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epidemic. Latest|A total of 39 diners and 2 waiters in Xingyuelou, a confirmed waiter lives in Sai Wan Village


Hong Kong added 284 confirmed cases today (14th), of which 33 were imported cases, involving a Singaporean arrival in Hong Kong on the 12th day when the community was tested and confirmed, with low CT value or local infection, and one more death. Xinwanghui

Hong Kong added 284 confirmed cases today (14th), of which 33 were imported cases, involving a Singaporean arrival in Hong Kong on the 12th day when the community was tested and confirmed, with low CT value or local infection, and one more death.

The Xinwanghui group has added 6 infections, with a total of 12 people. Xingyuelou has added 11 confirmed cases, with a total of 41 infections. The 39 diners involved are from more than 15 families and 2 waiters. One of the waiters who is recruited lives in the west. In Xiyuan Terrace, Huancun, it is not known whether the two groups have a common source of infection.

One new case has been added to Xiyuan Terrace in Xihuan Village today, bringing a total of 23 people infected with the virus.

Summary of yesterday's epidemic reports:


5.13|Sui Wan Village, Sing Yuet House, Sheung Wan, Hung Hom Xinwanghui exploded with cluster infections

▼Ocean Park Water Park will reopen on May 14▼


[17:00] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection, said that almost everyone in the Xinwanghui group will go to some of the recruited customers. There may have been a little transmission before. It broke out on May 9, and the source of the disease has not been identified for the time being. , waiting for genetic analysis

[16:51] The latest situation of the Xinwanghui group:

- 6 more cases including 2 staff

-One of the employees works at the hotel desk, and the other is responsible for preparing food and drinks. The former went to the emergency room for medical treatment on May 9, and his CT value was 17. He did not return on the evening of May 9. Colleagues knew that the diagnosis was in May Cough on the 9th, positive on May 11th

- The other 4 cases are guests, one of them is going to play darts

-The group now has a total of 10 customers and 2 staff members, and some of the recruited customers will go there

【16:42】The latest situation of Xingyuelou group:

- A total of 39 diners and 2 waiters contracted the virus

-39 diners: 21 males and 18 females, aged 7 to 90, the 117-year-old patient mentioned yesterday was wrong

-39 people came from more than 15 families, all of them ate on the 3rd floor, there should be 29 guests on the whole floor, more than half, at least 17 had cases, and all 8 people in individual families were infected

-The other 2 staff members, one of whom lives in Xiyuan Terrace, Xihuan Village, was unwell on May 11, and was found under the enclosure and forced inspection. One of the other two family members became unwell earlier, and was unwell on May 9, and may have to do full work. Gene sees whether the Xiyuantai case has anything to do with Xingyuelou

-Environmental samples: 2 environmental samples were positive, 1 was positive in the men's toilet environment; the other was positive in the exhaust fan of the women's toilet, it has been recommended to do disinfection, including the ventilation system, which can be airborne, and the others will be followed up later. Temporarily closed yesterday

Dozens of citizens are excited about the reopening of the water park, and three major discounts will be launched from today to the end of next month

[12:37] The Ocean Park water park reopened today (14th). Many parents brought their children into the venue for a "watering ceremony", and a group of eight members of the public showed up. They joked that they had made an appointment in the morning to wait for the park to reopen.

Another citizen pointed out that they had made three reservations to enter the park before, but they were all cancelled due to the epidemic.

More than 30 cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children

[10:21] Children infected with new coronary pneumonia may have serious complications. Guan Rihua, a consultant doctor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Children at Princess Margaret Hospital, said that in the fifth wave, more than 30 children have recovered from multi-system inflammatory syndrome, including high fever. Symptoms such as skin rashes and red eyes will also attack the heart, liver and brain. Half of them need to stay in the intensive care unit. Long-term follow-up services will be provided to monitor the health of children patients. Symptoms require medical attention as soon as possible.

[08:29] Tak Yam Building, On Yam Village, Kwai Chung completed the quarantine inspection this morning, during which about 1,660 people were tested, and one positive test case was found. No one answers the door, and the government will take steps to follow up.

▼On May 13, the Department of Health visited Xingyue Building, Sheung Wan▼

Sheung Wan Xingyue Building 29 diners 1 employee diagnosed with the largest 117 years old 250 diners and employees to be forced to check the Sheung Wan Xingyue Building outbreak on the eve of Mother's Day, a total of 28 people were recruited by the Department of Health this morning to relax the inspection measures | Xu Shuchang points out that the outbreak of the restaurant Individual circumstances are not expected to affect the relaxation of the vaccine pass next Thursday | No infection report or hope of reversal?

Xu Le insists that injections can be given after more than a month of recovery

▼May 12 Enclosure inspection of Xihuan Village▼


Epidemic | 22 people in Xihuan Village were infected with the virus, and 14 units were involved in the outbreak. Xinwanghui American billiard table samples were positive. Blocked area|22 positive cases were found in Xihuan Village after unsealing. High virus load Experts in siege of the whole village: worried about super spreaders Sai Wan Village responsible practice

▼On May 12, the Department of Health announced the outbreak of "Xinwanghui"▼

Matsumoto Kiyoshi stationed in Hong Kong, Japanese-funded post-COVID-19 attack on the retail market Scholar: there will be more to come

[08:00] The Japanese drugstore chain "Matsumoto Kiyoshi Matsumoto Kiyoshi" landed in Hong Kong a few days ago (11th). Nearly 100 people waited for the opening of the apm mall on that day. After that, the number of people waiting to enter the store increased unabated. After the wave of queues caused by Donki, the power of "Made in Japan" was once again shown.

In fact, as early as the 1980s, Japanese-owned department stores also had a "can release" in Hong Kong for a period of time. In recent years, the lively scene created by Japanese chain groups such as Donki and Matsumoto Kiyoshi bucking the market expansion and entering Hong Kong, does it indicate that Japanese-owned department stores will once again What about aggressively entering the Hong Kong retail market?

Some economists have analyzed that the Japanese capital’s counterattack on Hong Kong stemmed from the drop in rents under the epidemic and the inability of Hong Kong people to travel abroad, resulting in an increasing demand for Japanese goods.

He estimates that more Japanese capital will enter Hong Kong in the future, but it is expected that after the local economy picks up, when the overall rent picks up, businesses with a large area such as Donki may not be sustainable.

▼2022.5.11 Opening of the first branch of "Matsumoto Kiyoshi"▼


Japan Switch | The fastest June quasi-tour group entry port travel agency pushes small package group $6499 to play for 5 days 2023 public holidays | Office workers please take 2 days off during the Chinese New Year, take 9 days in a row, and another 2 months, which is beneficial to self-made long vacation water taxis 5.21 to reopen at half price West Kowloon and Sunday routes resume indefinite respite centers | Choi Wing Road Sports Centre, Harbour Road Sports Centre, etc. are returned to LCSD's Aboa for continued operation, Tuen Mun Hospital swaps corpses "wrongly burned", HA says one person is a recovering patient from COVID-19 The mortuary of Tuen Mun Hospital made a mistake and burned the wrong corpse. Social Association: The workload of the mortuary has increased sharply under the epidemic, calling for strengthening verification

▼On May 12, 14 swimming pools of the LCSD will reopen▼


Compulsory testing|Involving 40 buildings in Tsuen Wan, Haizhiguangmei and Ho Mantin Wylie Court are on the list of confirmed buildings|Newly reported 185 luxury buildings involving The Austin, Junhuigang, The Butchery Garden, etc. on the list of Bel-Air In the sixth phase, the sewage of the bungalows was positive. A total of 200,000 rapid test kits were sent to the three districts of Hong Kong for self-inspection.

▼From May 1st, the mandatory inspection announcement will be listed on the list▼


▼May 13th NWFB and Citybus Tunnel Bus No. 301 "Retirement"▼


▼5.19 Reopening of listed premises in Chapter 599F▼


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