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Tsuen Wan Landmark Cafe Closing and Farewell Party Couples Queuing 2 Hours Earlier in Tung Chung


Despite the economic downturn in the market, costs such as rent and manpower have not fallen but have risen. Recently, many old stores have closed down one after another. There is a corner Cafe in Lude Wai, Tsuen Wan. There are customers queuing at the entrance for many years, and it has already become a famous landmark restaurant in the district.

Despite the economic downturn in the market, costs such as rent and manpower have not fallen but have risen. Recently, many old stores have closed down one after another.

A corner Cafe in Lutek Wai, Tsuen Wan, has long queued customers at the entrance, and has long become a famous landmark restaurant in the area. However, the restaurant has entered its ninth year and has lost to factors such as rent increases, rising labor costs and weakening traffic during the epidemic. , this Wednesday (11th), the contract is officially completed, and a farewell party will be held this Saturday. Free drinks and cakes will be given to the neighbors. Thank you for your support over the years. Some couples cross districts 2 hours early to wait by car from Tung Chung. Entering the venue, some couples pointed out that the first date started here, hoping "there will be a good beginning and a happy ending."


Complimentary cake and drink at the closing party upon completion of the nine-year lease

Beans Cafe, located on Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, has been operating at the above site since November 2013, and has since expanded to lease two shops. This year has just entered its ninth year, and its official website announced that it is time to say goodbye. And I am fortunate to have the support of Tsuen Wan neighborhoods and customers, walking with Hong Kong people, going through all the difficulties, all the way to today, the store will be open on the last day of this Wednesday, in order to thank customers for their support for many years, will be today (14th) at 2 pm The farewell party will be held until 5 o'clock. In addition to free drinks and cakes, there will also be a group photo.

What we saw at the scene was that at 1:00 p.m., the store was full of customers, and there were customers queuing outside. The glass window of the store was pasted with words such as "see you around the corner", and the dragon tail was extended from the door to 50 meters away during peak hours. Near Anrong Street, guests took pictures and punched cards at different locations in the venue, and some guests and clerks fisted their fists to show their support.

Mr. Luo and Ms. Yuan said that the first date before they started dating 2 years ago started at Beans Cafe. When they heard the news of the closure of the store, they queued up early today to wait for admission, hoping to be at the last moment of the store. Enjoy cakes and drinks to cherish the memory, hoping to "have a good beginning and a happy ending."

The first acquaintance in the store became a couple: a good beginning and a happy ending

Another young couple, Ms. Chen and Mr. Cai, among them, Ms. Chen works in the district. They often visit the store and have unforgettable memories of celebrating birthdays with old colleagues in the store. There are few cafes facing street corners in the district. After that, she did not work in Tsuen Wan District, and she also met her boyfriend to buy desserts and drinks in the store from time to time, and spent the whole afternoon. After they learned on the Internet that Beans Cafe was closed, they chose to wait for admission at today's farewell party. Mr. Cai even more From Tung Chung across the district, arrived 2 hours early, the clerk found that there were customers queuing at noon, arranged for everyone to enter the store at 12:35 and sit down, and then go to the front desk to pick up drinks and cakes one by one at 2 pm, he told the clerk I am heartened by the thoughtful arrangement and hope that the store will reopen at another location in the future.

Mr. Chen, who lives in Tsuen Wan District, said that he started patronizing the shop four years ago. His 5-year-old son loves the shop's hot lemon honey and tomato macaroni. Let the son taste the last taste, the clerk later learned that his son does not like cakes, and specially made ice cream and hot lemon honey for him, and slowly tasted it in the store.

The cost of manpower shop rent is rising, and the restaurant business environment is more difficult

Joe, the person in charge of Bean Cafe, said that Tsuen Wan was the first Yuanzu store, and since then it has gradually expanded to a total of 9 branches in various districts. Many couples have been seen dating, and some elderly people have regularly visited the venue. During the epidemic, the neighborhood was Worrying about the bleach, the clerk specially bought a large-capacity gallon of bleach, allowing customers to pour it into a small container by themselves, and gradually formed a community network with the neighborhood in the area. For more than a few years, he has also felt that business is difficult. For example, shop assistants have fallen ill one after another. He has to increase labor costs by an additional 50% to maintain the business. However, in February this year, due to the restrictions on gatherings and the suspension of evening markets, the business once fell by nearly half. , under the pressure of the operation, fortunately, the social distancing measures were relaxed after April, and the passenger flow gradually returned to the normal level.

However, he pointed out that the epidemic has caused the market situation to decline, and the flow of people in the district has dispersed to Tsuen Wan West and other communities. The business has never been as good as before. In addition, the landlord has increased the rent frantically in recent years. The monthly rent for the first two shops has increased from more than 90,000 yuan per month. When negotiating to renew the contract, he asked for a rent increase of nearly 200,000 yuan, which more than doubled. He had to say goodbye to the guests temporarily. "The rest is to go a long way." its drums.

In 1959, Yuen Long Cinemas demolished the gable and stepped design. There is an ancient neighborhood at the top. There are only chain cinemas. Increase business incentives

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