrass the government


At the beginning of the fifth wave of the epidemic, 15 senior officials attended Hong Weimin's birthday party.

At the beginning of the fifth wave of the epidemic, 15 senior officials attended Hong Weimin's birthday party. On vacation until the fourth day of the new year, the outside world is concerned about whether he will step down under accountability.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor met with reporters before attending the guild meeting this morning, saying that the investigation of the officials involved has come to an end, and she will try her best to announce the follow-up actions before the Lunar New Year.

Carrie Lam was asked three times at the press conference about Xu Yingwei's stay. She pointed out that it was not appropriate to disclose the status of individual officials. She stressed that the government has set very high requirements for officials and civil servants, and that personal behavior should not bring embarrassment to the government. This is the standard disposal of the officials involved.

She mentioned in particular that her view of Xu's "particular disappointment" after the incident has remained unchanged to this day.

Standard for dealing with officials: "No embarrassment to the government"

Lin Zheng said that when he publicly explained the incident at the beginning of the month, he had already grasped the details such as the stay of the officials involved. He expressed his disappointment with Xu among the officials that day, "It can be said that today is still the conclusion, but today it is not I would like to tell you that each colleague has to deal with it.” I hope that before the Lunar New Year, I can fully explain it.

She emphasized that the public can rest assured that the accountability system and the civil service system have "set very high requirements" for officials, not only to be honest and to be faithful to their duties, but also to be cautious about personal behavior at all times and not to cause embarrassment to the government. Her standard of handling the incident this time.

Xu Shen holds a key position in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic: no punishment is ruled out

Carrie Lam emphasized that Xu Yingwei should continue to take leave from her own request, stating that Xu was in an important position in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, but being involved in the incident was the reason why she could not be reinstated.

She said the disciplinary investigation does not look at the 15 officials as a group, "they have to look at them one by one, involving when they arrived at the birthday party, how long they stayed, when they left, and how much they were involved in the party. This is not a 'homogeneous group'. In other words, there will be no uniform conclusion and uniform punishment in the end: “I have said that this matter will be dealt with impartially, and I have also said that it must be fair to each of the officials involved, so they are not a whole.”

She said that it was obvious that Xu Yingwei was the subject of intensive and in-depth investigation, which involved many factors: "He stayed for a long time, as I have already said, he was one of them who stayed for a long time, and stayed there for quite a while. Because his position as "Secretary for Home Affairs" is a participant in the government's anti-epidemic action. I have asked him not to return to work until the investigation is completed and the results are announced to the public, and no punishment will be ruled out."

The aftermath of the "Hongmen Banquet" is unfinished: Xu Yingwei will be suspended for a few days if he fails to resume his post tomorrow. Civil Affairs Secretary Xu Yingwei will release the "epidemic prison". The Civil Affairs Department invites Donghua Renji to emotionally support the quarantined person Hong Weimin to party | The car leaves Penny's Bay without saying a word. The close contacts are quarantined for 14 days. If the test is negative, they can leave the camp. Xu Yingwei is expected to leave the camp in the early morning of Tuesday as soon as possible. ︱Xu Yingwei apologized again: I should have declined the invitation to reflect on the pain and redouble my efforts in the future

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