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Noam Horev: "Mother of a sick child told me that when she is sad, she opens my book" | Israel today


He writes even when he is asleep ("My dreams become songs"), jealous of those who start a family ("Half a country sings my songs in the canopy, and I am not allowed to get married"), and launches a glittering project for children ("We wanted to give this generation what the sixteenth lamb is"). 'They gave it to us') • The songwriter Noam Horev in a personal conversation

When was the last time you wrote?

"All the time. People think that writing is just the act of writing, but I write all the time, even when I sleep, because I dream dreams that become songs. The action then is just to sort things out. My mind is constantly working, looking for where the next idea will come from. , The next song. I write sentence fragments, ideas and beginnings every day, several times a day, and also publish all the time on the networks. It's good that I have a platform. I'll have a drive. Every artist needs an audience, and there's something fun about having a stage and I just need to share and my audience will respond. I write a lot about myself. Obviously there are things that are 'narrative truth' because I want to tell a story and convey a message, but the core is Always true, things that happened to me or others.

"I write a lot for artists. For example, now I work with Nasreen and Eliad Nahum and recently a song I wrote for Zehava Ben came out. I also work with an amazing artist in my eyes named Eldad Cohen, who I took under my wing. He is a great singer who was in 'The Next Star', "And in my opinion he is one of the most exciting singers there is. I really want them to hear his songs already."

When was the last time you did a good deed?

"Yesterday. I was at Schneider Hospital with Rami Kleinstein, with a new project that came out two months ago called 'Little Gifts', a set of a book and an album of new children's songs that Rami composed and I wrote with Idan Amit.

Lots of artists participate in it, Moshe Peretz, Lee Biran, Miri Mesika, Roni Dalumi, Shiri Maimon, Harel Skaat and more.

It's a project with scents of yesteryear.

We felt that there was a vacuum in the world of children, and that we needed to talk to them at eye level.

Do not preach to them and do not give birth.

We wanted to give this generation what the 'Sixteenth Lamb' gave us.

True, we hang from tall trees, but I feel it can happen.

"We got to the hospital, and when you walk around the beds and see the sick children and the parents, for example in front of an 11-year-old girl without hair, you say to yourself, 'What am I doing, what am I getting upset about?'

"I try to volunteer as much as possible. At least once a month I appear in front of soldiers or in a shelter for battered women, and I am always ready to donate my books. When they write to me that they want the book and there is no money to buy it, I immediately send a copy."

When was the last time you visited your parents?

"This week. My father Amiram, 76, is having a back problem, and my mother Ora, 74, is taking care of him at home. She is young and very active. She responds to me with a story. She is such a strong woman, from the 'I get along' generation who does not like to ask for help. , But I'm at the age when my parents are getting older, and when the corona came it became an existential fear. Everything scares me about them. When I visit them I say I must come more, but then I go home to Tel Aviv and get sucked into my world. In them as they treated me.

"I was born with a paralyzed right hand, and my mother went to war over my hand. In the end there is something in my mother's womb, in maternal intuition. She just knew the diagnosis was inaccurate. She took me to a private therapist, who was skeptical, but my mother did exercises with me at home and my pictures as a child. Both with a bandaged right hand.Today everything is fine, this is the hand I write with.

"I was a creative and playful kid who grew up in a small, peripheral and family place, and my eyes were on the distance. I was a kid who wrote and drew and found my way to go against the flow and do my thing. A secret and I did not release my truth. "

When was the last time you shot a greeting video?

"Recently I really became a Dekel Vaknin. All day I'm busy filming videos for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bachelor parties, divorces, everything. Sometimes I get sent back the reaction of the person who received the video, and when I see what happiness those 20 seconds have caused If I say to myself, 'What, I'll not make someone so happy?' "

When was the last time you were jealous?

"Last month. I visited a friend and saw a warm family nest there and I had a moment like that I said to myself 'I want one too.' "It's really important, to be a father, and you have to understand if you're really willing to put it in your priorities. It's the most important decision that Haim and I have made lately, that we want to start a family and are ready for it."

When was the last time you revealed a big secret?

"I came out of the closet at the age of 23. Before that I had a girlfriend for three years and I really liked her. To this day we are in a great relationship. I think I did not know I was gay, or I could not call it by name. I knew I had something different and different, but I could not give it Title. I told my mother that I'm gay in a face-to-face conversation.

"Haim, my partner for the last six years, came out of the closet at the age of 29. Each with his own process. Today we are married for two years. We got married in Lisbon, and my parents are now burnt out on levels. They choose his side in every fight we have. Today I live so alive. "We are happy with my choice, and we intend to expand the family and have a child soon. There really is no reason in the world today to stay in the closet."

When was the last time you were not understood?

"A few days ago I was in a show in front of amazing teenagers in Mitzpe Ramon. I came with a lot of fears, I thought I would scare or scare them, but it was my business and not theirs. They indifferently accepted that I was gay. ' ? ' And I thought of myself as a 16-year-old in Afula. We did not know at all what gay was. I was in the army, I pay taxes and I fulfill my duties, and I want my rights. Half the country goes into the canopy with songs I wrote, but when I want to get married I have to go out? Which was hard for him to understand, but in the end he understood.

"I'm still in a state of foot - foot here, because in today's generation I see acceptance and inclusion - even though there is still a way to go - but my other leg is still planted in Afula and what I had to go through. Shame, in hiding. I experience both worlds, And it's amazing to see the transition. There's reason to be optimistic, but there are other things to do, from legislation to the Israeli street and places that are not yet acceptable. These are huge social processes that take time. The fact that Sarit Hadad came out of the closet was a historic event. "She is a historical figure and I see how much power it gives to boys and girls, who now understand that you can be happy, successful and live a good, pleasant and peaceful life, and be gay or lesbian."

When was the last time you were told "no"?

"Two years ago. Nobody wanted to publish my book, 'Draft of Happiness.' I broke my savings and learned how to publish a book on my own. One big publisher rejected the book and discouraged me. They told me 'Noam, it's not profitable, people do not read books today, certainly not songbooks'. Then small publishers rejected me too.

"Since the book came out it has been high on the sales charts, and I would be lying if I said I did not say in my heart 'I will show you what it is.' "Large and festive, and there Haim solemnly submitted the rejection email to me. He printed and framed it."

When was the last time you said "I love you"? 

"Last night, cheers. We also work together, he's my agent, and it's a big trap that can lead to a lot of mess, but we're aware of this, careful and careful to say 'I love you' all the time. There's no boss and artist here, there's a healthy dialogue. True. , There are messes and matters because I tend to over Uber dramatically, but he balances me.

"Haim was an officer in me and served 12 years in the army, so he has patience and he can carry me. We have been a couple for six years and work together for two years. This is something that happened naturally, he always advised me on finances, schedules and so on. Was up to me I do not know what would have happened.

I'm busy writing songs, but little by little the volume of work grows until Chaim gets into a full - time job and it's not keeping up either.

It deals with books, theater, writing workshops, shows and a myriad of other things.

As my agent he looks down on the big picture and I feel he is not scribbling me.

It's important not only to say how amazing I am, but also what works less, and I believe in him. "

When was the last time you failed?

"My day is intertwined with small failures. For example, I keep sending songs to artists and they say 'inappropriate'. Sometimes a song goes on the radio and it doesn't work out as I thought, or I post some text and the reactions are lukewarm. "I would tell myself that the song is probably not good and that I do not write well. I slowly realized that every day I will get a 'no', but as long as I dare, try and be in the work, some things will succeed and some will not, and the main thing is doing."

When was the last time you were scared?

"Before the recent U.S. tour.

It was a big and intense journey, we traveled from country to country and I did not know how the crowd would react or if people would come at all.

Uncertainty is what scares me the most.

As long as I know what I have to deal with, I will deal with it.

What was nice to see was the thirst of the Israelis who live there.

They carry a great longing for the country.

I spoke there with thousands of Israelis and they all told me that they would 'return to Israel immediately', even if they were there on a 14-year 'expedition'.

In the show I play Israeli songs and talk about childhood, longing and memories, so people fell apart there.

"Sometimes I had to stop the show."

When was the last time you were very excited?

"This week, after a show. It's always important for me to stay talking to people, sign and take pictures, even if it's exhausting. This week there was a woman who told me she had a sick child at home, and whenever she's sad she opens my book in her bag and reads a little. "It's just crazy for me to understand what my book does to people. Sometimes there is a tendency to underestimate it or be cynical, but when I understand that my words make a difference in people it does not allow me to be cynical, fortunate and happy."

When for the first time?

When did you first work?

"In high school I was a waiter at a mythological cafe in Afula, 'The Little Frenchwoman.'

I replied 'writing songs', and she said 'this is not a job. Get up in the morning and what will you do?'

"It was hard for her to understand, and I understand why. I know what it is to stand exposed, like in an aquarium, when people can crush your confidence and dreams in a second. Not everyone can stand it."

Noam Horev / 38 years old, poet, songwriter and writer.

Married to Chaim Yaniv, lives in Tel Aviv.

Winner of three ACUM awards. He has written songs for many artists, as well as three children's books (including "Ziona has one wing"), the songbook "Draft of Happiness", the musical "The Nightingale" and the songs of the play "Spring Awakens". Together with Rami Kleinstein, he released "Little Gifts", a package that includes a book, a series and an album of children's songs.

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