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ESC live ticker second semi-final: All finalists have been determined – no big surprises


ESC live ticker second semi-final: All finalists have been determined – no big surprises Created: 05/14/2022, 12:35 p.m By: Jonas Erbas Cornelia Jacobs represents Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest © Jens Büttner/dpa The ten finalists of the second "Eurovision Song Contest" semi-final have been determined. IPPEN.MEDIA was live on site in Turin. This is how the second ESC semi-final went :

ESC live ticker second semi-final: All finalists have been determined – no big surprises

Created: 05/14/2022, 12:35 p.m

By: Jonas Erbas

Cornelia Jacobs represents Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest © Jens Büttner/dpa

The ten finalists of the second "Eurovision Song Contest" semi-final have been determined.

IPPEN.MEDIA was live on site in Turin.

  • This is how the

    second ESC semi-final

    went : An overview of the performances of all 18 “Eurovision Song Contest” semi-finalists.

  • ESC final live ticker: Is Germany threatening Malik Harris with last place in the “Eurovision Song Contest?

  • The ESC final

    is ready: the big show will take place in Turin on Saturday, and

    all the finalists

    have now been determined.

The ten "Eurovision Song Contest" finalists from the second semi-final have been determined: There were no surprises this time - all the favorites are through.

The focus is mainly on Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs and "Hold Me Closer" rank third in terms of overall victory with the bookmakers - behind the United Kingdom (second place) and Ukraine (first place), who already fought in the first semi-final on the Tuesday (here the first ESC semi-final in retrospect) was able to qualify.



song title


The Rasmus




In corpore sano


Nadir Rustamli

Fade to Black


Sheldon Riley

Not the Same








Oh man



Jeremie Makiese

Miss you


Cornelia Jakobs

Hold Me Closer

Czech Republic

We are Domi

Lights Off

This is how the second ESC semi-final went: Sweden makes Halle freak out, Poland gives goosebumps

May 12th, 10:28 p.m.:

At the end there is Electro-Pop from the Czech Republic: The trio We Are Domi performs with "Lights Off".

The title could almost be ironic, as throughout the show bright lights flash practically every second while the band delivers catchy synth beats and plenty of emotion in their voices.

May 12th, 10:23 p.m.:

There is rarely a way around Sweden in the “Eurovision Song Contest”, because the Scandinavians won six times and thus ranked second in the all-time ESC table (first place: Ireland with seven wins ).

Cornelia Jakobs and her song "Hold Me Closer" are therefore treated as promising favorites this year.

She sings about a love at the wrong time.

In a very intimate setting, beautiful camera work, and like many good songs, the Swede follows the golden ESC rule: perform barefoot.

The implementation of the song is exactly like the Swedish XXL preliminary round "Melfest".

But why change something that was already perfect?

There's a literal "green light" to move into the final, because Sweden makes the hall roar

Cornelia Jacobs represents Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest © dpa |

Jens Buttner

May 12th , 10:19 p.m.:

Jérémie Makiese (Belgium) also won the "The Voice" offshoot of his home country and is now in Turin with "Miss You" on the big ESC stage.

He was the first candidate ever for this year's ESC.

The performance of the young Belgian sits.

He says thank you after a solid performance through and through, which is also well received by the audience.

Now the favorites Sweden have to play.

May 12th , 10:15 p.m.:

Montenegro has allowed itself a two-year break from the ESC, now Vladana is supposed to lead the Balkan country to victory with “Breathe” – or at least to the final.

There are only two finals for eleven participations.

With Montenegro, however, we have the first trick dress of the ESC year - it shines thanks to a round construction reminiscent of a peacock.

But that alone will hardly help Vladana to reach the final.

As far as the stage show is concerned, the Montenegrin largely dispenses with elaborate elements.

She wants to convince with her voice.

May 12, 10:11 p.m.:

And another talent show winner on this ESC semi-final evening: Ochman sings “River” for Poland – and hopes to lead our neighbors to a “Eurovision Song Contest” final for the first time since 2017.

The winner of the Polish "The Voice" offshoot plays vocally at the top.

During his song, the audience celebrates the young singer for his gripping performance, which picks up more and more speed in terms of emotion and drama.

At the end there are cheers.

May 12th, 10:08 p.m.:

"Llámame", the song with which singer-songwriter WRS (Romania) is now competing at the ESC, translates as "Call me" - and the dancer with his party song is well on many calls also have to hope.

Most recently, the country failed three times in a row in the semifinals.

It's supposed to be different this time - hence the clear lines: "Hey, baby, call me, call me." The bookies don't see much of a chance of winning.

Nevertheless, WRS goes full throttle and even brought its most beautiful leather pants for its performance.

There are also fiery dance numbers and a torn shirt at the end.

That goes down really well with the viewers.

With "Llámame" (in English: call me), WRS from Romania is hoping for many calls to move into the ESC final on Saturday © Jens Büttner/dpa

May 12, 9:59 p.m.:

Now it’s Estonia’s turn: With the western song “Hope” and Stefan, who was voted the “sexiest man in Estonia” in 2020, the Baltic country is hoping for a place in the final of the “Eurovision Song Contest”.

The musician already took part in the Estonian preliminary round in 2018, 2019 and 2020, this time it worked for him.

In Turin, the Estonian relies on a mixture of country à la Johnny Cash and more pop approaches.

It's a bit of a shame that his guitar is mostly just an accessory that's nice to look at.

The audience still has fun - also because the number has a lot of potential for catchy tunes!

May 12, 9:55 p.m.:

The singer Andrea from North Macedonia is lucky to be on stage today.

Her home broadcaster almost withdrew her participation at short notice.

Last Sunday, at the opening ceremony, she threw the national flag on the ground during a photo opportunity.

This is not possible, it was said from their own country.

An apology follows and now she can still participate.

Despite her young age of 21, she seems focused on starting position 11 from the start.

"Circles" includes gospel, soul and R&B elements.

Stage show and costume - all in black - almost seem a little too simple for the otherwise so colorful ESC.

May 12th, 9:51 p.m.:

With "That's Rich", Ireland, represented by young musician Brooke, shows itself colorfully as usual: The stage shines in pink, while a number of hearts glitter over the monitors.

The song was inspired by Blondie singer Debbie Harry.

After her ESC election, the Irish woman said self-confidently: "When did Ireland last send something so modern and fresh?" Nevertheless, the Irish woman is considered more of an outsider this year.

May 12, 9:47 p.m.:

Andromache now takes the stage for Cyprus with “Ela”.

The pop singer was born in Germany and grew up in Greece.

As a result, nine and thus exactly half of all ESC semi-finalists of the evening have now appeared.

The audience seems to be in top form: clapping along and cheering loudly - they seem to be enjoying the evening to the full, even if the stage show by the young singer, who performs with some dancers in a suggested shell - reminiscent of the birth of Venus - is not exactly innovative works.

In any case, musically something seems to be right.

May 12, 9:41 p.m.:

Australia, where the ESC has been extremely popular for years, is also back: Sheldon Riley won the preliminary round “Eurovision – Australia Decides” and is allowed to play the bittersweet number “Not the Same”.

After a somewhat longer break for renovations, the artist from Down Under is now allowed to work.

In an outfit reminiscent of a wedding dress, he sings a quiet, soulful number.

On the other hand, very little happens on stage.

A few flashes of lightning amidst a lot of fog, in the background the moving stairs are used for the second time this evening – the pop star then proudly strides up them.

Strong moment: When he takes off his mask after a good 2 minutes and shows his true face.

The audience is touched and cheers for him!

In an outfit based on a wedding dress, Sheldon Riley is hoping for perhaps the most beautiful day of his life: entering the "Eurovision Song Contest" final © Jens Büttner / dpa

May 12th, 9:38 p.m .:

Achille Lauro (San Marino) is also well known to most local “Eurovision Song Contest” viewers: The rapper, rock and pop star, who can hope for the final with “Stripper”, is in Born in Verona and extremely successful in the Italian charts.

The artist himself sees his ESC song as a punk rock number.

It is peppered with cross-references to great artists like Madonna and Britney.

Visually there is a lot of fire, cages with dancers, a lot of bare skin and a red rodeo bull, which the ESC semi-finalist faces at the end.

There's endless cheering in the Turin hall!

May 12th, 9:30 p.m.:

Emma Muscat is now singing “I Am What I Am” for Malta – and will probably be greeted loudly by Italian ESC fans in particular at the beginning of her performance.

The 22-year-old is already a real superstar in Bella Italia and has been on stage with Eros Ramazzotti.

She has to do without the Italian musician that evening, but she performs in a glittering dress on a shiny grand piano.

Musically, the pop song flows along, but the catchy chorus could stick in one or the other's ears.

May 12 , 9:26 p.m.:

At Circus Mircus (Georgia), the name seems to say it all: the alternative rock band, founded by former circus school graduates, delivers the craziest performance to date of this young ESC semi-final evening.

The song unfortunately remains colorless, a progress would be a surprise, also because the music probably doesn't quite meet the taste of the "Eurovision Song Contest" audience.

Compared to the previous acts, the spectators in Turin reacted rather cautiously.

Circus Mircus, a band made up of graduates from a circus school in Tbilisi, will represent Georgia © Jens Büttner/dpa

May 12, 9:22 p.m.: Nadir Rustamli

(Azerbaijan) is allowed to start rank 4 with “Fade to Black”.

The 22-year-old singer does not appear with a cover of a Metallica classic (which would not even be allowed according to ESC regulations), but with a hit that the Danish-Swedish duo Thomas Stengaard and Andreas Stone Johansson wrote for him.

Both have already worked on numerous ESC songs.

In Turin, the Azerbaijani "The Voice" winner can use his memorable, versatile voice to the maximum and touches with more tender tones than the acts before him.

When it comes to stage design, Azerbaijan is going for the first steps of the evening (it won't be the last).

Vocally strong, it could still be difficult to get through.

May 12 , 9:18 p.m.:

Time for star number 3: Behind Konstrakta is the Serbian Ana Đurić, who with “In Corpore Sano” in her native language draws attention to the needs of freelance artists, the Serbian health system and how to deal with COVID-19 – an unusually critical song for ESC standards!

The minimalist stage show is said to have been inspired by performance artist Marina Abramović.

Live, the singer washes her hands thoroughly in a bowl in front of her.

The “Eurovision Song Contest” can also do it abstractly.

May 12, 9:14 p.m.:

Not an easy task for the next ESC candidate, because the Finns are rewarded with standing ovations after their performance.

For Israel, Michael Ben David can now start number 2.

He won the Israeli edition of the music show "X Factor" that year.

With "IM" the 25-year-old wants to set a sign of hope at the "Eurovision Song Contest" - the ESC audience certainly loves the multi-faceted voice of the Israeli.

Its performance, reminiscent of a fashion show, including a catwalk with lights, is euphorically applauded and cheered.

"Be proud of who you are," the pop star, dressed all in white, sends to the crowd at the end.

May 12, 9:08 p.m.: Rock

fans in particular will get their money’s worth at the start: The Rasmus have been involved in the music business since the mid-1990s and landed a mega hit with the single “In the Shadows” in 2003, which even topped the charts in Germany climbed the charts.

Their ESC contribution "Jezebel" convinces with a catchy riff that could possibly hoist the Finns into the final.

Visually, one apparently relies on parallels to the horror film "IT".

Singer Lauri Ylönen stands on stage with a yellow raincoat and a balloon in his hand - then, to loud applause, the rocking begins!

Old acquaintances will compete for Finland in the second ESC semi-final: The Rasmus landed a number one hit in Germany with "In the Shadows" in 2003 © Luca Bruno/dpa/AP

The hours before the ESC semifinals: Malik Harris sings with Ukraine, Eurovision stars in town

May 12th , 8:00 p.m.:

Our man in Turin is currently in front of the PalaOlimpico and reports: In front of the hall one looks in vain for the German flags today.

Why is that, I ask Peter (37), a German-Polish man from Berlin who arrived with a mini-German flag.

He believes that "many are ashamed of Germany".

Every year there would be bad placements and few points, you would have to change something in the preliminary round in order to be successful.

It would take a star to represent Germany!

One looks in vain for German flags in front of the Pala Olimpico.

Other countries, such as Sweden, are much more clearly represented.

It is possible that the German ESC fans will follow suit on the final day (May 14)... © Mario Hanousek

May 12, 7:10 p.m.:

The Ukrainian band was also invited to a reception hosted by the German ambassador in Italy, where Germany’s ESC hopeful Malik Harris performed and presented their song.

The group then turns to Europe: “We want to thank everyone who supports Ukraine in any way!

With our performance we want to show that the Ukrainian culture is alive - and stays alive.

Our culture is unique!”

Of course, should Ukraine win, they would get the right to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

However, since it is highly unlikely that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) would agree to hold the competition in Ukraine, it is unclear what exactly would happen with the next edition of ESC.

A Ukrainian journalist at the press center in Turin told IPPEN.MEDIA that the UK had already offered to host the competition if it won.

Nevertheless, Kalush Orchestra is confident: "If it happens that we win, the ESC will take place in Ukraine!"

Kalush Orchestra, who are among the favorites, are confident at an ESC reception: "If it happens that we win, the ESC will take place in the Ukraine!" © Mario Hanousek

May 12, 6:18 p.m.:

Even before the second ESC semi-final, things get really musical in Turin: Germany’s ESC candidate Malik Harris meets the Eurovision finalists Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) with lead singer Oleh Psiuk and sings at a press event them the Ukrainian contribution “Stefania”.

After the performance, the "Rockstars" interpreter raves: "I don't speak a word of Ukrainian, the band doesn't speak a word of English, and yet we made music together, that's a good feeling!"

May 12th, 11:06 a.m.:

In Turin you meet the ESC stars by chance on the street.

IPPEN.MEDIA reporter Mario Hanousek bumped into Sam Ryder, vocal prodigy and hope for the United Kingdom.

The Brit is considered the favorite to win behind Ukraine.

The “Eurovision Song Contest” finalist (all participating ESC countries) became a viral superstar via the TikTok video platform.

"He has such a great voice," enthuses our man on site after rehearsals.

In Turin you can also meet some ESC stars on the street these days - such as the British Sam Ryder (right) in an interview © Mario Hanousek

ESC final is ready: On Saturday, 25 nations at Eurovision are all about it

The two ESC semi-finals have been decided.

25 nations made it into the final on Saturday evening (May 14), five of them (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) had already qualified in advance.

All participating countries are entitled to vote, the final result is formed from a jury verdict and the audience vote.

In Germany, ARD has secured the rights to the finale, which will also be available in the media library.

Source: merkur

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