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The best memes of Eurovision 2022: the "chanelazo", too many ballads and the success of the "baby"


Chanel's third place places Spain once again in a place unthinkable in recent years and the networks have celebrated it with both a sense of triumph and a sense of humor

There will be no peace for



We have been in an unheard of and worthy third place, something unthinkable in the last two decades.

But it hasn't been without drama along the way.

Very recently Mahmood (in sixth position for Italy) lamented in the Italian edition of

Rolling Stone

: “These days I've been on Twitter.

The Spanish are pissed off with us, I don't know what we've done”.

Two days ago, and in line with this news, a Twitter user tried to explain "why Spanish Eurofans are helping to destroy Chanel's candidacy" in a thread that has been widely retweeted, commented on and reflected in various news media.

The thesis was:


Spaniards, in the same way that an old proverb taught us that excess of humility only leads to pride, excess of enthusiasm only leads to siege.

Thread about why Spanish Eurofans are helping to destroy Chanel's candidacy.


– Alex (@alex__mckenna) May 12, 2022

This was the night that Spain felt, for the first time in many years – probably since Ruth Lorenzo in 2014, who took it seriously – that we could go to Eurovision and not be ashamed.

So it was.

It wasn't just that.

It is that the success of Chanel has been a lesson for all Spaniards, that we had thought that our just causes (feminism or territorial) were more valid in Eurovision than the pure show of Chanel Terrero, which we rejected at first moment and to which, through the networks, some made life impossible.

In networks, many said: "This song does not represent Spain."

Well, Maneskin's rock didn't represent much of Italy either and they were a miracle,

The New York Times

devoted a lengthy report to them.)

In any case, that debate is already overcome and the gala itself, told in this other article.

We are here for something else: memes.

Reasons I watch #Eurovision #SloMo

– 𝑳𝒂𝒖𝒓𝒂 ☻ (@_Lau02_) May 14, 2022

And it was a night that social media users felt there were too many ballads.

One setback: ballads are more than welcome at Eurovision.

In the last decade, four ballads have won.

It didn't matter: the jokes about it were too good.

europe listening to another ballad #Eurovision

– Wave ☾ (@ola_1807) May 14, 2022

Portugal / Finland #Eurovision

— Green Oak ®️ (@IsGreenOak) May 14, 2022

I summarize #Eurovision

– Sheraron🍃🔥💧 (@Sheraron13) May 14, 2022

Since before the gala began, several artists supported Chanel.

Many of those who have gone to Eurovision to represent Spain, such as Pastora Soler or Edurne, some who competed with her to be on stage tonight, such as Rigoberta Bandini, Javiera Mena, and some internationals, such as Thalía – with almost 10 million of followers on Twitter–, which published on this network a montage that combined moments of Chanel's


choreography with some of its own.

But perhaps the most notorious intervention, a few hours before the start of the festival, was that of the official Twitter account of the National Police, which encouraged Chanel with the message: “If the


[haters] try to make you bitter like #Chanel did, don't worry.

Go on with your life and be happy because hard work leads to success.”

The best answer?

That of a boy named Daniel: "But if Spain does not win Eurovision, can we file a complaint?"

If the haters try to make you bitter like #Chanel did, calm down @

Follow your life and be happy because hard work leads to success

. Good luck!

Go for the #Chanelazo!

💪🏻💪🏻🇪🇸🇪🇸#SloMo #Eurovision

– National Police (@policia) May 14, 2022

The song from Romania,

Call me

, was a great favorite of Spanish


from the beginning and had an irresistible chorus in our language, if


can be considered Spanish.

Although he was ultimately disappointed in the results, he became one of the most celebrated topics on the networks at the beginning of the night.

Hello my baby 💖💖💖

– Fran P. Lorenzo (@franplorenzo) May 14, 2022

And among the most commented, naturally, that rant that Romania has been able, at some point, to be a rival for us with a song sung in Spanish.

Cultural appropriation?

The memes said: yes.

It must be recognized that in


there are also several languages, or more, well, their mixture.

Romania making cultural appropriation of Spain #Eurovision

— ✨ (@_ldara_) May 14, 2022

That Romania is going to beat us singing in Spanish is something I didn't see coming, really.


– Emilio Doménech (@Nanisimo) May 14, 2022

Of course, very soon after, “HOLA MI BEBEBÉ” was a

trending topic

in Spain.

And probably no meme summed up the matter better than this one that never fails: the one of the muscular dog facing the weeping dog.

Power levels of Spanishness in #Eurovision

– IBERIAN ANIME アニメ イベリコ (@Animeiberico) May 14, 2022

And Chanel was received in the networks as that giant diva that we need in confusing times.

This tweet by Paloma Rando, a television columnist for EL PAÍS, summed it up perfectly:

The projection of the beginning of our Mount Rushmore.


– Paloma Rando (@palomarando) May 14, 2022

The reaction to Chanel's performance was almost unanimously applause and celebration.

James Rhodes, that eye of Horus that came from England to observe the Spanish reality in an imperturbable way, was disturbed.

And for good.

OMG but that was absolutely amazing 🤯😍 #Chanel #Eurovision

— James Rhodes (@JRhodesPianist) May 14, 2022

Also Olly Alexander, pop idol and member of the trio Years & years, spoke about it.

"My God, Spain, it's been amazing, Chanel!"

omg spain…..that was amazing #Eurovision CHANEL !!!!!

— olly alexander (@alexander_olly) May 14, 2022

And political correspondent Tom Harwood wondered: "Is everyone in Spain that good?"

(Generalized answer:



Is everyone in Spain this hot?#Eurovision

— Tom Harwood (@tomhfh) May 14, 2022

Even the official Eurovision profile wondered if Chanel's was the best choreography in the history of the festival.

Is this the best choreography in #Eurovision history...maybe 👀

– Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) May 14, 2022

Ukraine, favorites from the beginning due to the emotional vote and finally winners, was one of those performances that strikes a chord: like the song or not, it was inevitable to link it to what happens in their country, impossible not to be moved by this union between the frivolous and the tragedy of seeing the representatives of Ukraine (who had a government permit to leave the country and be able to perform in Turin) rapping on stage.

The networks shared en masse this picture of the Ukrainian Eurovision commentator, who was following the gala from a bunker.

A reminder that the Ukrainian commentator for #Eurovision, Timur Miroshnychenko, is broadcasting from a bunker in an undisclosed location tonight

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) May 14, 2022

And in Spain, and on a more colorful note, a successful tweet compared the outfit of one of its members with one of the brushes in a car wash.

Life itself.

Dramas and comedies.

the car wash machine: #Eurovision

– Sergio (@elsergiocarmona) May 14, 2022

For the rest, some seasoned tweeters wanted to find similarities between the face of the Azerbaijani singer and the face one makes when stepping on wet ground with socks.

me stepping on something wet with socks #Eurovision

— 🦧🥞 (@beyonsesa) May 14, 2022

And also between the singer of The Rasmus, representatives of Finland (and one of those cases in which a group with previous global successes goes to Eurovision, they already did it last year Hoverphoonic for Belgium) and the clown of



Hello child, do you want a stick of hake#Eurovision

– ‎Lucía⁷ ᴾʳᵒᵒᶠ 🐻🥗 (@lucykosmos) May 14, 2022

And the award for the most seasoned

community manager

of the night?

To Pescanova, hunting this possibility on the fly.

We have already won tonight.

– Pescanova (@pescanova_es) May 14, 2022

Also between the Tanxugueiras, favorites of the Spanish public along with Rigoberta Bandini to be in the place that Chanel occupied tonight, and the French representatives, whom some baptized the “tanxugabachos” or “gabacheiras”.

What you order from AliExpress / What you get #Eurovision

– Akatosh🐉 (@AlejandraSloth) May 14, 2022

A loyal viewer of Eurovision, the writer JK Rowling, commented on the gala in detail.

On Portugal's performance, a widely shared memory: “I can still hum Portugal's 1992 Eurovision candidate,

Amor d'água fresca

(she was living there back then).

I can still hum Portugal's 1992 #Eurovision entry, 'Amor d'água fresca' (I was living there at the time) 🇵🇹❤️

— JK Rowling (@jk_rowling) May 14, 2022

And there was also humor with the presenters.

When you run out of the yellow printer cartridge

– Octavio Medina (@octavio_medina) May 14, 2022

During the voting, the emotion of seeing Spain on the opposite side of its natural voting place during the last decades (positions 23 to 26) made us especially creative.

Before in #Eurovision: well, out of 30 countries they have given us a total of 4 points, not bad.

Now in Eurovision: LIKE ONLY 10 POINTS BITCH

– Paula Púa (@pppua) May 14, 2022

But the social networks were disturbed by the absence of Laura Pausini (she returned, to the peace of her followers, in the middle of the votes of the professional jury).

#Eurovision Where is Laura Pausini?

Did she leave?

— 𝗔𝗻𝗮 𝗱𝗲 𝗔𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗮 🇪🇸🇺🇦 (@anadeaustria_) May 14, 2022

And they celebrated, with a wink, the LGBT population that was a fan of the festival.

#Eurovision Where is Laura Pausini?

Did she leave?

— 𝗔𝗻𝗮 𝗱𝗲 𝗔𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗮 🇪🇸🇺🇦 (@anadeaustria_) May 14, 2022

And finally, we have been third.

But in the networks we always win.

In the


it is impossible to lose.

Laughing at the good and (especially) at the bad is one of those things that, like a Spanish cheese, has a Denomination of Origin.

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