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Live|Carrie Lam: Yat Kwai House, Kwai Chung Estate will be closed tomorrow morning, Ying Kwai Xia Kui will be lifted on Saturday


Omicron and Delta have not stopped fighting. Today, 164 new cases were reported, a new high since the outbreak of the epidemic. Among them, 12 cases were of unknown origin and were distributed in multiple districts. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor will meet today (27th) at 5:30 pm

Omicron and Delta have not stopped fighting. Today, 164 new cases were reported, a new high since the outbreak of the epidemic. Among them, 12 cases were of unknown origin and were distributed in multiple districts.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor met the media at 5:30 pm today (27th) to announce the latest epidemic prevention arrangements.

In addition, the Caiyun (1) Village Changbo Building, which was originally enclosed this morning, has temporarily recorded more than 20 Chu Yang cases. The government announced that in view of the high risk of infection in Changbo Building, it has decided to extend the implementation date of the relevant announcement. The goal is to The enclosure will be completed at about 7:00 am tomorrow (28th).

Director of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health Xu Lejian and Director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection Zhang Zhujun reported the latest outbreak this afternoon.

The focus of today's epidemic


164 new positive cases were added


An additional 12 cases of unknown origin


A total of more than 30 cases have yet to find the source


More than 100 initial confirmed cases

[17:44] Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor described that this wave of epidemics has two sources which are quite troublesome. The other is that there may be super-spreaders in Kwai Chung Village wandering around many buildings in the village. In addition, Omicron is highly contagious, causing large outbreaks in some towns in the village. ; Another source is imported hamsters. She pointed out that she did not know how many people still kept them, but she was grateful to the citizens who reluctantly handed over the hamsters.

[17:35] Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor met the media. She did not wear a mask again. She pointed out that the current epidemic situation in Hong Kong is still very serious, and even the geometric increase in cases caused by large-scale community outbreaks will occur in Hong Kong at any time.

[17:00] It is suspected that there is vertical transmission in Ya Kwai House, and the 3 units involved are all 09-room units. The authorities will inspect and study whether it is necessary to evacuate, and 3 units of On Kwai House, Kwai Fu Court, which is also located in Kwai Chung Village, are also affected. , 2 of which are Room 08, and are investigating whether they are related.

[16:57] Xu Lejian pointed out that 18 cases were found in Changbo Building yesterday, and the units involved were found to be clustered, that is, the upper and lower units were diagnosed, and there was also transmission on the rooftop. The structural order has vertical and horizontal transmission.

New Coronary Pneumonia|Hospital Authority plans to reopen two venues to call for private medical care to join part-time anti-epidemic

[16:45] Ho Wanxia, ​​Chief Administrative Manager (Patient Safety and Risk Management) of the Hospital Authority, said that she has been monitoring the epidemic. In response to the acceleration of the epidemic, in addition to the existing facilities, there will be more community treatment facilities in the future to accept patients with mild or recovering symptoms , and in addition to the use of Shanghai Hall 8 and 10, it will also prepare to restart the Shanghai Hall 9 and 11, providing an additional 500 beds.

She pointed out that in order to add more beds, more medical care, especially nurses to take care of patients, has begun to recruit part-time staff to provide training, and called on retired/part-time/private market nurses to join.


[16:41] There are 164 new cases today, 12 of which have no source, including an 18-year-old student who is suspected of being infected with Delta, who is studying at Notre Dame College, Kowloon City Consecrated Church.

[16:40] Xu Haoguang, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Department, revealed that there were positive cases of sewage in many districts in Hong Kong, which means that the risk of transmission in many areas is increased. Among them, Delta and Omicron viruses are present in the sewage samples of Wong Tai Sin District, and among them Vertical transmission involves U-shaped pipe trunks, and citizens forget to pour water.

[16:35] Xu Lejian, director of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, pointed out that there are two major clusters in Hong Kong, involving Omicron and Delta. At present, there are more than 30 cases whose source has not been found. There are dozens of transmission chains in the community, and the risk of outbreak is high.

▼January 27 Mandatory testing list▼


▼1.26 Kwai Chung Village at night, the village is like a "empty city"▼


[14:29] There are 18 new cases of Chuyang in Changbo Building, and a total of 22 cases in the building are distributed in 16 units, involving different floors and orientations.

Yuan Guoyong pointed out that the building has vertical and horizontal transmission, and the entire Changbo Building must be enclosed and the number of days of the enclosure will be re-determined.

At least 22 people in Changbo Building in Choi Yun Village were infected with the virus, involving vertical and horizontal transmission, and some units were evacuated

[14:27] Yuan Guoyong pointed out that the mother of the confirmed patient who raised hamsters in Huang Taixian Haoyuan worked as a security guard in Changbo Building. She was suspected of infecting Changbo Building. Since the security guards ate meals together, all security guards in Caiyun Village were also forced to check.

[13:08] The latest news indicates that Kwai Chung Village has added 40 preliminary confirmed cases today, and at least 3 buildings have had cases. Among them, there may be 30 new cases in Yak Kwai Building, which is still under enclosure.

Quarantine of foreign domestic helpers|Os Hotel and iclub Ma Tau Wai Hotel join Courtyard by Marriott Sha Tin from 3.8 to $200

[12:00] The Labour Department announced that starting from February 6 and March 1, the Os Hotel and iclub Ma Tau Wai Hotel will be added as designated quarantine facilities respectively, providing a total of 491 additional rooms for foreign domestic helpers coming to work in Hong Kong. for quarantine purposes.

The total number of rooms in designated quarantine facilities will increase to 2,779.

As for the Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong Sha Tin, which currently provides 500 rooms for the quarantine purpose of foreign domestic helpers, the same number of rooms will still be provided, but the charges will be adjusted from March 8.

Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong, Sha Tin, which currently provides 500 rooms for the quarantine of foreign domestic helpers, will still provide the same number of rooms, but the fee will be increased by 200 yuan to 850 yuan per night from March 8.

(File photo/Photo by Deng Yongzhong)

[11:39] According to the news, the epidemic situation in Kwai Chung Village continued, and today there were at least 10 more preliminary confirmed cases, involving 3 buildings, of which Yat Kwai Building accounted for 9 cases.

▼1.26 Caiyun Village Changbo Building Enclosure Inspection▼


Closed area inspection | About 20 cases of explosion in the Changbo Building of Caiyun Village, the foot ban in Chuyang is extended for one day to Friday morning

[11:33] Caiyun (1) Village Chief Bolou Enclosure and Forced Inspection was completed at about 7:00 this morning, but the government announced that it has decided to extend the implementation date of the relevant announcement. The goal is to complete the work tomorrow (28th) at about 7:00 am action.

Persons to be inspected must wait at their premises and undergo tests according to designated arrangements, that is, two tests in total together with the tests conducted under this announcement yesterday, until all identified persons under inspection in the "restricted area" have completed the tests

A government spokesman said that Caiyun (1) Village Chief Po Lou recently recorded a confirmed case, and another preliminary positive test case was found during the enclosure testing operation yesterday. So far, about 20 confirmed or preliminary positive test cases have been recorded. The situation is alarming. concern.

In view of the extremely high risk of infection of Caiyun (1) Village Chief Bolou, it is necessary to take decisive action. Therefore, the earlier restriction and testing declaration action under Chapter 599J has been extended to tomorrow to prevent the further spread of the virus.

[10:58] Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast Phase 3 Shadow Shore.

Block A was enclosed for mandatory testing last night due to the presence of a mutant virus patient.

The government announced that the enforcement operation was completed at about 9:30 this morning. The test reports of about 120 persons were checked, and no one was found who had not undergone compulsory testing.

Kwai Chung Village | Residents of Xia Kwai House said that their employer, Mei Foo, was fired due to the enclosure: employee performance issues

[10:28] The fifth wave of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong. More than 300 people were diagnosed in Kwai Chung Village, and many buildings were closed for forced inspection.

A resident of Xia Kui Building, who lived in the besieged and confined, complained to Hong Kong 01, and was suddenly dismissed by Door Door Bakery, a bakery that has worked for 7 years and is famous for its hand-made bird sugar, on the grounds that it is "unsuitable". She stressed that she had not made a big mistake in the past seven years, and questioned that the bakery was unreasonably dismissed because she was unable to go to work. She has sought help from the Labour Department and sought about 60,000 yuan for notice in lieu of notice, severance pay and long service pay.

Duoduo Bakery issued a statement on Facebook denying the dismissal of employees due to the grounding and quarantine. "Recently, we have been concerned about the resignation of colleagues, and reiterated that it was only due to the performance of individual employees, not due to the grounding." Unscrupulous employers, I really feel helpless... and why can I qualify the incident with one-sided words."

Ms Chan, who lives in Ha Kwai House in Kwai Chung Village, said she was fired by Door Door Bakery on the day the building was enclosed.

(A lot of bakery FB pictures)

Closure Detection|Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast Phase 3 Shadow Coast.

Red A block completes strong inspection and no confirmed diagnosis

[07:14] In response to a number of initial confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, the government sealed off Choi Wan Village Changbo Building and Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast Phase 3 Shadow Coast last night.

Red A Block (Block 7) detection.

The authorities announced this morning that the Blue Sky Coast Phase 3 Shadow Coast.

No confirmed cases were found in Block A (Block 7).

The next Kwai Chung Village?

The hidden patients who tested positive for sewage samples in 7 areas did not appear

[04:17] The government announced in the early hours of today (27th) that samples were collected from the sewers of some buildings in Kwai Chung, Yau Tong, Chai Wan and Ma On Shan, which tested positive for the new coronavirus, and indicated that they contained a certain amount of virus. Therefore, the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing of Certain Persons) Regulation is cited to require persons who have been in the specified place during the specified period to undergo testing.

Together with the three Tsz Wan Shan Villages, Tai Po Lam Village and Tung Chung North where sewage was discovered earlier, there are a total of 7 districts with invisible patients. Will they become the next Kwai Chung Village?

The Home Affairs Department announced earlier that it will distribute COVID-19 rapid test kits to residents in need in all 18 districts in Hong Kong.

The government issued a statement today (27th), stating that it will distribute rapid test kits to households in Tsz Ching Estate and three neighboring housing estates (namely Tsz Lok Estate, Tsz Min Village and Tsz Hong Estate) from today for their own use. detection.

▼1.26 Kwai Chung Village shopping malls and markets become a city without people▼


Compulsory testing|37 places on the list include Longcheng Ice Room, IFC Phase 2 and many buildings with positive sewage

[04:20] There were 107 new confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Hong Kong yesterday (26th), of which 100 were local cases, including 7 cases of unknown origin.

The Government has included 37 specified places in the Mandatory Testing Notice this morning, of which 21 places are involved in four local/local case-related cases, seven imported cases-related cases, and eight preliminary positive test cases, including New Territories South Region Residential areas such as the 10th floor of the Police Headquarters, Mongkok Dragon City Ice Room, HOKO Farm, 2nd Floor, Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill, 30th floor of IFC Phase II, and Block B of Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast.

HOKO Farm, Plaza Hollywood, Diamond Hill.

(HOKO Farm FB page)

Diagnosed Building | Tsuen Wan District adds 4 residential residents infected with the epidemic Chun Yang Village is the first patient to live after the occupation

[00:34] With the spread of the new crown epidemic, the Department of Health announced the latest list of buildings with confirmed cases. The patients are located in many districts in Hong Kong. Five buildings in Kwai Chung Village, where the epidemic has exploded, are on the list, and there is another confirmed case in one building in Wong Tai Sin Mansion.

The Changbo Building in Choi Yun Village and Block A and Block B of Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast Ying’an Red have all confirmed cases and were included in the quarantine and inspection by the authorities.

Recently, the epidemic situation in Tsuen Wan District has also attracted attention. There are patients in Cheong Ning Building, Ping Ai Building, Kam Fung Garden 1 and Lucky Court in Tsuen Wan Garden.

Yesterday's overview: New Coronary Pneumonia.

11.26|Anti-African variant virus, non-Hong Kong residents from 8 African countries are banned from entering from Saturday

New Territories South PTU male police officer and Sau Mau Ping intelligence team female police officer were initially diagnosed as close contacts and sent to isolation camp

Closure Detection|Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast Phase 3 Shadow Coast.

The case of Shexiangshan Village group enclosed by Block A

Two diners at Red Onion in West Kowloon Centre were confirmed to be involved in the Haoyuan Delta case. The authorities arrived at the scene to measure the wind direction

New crown vaccine | 3 deaths reported in a week who were vaccinated 14 days before their death involved 2 males and 1 female elderly

The Pakistani women's group continues to spread. Li Zhengwu primary school students went to Tung Chung to play waves on the blue sky coast

Year of the Tiger | Wong Tai Sin Temple will be closed from the first to the third day of the Lunar New Year.

Epidemic | 7 new cases of unknown origin, 72-year-old woman or Da Wokou bought food near the epidemic area were infected with the epidemic

Kwai Chung Village | Confirmed cases exceed 100 Kwai Chung Village and 58 new cases spread to Universal Bay, AEON

PolyU points to a 50% increase in the rate of astigmatism among schoolchildren due to the pandemic

Epidemic | Wong Tai Sin Mansion is now vertical transmission confirmed 26-year-old man raised hamsters and tested negative for the virus

Quarantine chaos | Little Boss group close contacts computer error delays one-day quarantine

CUHK Research: 76% of COVID-19 Recovered Patients Are Tired

Kwai Chung Village|Trash piles up like a mountain Cleaning contractor: 3 or 4 times more than usual

70% of primary school vaccination rates can resume full-time face-to-face teaching: little incentive for parents

Kwai Chung Village|Enclosure of Yat Kwai House extended for two days, residents criticize poor hygiene

Closed area testing | 190 people in the restricted area of ​​Hung Kwong Street, To Kwa Wan were tested and there were two preliminary positive cases

▼On January 26, the government sent personnel to collect environmental samples at the Red Onion Restaurant in the West Kowloon Center.


▼January 26, Tung Chung Blue Sky Coast Phase 3 Shadow Shore.

Block A is enclosed.

▼On January 26, the epidemic situation in Kwai Chung Village continued to expand, and many buildings in the village continued to be enclosed and enforced for inspection.


Kwai Chung Village occupies a large area, with about 5 blocks in a circle, divided into about 3 large areas.

(Geoinfo Map)

▼Illustration of group transmission of Pakistani women in quarantine (as shown in the picture below)▼

▼The fifth round of anti-epidemic funds for various industries▼


Kwai Chung Village | Residents of Xia Kwai Building said that their employer, Mei Foo, was fired due to the enclosure: employee performance problems. Epidemic.

Overview|The number of confirmed cases breaks 100 again, and the virus reaches more district governments. Is the peak period over?

Confirmed Building|An additional 4 residences in Tsuen Wan District have residents infected with the epidemic. After the occupation of Chun Yeung Estate, the first patient lived in New Territories South PTU male police officer and Sau Mau Ping intelligence team female police officer. Diners were confirmed to be involved in Haoyuan Delta case. The authorities came to the scene to measure the wind direction and closed the area for inspection|Changbo Building in Choi Wan Village and Blue Sky Coast in Tung Chung enclosed many residents. The mutated virus was involved. The police launched an anti-drug video to remind young people to stay away from drugs.

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