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The Rebbe of Belz approves a combination of core studies: "More Hasidism is in line" - Walla! News


Senior members of the education system of Belz and MK Tor-Paz Mish Atid are initiating a new outline, according to which storks will be budgeted according to the achievements of students in mathematics, science, Hebrew and English. We too '"

The Rebbe of Belz confirmed a combination of core studies: "More Hasidism is in line"

Senior members of the education system of Belz and MK Tor-Paz Mish Atid are initiating a new outline, according to which storks will be budgeted according to the achievements of students in mathematics, science, Hebrew and English. We too '"

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022, 17:23 Updated: 18:23

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"The right direction for the future."

Haredi students (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

The Rebbe of Belz this week approved the inclusion of core studies in the schools of Hasidism, including mathematics, science, Hebrew and English. The core is the size of the budget, "says MK Walla! MK Moshe (Kinley) Tor-Paz Mish Atid, who initiated the move in the past year.

This week, stork representatives met with senior Ministry of Education officials at the ministry's director general, Dalit Stauber, in the presence of Tor-Paz.

MK Tor-Paz, former head of the Jerusalem Education Administration, says that a year ago he was approached by the leaders of Belz's education system, the second largest Hasidic organization in Israel, to help them explore new options. The ultra-Orthodox independent education network, which receives 100% of the budget, is left with only 50-30% of the budget, while emphasizing that the request was made with insights from educators that the employment of ultra-Orthodox men in the country, which stands at about 50%, suffers from a low level of Income due to the gaps in accessibility to technology, math and English from an early age, and that these are gaps that they are unable to bridge at older ages.

Tor-Paz adds that the representatives of Belz who approached him were also open to studying English.

"Although the ultra-Orthodox have a boycott of English in Jerusalem, but they understood that without resolving the issue of English - they are stuck," he explains.

"More and more jobs and high-tech and technology require high-level English, and when you don't learn it at a young age, it's impossible for most ultra-Orthodox to complete it later. They came to me quite open, and asked me what outline I was offering them."

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"Reaching out to my ultra-Orthodox brothers."

MK Tor-Paz (Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Noam Moskowitz)

MK Peres presents two options to Belz - the first is that Hasidism will enter the state-ultra-Orthodox education stream, which began in 2014, "I explained to them that 'then your teachers will be employees of the Ministry of Education, and your budget will be regular Ministry of Education budget, Nothing'".

The second option he proposed was to produce a new model, which would preserve their educational independence and sacred studies, in which they would include the core studies in the curriculum - and receive funding based on student achievement in these subjects.

On this outline, which was finally chosen, Tor-Paz made it clear to the storks that "'there are no policies here, no cheating, no pretense. If I come with you to the Ministry of Education and say on your behalf that you are willing to enter full core studies, whatever you say - you will stand it."

He said, "I have met a line of educators who understand interest."

Belz currently has one school in Ashdod where full-time core students study, and a large part of his students are approaching matriculation.

"But this is the exception," says Tor-Paz, "and they understood that they wanted to turn the exception into the exception, and without harming in any way their ultra-Orthodox way of life and not their worldviews. They trusted me to help."

This week, Belz representatives met with senior Ministry of Education officials at Dalit Stauber, and in the presence of Tor-Paz, a member of the Knesset's Education Committee. They understand the craft. There is a future for this matter - but beyond the political event it is a very professional event. Now it depends on the professional level of the Ministry of Education that will translate it into a work plan in front of the people of Belz - "The storks are quite closed and within themselves, and that will require adjustment in a lot of ways. This is a high task - but they want it."

The Ministry of Finance also expresses confidence in the outline: "The Ministry of Finance really likes this model - rightly so, it says 'I gave extra budgets in the past and it did not always justify itself', in this sense the Ministry of Finance is completely inside," he says.

The Rebbe of Belz (Photo: Flash 90, no)

Regarding the state of studies among girls in the ultra-Orthodox sector, Tor-Paz says that in the past he did not think it required significant further intervention, but learned that there is room for progress there as well: "The problem with girls is less difficult. The last one - that there is a gap with the ultra-Orthodox girls as well. Mostly we need to upgrade more technology and high-tech. "

According to him, there are no hourly moves on the issue, but later on "there will be a leap forward."

The Knesset member estimates that after agreeing on all the details of the outline, which will be formulated in the coming months, it will gradually apply to Hasidic schools: "Years. We don't go from zero to a hundred in one go."

According to Tor-Paz, the significant news that will come with this outline will be a comprehensive awakening in the ultra-Orthodox sector: "Haredi white schools for core studies."

"I very much agree with the studies of Prof. Dan Ben-David, which show that today the ultra-Orthodox students are 20% of the education system in Israel, if you look at first grades - they are 28%, and the Jewish public - they are not far from a third. The core for the ultra-Orthodox, the State of Israel at the social and economic level will not be able to move forward, "he concludes.

"I am a religious Zionist person, I am part of the Yesh Atid party, and here I am completely reaching out to my ultra-Orthodox brothers and trying to help them. I found in the Belz Hasidism a brave and good partner that I very much appreciate."

The director of the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva and Ulpanot Center, Elhanan Galt, said that he "salutes the Belz Rebbe for his courageous decision."

He said he was "full of optimism and joy over this good news that if it grows, it will surely create more waves to train students for meaningful learning and to integrate studies and matriculation with the world of Torah," he added.

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