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Two apartments by the sea in Tel Aviv that know how to connect and separate - Walla! Home and design


This sounds like the beginning of a real estate cliché: French people buying two apartments in the same building, on the beach of Tel Aviv, and turning them into a huge holiday apartment. Cliché or not, the result is stunning

Two apartments by the sea in Tel Aviv that know how to connect and separate

This sounds like the beginning of a real estate cliché: French people buying two apartments in the same building, on the beach of Tel Aviv, and turning them into a huge holiday apartment. Cliché or not, the result is stunning and intriguing


Home and design


Sunday, 15 May 2022, 08:25 Updated: 08:27

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The project:

2 connected apartments in Tel Aviv


Apartment 1 - 90 sq.m. + 30 sq.m. balcony.

Apartment 2 - 60 Sqm + 5 Sqm

Architecture and Interior Design Balcony:

Ariela Azaria Berkovich

A few years ago, when housing prices in Israel were still relatively early in their meteoric rise (which continues to this day and has not yet stopped), there were those who used to say it " Because of the French who buy all the apartments here "and push prices up.

Not at all sure this is true, but in the case of this project, the cliché fits like a glove.

This is not one apartment, but two adjacent apartments in the same building, purchased by a buyer from France.

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Two apartments by the sea.

Interior design: Ariela Azaria Berkovich (Photo: Elad Gonen)

Both apartments were designed in the "Surprise Apartment" route, where the designer makes all the decisions alone for the tenants (Photo: Elad Gonen)

"It was clear to me that I would refer in design to the amazing view of the sea."

The view from the balcony (Photo: Elad Gonen)

"I received a phone call from a French client who saw my work and was impressed," explains interior designer Ariela Azaria Berkovich of the tour of the apartment in front of us, or rather - in the two apartments in front of us.

"He bought two apartments next door, on a quiet street near the beach in Tel Aviv and was debating whether to keep the two apartments as separate apartments or turn them into one apartment, with a division into two wings. When we first spoke I examined the needs of the family in front of me. Their visits to Israel, who comes each time and more, and I realized that the best solution is to plan and design two apartments between which there will be a connecting door like in a hotel.So, if only the parents or one of the children with his wife and children come, they can use one part and the other To rent for a short period. These are two completely separate apartments, each of which has a separate entrance, its own kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, balcony, etc. "

Shades of turquoise in the rug and sofas echo the sea from the outside in.

The living room of the large apartment (Photo: Elad Gonen)

They are separate apartments, but the connection between them is clear.

The living room of the small apartment (Photo: Elad Gonen)

Azaria Berkowitz's method of work is unique and suitable for clients who prefer not to take part in the long and exhausting process of design and planning, but trust their interior designer who, after understanding their goals, desires and preferences, will design their dream home.

"I define my way of working as a 'surprise apartment.' I'm used to taking the reins and that's exactly what I did in this project," she explains.

"At the beginning of the process I talked to the customers, I asked them a lot of questions to understand their needs and preferences. When I asked them what colors they like, they did not know to answer and did not know which combinations would work better and what would look best, so I took command. I managed The whole planning and design process and the customers did not know what they were getting until I finished. "

Both kitchens are designed in shades of black and gray.

The kitchen of the large apartment, which also has a dining area (Photo: Elad Gonen)

"The first apartment is larger, with an area of ​​90 square meters and a wide balcony overlooking the sea," Azaria Berkowitz describes the apartments.

When I was working on one of my other projects, I saw a shiny rug in shades of turquoise, black and gray and I knew it would fit exactly into this apartment.

From there it all started.

The turquoise corresponds perfectly with the sea that is seen through the openings in the central space of the large apartment and I wanted to put it inside.

I did this both through the use of turquoise in a number of elements in the space like the rug, sofa or various accessories, and also through the opening of wide developers who bring the landscape and the sea into the interior of the house.

”“ In both apartments we used very high quality materials.

The two kitchens in shades of black and gray, are made of epoxy nail polish, combined with black marble that bounces the kitchen.

The same lines and the same colors continue to the inner rooms,

The kitchen of the smaller apartment: there is no dining area, because at its expense another bedroom has been created (Photo: Elad Gonen)

In the kitchen, the designer placed two large mirrors, in order to give depth to the space.

"When we have smaller spaces, I love the games of the mirrors. In the living room of the large apartment we also created an impressive and decorated carpentry item with interior lighting," she says.

"It was important to me to create harmony between the two apartments," the designer continues, "but I did not want them to be identical. I never design two apartments in the same way. I created a distinction between the apartments, but the connection between them is very clear."

Similar materials are used in all spaces, high quality.

Bedroom (Photo: Elad Gonen)

The difference between the apartments can be found mainly in the nuances of the color palette (Photo: Elad Gonen)

Indeed, the difference between the apartments can be found mainly in the nuances of the color palette used by Azaria Berkovich.

"In the smaller apartment I continued the line and design style, but with a slightly different color fan, with a light gray hue that replaces the turquoise, for example on the sofa. The other spaces are similar, and in all of them we used similar high quality materials."

The difference between the apartments is also reflected during the planning work.

The smaller apartment had one bedroom with a living room, dining area and kitchen.

But Azaria Berkowitz realized that the family would need another bedroom, so she rearranged the division of spaces in the apartment.

"I placed the kitchen where the dining area was and instead created space for another bedroom. The apartment has solutions for meals such as the island, living room or balcony, and the greater need was for another bedroom," she explains.

Bedroom in the larger apartment (Photo: Elad Gonen)

The apartments allow accommodation in any vehicle (Photo: Elad Gonen)

Conditions of a 10-star hotel (Photo: Elad Gonen)

"In the end, they trusted me one hundred percent and received two apartments that feel like rooms in a 10-star hotel. I made sure that each apartment and each family that came would have a solution for all needs, down to the level of toothpicks in the kitchen, broom or bedding. "Nothing in common. That way they can continue to use one apartment when they come to Israel and rent the other - both to enjoy and to make money at the same time."

When one of the apartments is not in use, it can be rented for short periods (Photo: Elad Gonen)

They had no idea what the apartments would look like, but they liked the end result (Photo: Elad Gonen)

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"As someone who was born in Paris and immigrated to Israel 25 years ago," she tells us before the end of the visit, "it was easier for me to understand the needs of family members, Jews from France who love Israel and love to visit it. The connection with French customers is immediate "They made the adjustments to Israel. They knew nothing and had no idea what the apartments would look like after my work, but I was glad their reactions were excellent and they can no longer wait for their next visit to Israel."

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