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After I got stuck too - did the final chord finally arrive? | Israel today


After I fell in omicron, I hope the virus has made a decision to infect us all with a runny nose - and finally disappear

One day last week I sat in the studio of the morning show and landed.

Suddenly I started shivering.

I asked to warm up the studio a bit.

Warm up, and I'm still freezing.

By the end of the program we had already reached the temperature of a sauna in Dubai, and I feel on a journey to the North Pole dressed in a bathing suit.

Somehow I got home, shaking and trembling.

I got into bed and dived into a two-day sleep.

Only a home inspection of Corona woke me up, and confirmed what I had already assumed - I fell in the omicron.

At the end of two days of continuous sleep I woke up new from the nylon, healthy and happy, a combined work of the good vaccines and of a virus that decided to retire at the peak.


This omicron, I hope and appreciate based on consultations with experts living in my head, is the finishing chord of this nightmare called Corona.

The current strain is contagious in appearance, but its damage is relatively mild, especially to the vaccinated, so calling it a corona is damaging the monster's reputation, as well as the trauma of anyone who has been through previous strains.

The current variant is like a senior IDF official imposing his hat on our enemies when he is in uniform, then goes out to citizenship and starts spreading progressive rubbish out of his mouth, until our enemies say: What were we afraid of?

I wish that was the end.

I wish the virus had just made an evolutionary decision (puzzling to him) to infect everyone with a runny nose and die.

How great it would be to see the test complexes folded, the masks returned to the warehouses, the outlines canceled, Prof. Eran Segal sinking back into anonymity, and the world celebrating at mass parties to mark the end of the worst two years since the end of World War II.

And kisses.

Lots of kisses.

To the people of Shalom-Shalom, too.

If we suddenly get out of this, like the way we got in, I'm buying presents for everyone.

I also hope that all the terrible damage caused by the virus will turn into gifts in their own right.

Perhaps the damage to the education system and the lives of the students will still prove beneficial, because this generation we are raising, the generation of abundance whose main difficulty in life is finding wifi, needed a strong shake to re-grow, like the fruit trees in the north, which need some serious cold blows to bear fruit.

Who will give that from the fractures we now see a more resilient younger generation will emerge, who has learned that imaginary security can never be relied upon because everything can be turned upside down at once, and whoever does not maintain flexibility, is simply broken.

Second, I have an update from the newsroom.

A new strain has been identified in Albania.

He's already here.

Come on, welcome.

What letter are you?


Since I retired from the morning show, and I have a month until my show starts in the evening, I thought of flying abroad, something I had not done in years.

The Houthis in Yemen also had thoughts, and they were inconsistent with my thoughts.

They actually plotted to eliminate the economy of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Of course this is not their independent thought, Iran helped them devise this original plan, and anyway, missiles began flying in the Gulf, and in a few days the Emirates turned May of insanity and prosperity in the Middle East into another battlefield between Sunnis and Shiites, in a 1,300-year war.

I'm sad about the Emirates.

They really thought it was possible to get out of the Arab blood circle for a life of honor, creation, development and integration in the world, albeit not democratically and while trampling on the rights of all modern slaves living in their country, but still, relative to the space around them, they succeeded well.

And here came the Shiite cannibals pulling them back into the cauldron of blood that has been bubbling ever since.

I wonder what will be left of the Abrahamic agreements.

In my opinion, because Washington now rules absolute zero, they will have no choice but to bow to the Iranians and give up on us.

Those who did not have time to travel will no longer travel, like those trips to the pyramids in the early 1980s, which disappeared from our lives as they appeared.

When I look at the Arab space from my vantage point on the moon, I see only wars.

No matter what.

If where there are two Jews you will find three opinions, where there are two Arabs you will find five weapons and a massacre.

that's how it is.

Not related to occupation, planting, deprivation, apartheid.

It's just like that.

For years we bought the story that it is because of Israel, the Jews, the Temple Mount.


All excuses.

Between the Houthis from Yemen and the Emirates there is no Jew and no occupation and no discrimination.

They fight because that is what they are taught from age zero.

To kill, to be killed, to destroy, to sabotage.

This is the basic motivation of this culture.

Call me a racist, but fortunately there are already voices in the Arab world who say just that.

Then they are killed.

Until the Arabs fix themselves, we have nothing to try to take responsibility for their situation.

It only weakens us from within, and does not bring peace closer.

In this part of the world there can be no peace.

You can only win or lose.

Which side do we want to be on?


This was my last year on the morning show, after almost 19 years.

I made a difficult decision to leave my little life enterprise and go set up another enterprise to take care of myself.

I was sad to leave the enterprise of my life, for 18 whole years I sat in the best chair in the world.

Who did I not talk to?

What did I not try first?

What did I not taste?


I am grateful for years of absolute interest in work, dedication, joy of getting up in the morning for interesting, amazing, annoying, even boring people at times, but to experience Israel through my desk and that of those sitting next to me.

We have seen the most beautiful and the ugliest, from acts of kindness and organ donations from living people, to boycotts and harassment and scams of the elderly and what not.

I felt lucky to meet life like this for three and a half hours, and sometimes even to influence them.

Whenever we were able to influence reality for the better, I blessed the name in my heart that gave me such a job, that one could also be a messenger of the good, and even move people in their home with my exercise routine.

This year I realized that I am no longer young, and that my body needs sleep.

Getting up every morning at 4:30 is hard.

After the climax of the day in the program, there is also a full day to manage, and it happens with severe fatigue, blurring, giving bad advice for behavior and speech, and according to all studies, also shortening life.

I do not want to shorten my life.

Just as I quit smoking and I build on the ability to rehabilitate the lungs, so I build on rehabilitating my exhausted brain thanks to another hour of sleep a day.

So, I decided this would be my last year of fatigue.

I want to sleep in 2022, and I'm ready to change jobs to return to a normal life.

See a show, go to a movie, go out to a restaurant, talk until the middle of the night.

So after 18 years of broadcasting more hours than anyone else in Israel, I lived in television, I say goodbye to the darkness before dawn, I say goodbye to the cleaners I see every morning on the bike, to the milk truck in the grocery store, to the glamorous clothes runners in the park, to the driver of the first bus From the bus parking lot, from the rising sun.

We were the early family.

We'll see how long I will hold without you.

Were we wrong?


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Source: israelhayom

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