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Why make a will at a young age? - Walla! Sentence


Adv. Limor Bar Peretz from the firm Hazot Bar Zvinecki, which deals with torts and personal status, explains why it is worthwhile to make wills at an early age.

Why make a will at a young age?

If in the past wills were reserved mostly for adults, today more and more young people are realizing the importance of a will.

Adv. Limor Bar Peretz from the firm Hazot Bar Zvinecki, which deals with torts and personal status, explains why it is worthwhile to make wills at an early age.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 09:45

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A will is a legal document that allows a person to ensure that his property will be divided according to his will.

"When a person dies and does not leave a will, the Inheritance Law stipulates that his estate will be divided among the legal heirs by law, and these are usually the wife and children," says Adv. The families of the children give up their share of the inheritance, and the surviving parent receives the money and property, and when he dies, the assets and money pass to the children. "

However, there are cases where not everything works properly. For example, when one of the children insists In life. "By law, his share in the estate is due to him, so it is very important to make a mutual will in which each spouse bequeaths to the other spouse his or her property and money, and only after they both pass away does the inheritance pass to the children."

In which cases is it especially important to make a will?

"My recommendation is to make a will as soon as there are children. In case God forbid one parent dies and there is no will, the inheritance law stipulates that the estate will be divided between the natural heirs, ie also the children, and the parent who remains guardian must report financial transactions and ask for consent. For example. The trial. "

In addition, Adv. Peretz explains, "Following social changes that have taken place in recent decades in Israel, new and different family cells have been created that may affect the division of inheritance, and there are situations that the law does not yet recognize, such as public figures or same-sex couples. We need to know that drafting a will will solve problems that may arise in the future. "

Also, sometimes the testator will want to divide his property to people who are not always included in the list of heirs like a foster child or friend, or donate his estate to the association.

"This document gives him the power to control the estate according to his personal will, as well as in the case of a destitute person who has no heirs, who can ensure that his money is distributed according to his will."

Another situation where it is very important to make a will is during a divorce proceeding.

"This is because in the event of the death of one of the spouses before the final confirmation of the divorce, the deceased's inheritance is not protected, so in such a case a will will solve the problem," notes Adv. Peretz.

Is it possible to change a will?

"Any will can be revoked at any time, and a different will can be made in its place. Sometimes, things change in life like a marital situation, or during life a parent decides he or she does not want to bequeath his or her estate to one of the children, for whatever reason."

In what ways can a will be made?

"My recommendation is to make a will in front of a witness with a lawyer, because this document has a long-term economic and personal significance, and it is important that it reflects the testator's perception and will

. Arrange and insert a provision that this is a valid will. "

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