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Do you have Portuguese citizenship? Now is the time to take care of the passport for the rest of the family as well - Walla! Sentence


If you have already received Portuguese citizenship, hurry to take care of children and spouses as well Recently, the conditions for issuing a Portuguese passport to Israelis have worsened, but so far not for children and spouses.

Do you have Portuguese citizenship?

Now is the time to take care of the passport for the rest of the family as well

If you have already received Portuguese citizenship, you should hurry to take care of children and spouses as well

Recently, the conditions for issuing a Portuguese passport to Israelis have worsened, but in the meantime these do not apply to children and spouses.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 10:00 p.m.

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The Portuguese government recently tightened the conditions for obtaining Portuguese citizenship for Israelis.

As part of the change that will take effect in September, anyone wishing to obtain a Portuguese passport will have to prove that there is a strong affiliation between him and Portugal, for example that he stays in the country frequently and owns real estate

. Children of those who have already received citizenship. "The change should not affect them at all," says Jordan Levy


Decker Fax Ophir & Co., which helps many Israelis obtain Portuguese citizenship.

"The whole process of Portuguese citizenship expenses for children and spouses is not short and takes several months, so in any case it is worth starting it as early as possible and preparing for the future."

"In any case, you should start the process as early as possible."

Jordan Levy (Photo: Shiri Decker)

Under the age of 14 there is no need to prove an affiliation with Portugal

"Anyone born a citizen of Portugal is entitled to citizenship," says Advocate Levy. "If the child is over the age of 14, he will have to prove a certain affiliation with Portugal.

For example, speak Portuguese or prove that he has traveled to Portugal several times or joined one sports team or another.

"In contrast, children under the age of 14 do not have to prove an affiliation, but only be born to a parent who is a citizen of the state," Levy explains.

According to her, various documents, such as a birth certificate and special power of attorney, must be added to the application for citizenship for the child, and the parent's documents must be attached to it.

"All the documents are submitted to the Portuguese Ministry of Justice," says Levy.

"While the application approval process is not short and takes an average of 28 months to obtain citizenship, it is not complicated, and with a high degree of certainty one can trust that citizenship will eventually arrive."

Publicly known people are also entitled to Portuguese citizenship

As stated, spouses of Portuguese citizens are also entitled to citizenship.

"A few months ago the law changed so that even those who are publicly known and unmarried can get Portuguese citizenship, if they live together," Levy says.

She says married couples or who have children must prove they have been together for at least three years to obtain citizenship.

In contrast, spouses who are publicly known, or who are married but have no children, must prove that they have been together for at least six years in order to obtain citizenship.

In order to move forward in the process, a registration of the relationship must be made first.

"If it is a married couple, they have to register their marriage with the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, and if it is a public figure, they have to register their marriage in a court in Portugal," says Levy.

What documents must be submitted?

"For the purpose of registering the couple, a series of documents must be submitted, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, power of attorney, etc. Issuing a marriage certificate takes about three months, after which you have to wait another 24 months for citizenship."

Levy explains that spouses who apply for Portuguese citizenship may encounter difficulties, for example if one of them is from the former Soviet Union.

"Such cases can be a little more complicated, as the process requires the

issuance of a spouse's birth certificate from abroad with an apostille and also an updated honesty certificate." "Now it's twice as complicated in Russia and Ukraine because of the war."

In any case, Levy emphasizes, "Anyone married to a spouse with a Portuguese passport or with Portuguese citizenship is entitled to apply for citizenship in Portugal, and there is no need to dispatch to the country or speak Portuguese, as required by the new legislation. However, this may also change, "In spite of that, it's worthwhile to hurry."

Levy emphasizes that in order to apply for Portuguese citizenship, it is not necessary to first issue a passport.

"Once you get a Portuguese birth certificate, which actually means getting citizenship from the country, you can apply for a passport, and not the other way around. Many people get confused on this point."

In conclusion, in light of the recent changes in the law in Portugal, Levy recommends hurrying and not being complacent.

"Although the law regarding obtaining citizenship for spouses and children has not changed, it is not a short process and it is impossible to know what will happen in the future. Therefore," she concludes, "it is worth starting the process of obtaining citizenship for the rest of the family."

Need help getting Portuguese citizenship and a Portuguese passport for your spouse or children?

Contact Cohen Decker Fax Brosh & Co., for initial consultation

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