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Inmaculada Nieto: "We would sit down and think about an abstention so that Vox does not enter the Board"


The candidate of Por Andalucía for the Junta considers that the Andalusian left-wing coalition is "essential" for the future political project of Yolanda Díaz

Inmaculada Nieto (Algeciras, Cádiz, 51 years old) receives EL PAÍS after the presentation of the confluence of leftists Por Andalucía, where on Wednesday she apologized to the citizens for the chaotic way in which the coalition, of which she is a candidate to chair the Board.

He defends that the formation he leads "is essential" for Yolanda Díaz's future project, he is in favor of governing with the Andalusian PSOE, if they add up after the elections, on June 19, and the bases want it that way, and he does not reject outright flat abstention to prevent Vox from entering the Government of the Board.

"Surely we would sit down and think about it," she says.


Why did you start the press conference asking for forgiveness?


It has been a roller coaster for the people who were watching, for the militancy and for the environment.

In recent days, we have not conducted ourselves with due speed and serenity.

We want to claim a certain ethics of politics, a certain honesty and consider the people we address as adults.

It seemed to me that the people were owed an apology for all that movement that, although it ended well, does not mean that they have been days of great perplexity and bewilderment.


Why was the limit reached?


Everything was excessively dilated.

In the end, rushing the times so much led us to tarnish, immediately afterwards, the happiness of having an agreement.

Because we saw that, although there was a political agreement, it could not be transferred as is.

That scenario is over.

The important thing is the political agreement, the rest are details”


But what you call a political agreement are two pages where there is a distribution of positions, debate and money.


I am not in those negotiations, but when I refer to a political agreement I mean that the organizations are fully aware that we are going to work together, not for the pre-campaign and the campaign, because this begins on June 20 [the day after to the elections] and we are going to create a space for collaboration and responsible work that links us all.

The rest are details.


Why do you describe in detail something as important for a party as its financing?


I do not speak in detail, if we see it in isolation.

But if we compare it with what is the power of the political agreement, unprecedented right now in Spain, it does relativize it.

That's what I mean when I say they're details.

That has to be resolved.

There is a legal channel and you have to fit in there.

The financing of Podemos has to be resolved within the law”


Could we get subsidies?


You cannot get out of the law.

So I imagine that the work that the colleagues are doing is how to solve it within the law.


You have spoken of the illusion of an unprecedented agreement, but you have participated in a similar experience in the previous legislature that was blown up.

Are you in a position to ensure that this will not happen again?

“The reconfiguration of the left in Andalusia is going to be essential for Díaz to be president of the Government”


I am in a position to ensure that in the end the organization also accumulates a lot of knowledge.

It was a very painful experience, but it occurred with the previous leadership of Podemos, which had a very large shock wave in the parliamentary group.

But this is something else.

It is from the 20th where the daily work begins.

The candidate of Por Andalucía to the Junta, Inmaculada Nieto, during the interview.alejandro ruesga


Yolanda Díaz sponsored this project in Seville, but once the difficulties began, she disassociated herself and said that she would start hers from 19-J.

What does this confluence of leftists have that is not compatible or that cannot condition that of the vice president and minister of Labor at the national level?


She has never been linked to this process.

She came to Andalusia for an act on the labor reform and already said that this was not her project.

She has respected that this is clearly Andalusian, but she was aware of it and she did want it to end well, as it has, because it gives a lot of political value to the sum of the forces that share a program and priorities: they are the same, with very minor nuances compared to what is shared.

But I do think that she also helps, even though she is disengaged from her process.

Indeed, the fact that here for the first time the reconfiguration of the left is achieved in a space of collaboration is going to be essential, along with the entire process of her so that she ends up being president of the Government of Spain.

If the militancy decides, we would enter to govern with the PSOE”


If they added, would you enter a Government with the PSOE?


We would remain at the disposal of whatever the militancy decided, but if it decides as it decided for the Government of Spain —that we enter to govern— of course we would.


From the left they are warning of the need to prevent Vox from reaching the Government.

Is your campaign going to go that way?


The problem is not what is coming or what is not coming, the problem is the exacerbation of a process that the Popular Party has already started, which is harmful: a conservative government in Andalusia could be perpetuated for a long time.

The destruction of the PP in the autonomous communities in which it has governed, and has done so for a long time, is there: in public services and in the great imbalance that it generates in the social sphere.

Andalusia cannot continue to witness the weakening of public services.

The problem is not that Vox is coming, it is the exacerbation of a process that the PP has started "


Would you prevent Vox from entering the Government with the PP with an abstention?


Surely we would sit down and think about it.

It would be the object of a very serene reflection on our part.

Inmaculada Nieto, on a street in Seville. Alejandro Ruesga (EL PAÍS)


Have all these issues, entering into a coalition government or abstention, been discussed within the confluence?


Those aspects have not been debated, they have not been decided.

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