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Police Force Year End | Overall Crime Slightly Increased by 1.9% Last Year, 37 Police Officers Arrested for Criminal Offenses


The Hong Kong Police Force held a year-end press conference today (27th). Police Commissioner Xiao Zeyi said that in 2021, the overall crime situation will total 64,428, a slight increase of 1.9% compared with 2020, an increase of 1,196 cases, and the detection rate has returned to

The Hong Kong Police Force held a year-end press conference today (27th). Police Commissioner Xiao Zeyi said that the overall crime situation in 2021 will total 64,428 crimes, a slight increase of 1.9% compared with 2020, an increase of 1,196 cases, and the detection rate has rebounded to 38.5 %.

Mainly due to an increase of more than 3,600 fraud cases.

Xiao Zeyi pointed out that a total of 37 police officers were arrested for criminal offences last year, a decrease of 8 from the previous year.

Fraud cases rise by more than 3,000 child abuse cases

The Police Force held an annual review press conference today.

Commissioner of Police Siu Chak Yee will review the law and order situation and police work in Hong Kong in 2021. Deputy Commissioner (Operations) Yuan Xujian, Deputy Commissioner (Management) Guo Yinshu and Deputy Commissioner (National Security) Liu Cihui will also attend.

Xiao Zeyi said that the overall number of crimes in Hong Kong in 2021 will be 64 428, of which violent crimes will increase by 196 compared with 2020, to 9,587 or +2.1%; the overall detection rate in 2021 will be 38.5%, a slight increase of 0.7 compared to 2020. percentage point.

He said overall crime increased by 1,196, mainly due to an increase of more than 3,000 cases of fraud; other crimes that recorded increases included homicide, rape, indecent assault, extortion, child abuse and police-initiated crimes, including serious drug offences.

The falling crimes mainly include robbery, burglary, arson, wounding and aggravated assault, criminal damage, theft, etc.

Among them, the number of cases of wounding and serious assault, looting, pickpocketing and "misconduct or fighting in a public place" was the lowest in the past ten years.

Police Commissioner Xiao Zeyi was asked when he attended the "Hongmen Banquet" on January 3, that it was inconvenient to respond because the government was investigating.

(Photo by Lu Yiming)

Over 30% of rape and indecent assault victims are under 16 years old

He said rape cases rose 23 per cent to 79, of which only one involving a stranger had been detected.

Indecent assault cases also rose by 49% to 1,018.

Rape and indecent assault cases maintained a high detection rate of 98.7% and 79.3%, but 39% (31 cases) and 30% (308 cases) of cases involved victims under the age of 16 respectively.

There were 40 cases of rape and indecent assault after the victim met the suspect on the online platform, an increase of 29% from 2020.

He emphasized that the police will continue to pay attention to the trend of sexual crimes and conduct targeted publicity and education with various stakeholders, focusing on raising the awareness of minors to protect themselves and prevent online sexual crimes.

Police Commissioner Siu Chak-yee announced last year that the number of crimes rose by 1.9%.

(Photo by Kong Fanxu)

Continuing to maintain national security and promote the national anti-terrorism is one of the three major tasks this year

As for the enforcement of the "Hong Kong National Security Law", he said that as of January 25 this year, the police had arrested a total of 162 people, of which more than 100 had been prosecuted.

Regarding the priorities of this year's work, Xiao Zeyi said that the first will continue to maintain national security and promote anti-terrorism for the whole people. He said that the police will continue to strengthen intelligence collection, and actively use different media and activities to enhance the public's awareness and resilience to local terrorism and self-aggrandizing behavior. , and encourage the public to report, to achieve the national anti-terrorism.

He said that the second key point is to focus on crime prevention and elimination, dealing with people's livelihood and public security issues, especially in combating crimes involving cross-border elements such as fraud, technology crimes and serious drugs, and will adopt themed crime prevention and crime elimination. To enhance the public’s awareness of crime prevention; thirdly, to strengthen community contacts, the Police will adopt a proactive and extensive public relations strategy, and respond proactively, timely and promptly to police issues through different media and channels to help the public identify false information.

The police launched an anti-drug video to remind young people to stay away from drugs. The first episode talks about K-boy scourges the police force in 2021/22. 5,706 vacancies were recorded, an increase of 8% year-on-year. Last year, 542 people were recruited. Kan Kai-en, a senior police officer who can shoot tear gas, is sitting on the throne to replace Cai Zhanpeng as director of the National Security Department

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