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Beautiful and sad: Why do you not want those who do not want her? - Walla! Sheee


Shani starts again with Nadav, Dana Rabba with Dor, Al is considering conversion, and Mariana drags Sergei to Be'er Sheva. new love

Screenshot (Photo: Network 13 New Love)

Beautiful and sad: Why do you not want those who do not want her?

Shani ticks off the breakup and begins anew, discussing her first couple quarrel with Dor, Al trying to be more Jewish for giving and carrying a prayer in Dana's mother's challah, and Mariana manages to drag Sergei to Be'er Sheva.

Ofir Sagarsky concludes another chapter of New Love

Ofir Sagarsky



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Two new and worrying couples in different ways have joined us - Shani and Nadav, El and Matan.

After several episodes in which we lost El in favor of a rather circular and heavenly personal process, it returns with all its might and with it the Jewish character of a "new love" state.

Prepare the road prayer, because this chapter was especially stormy.

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Shani and Nadav

Shani ticks everything in her life, even partings, and within two days two stages of mourning have jumped.

Last night she just curled up with the jacket he forgot while trying and here today he has already been handed over to the kiln.

Against the backdrop of this drama it is quite amazing how tolerant she manages to remain towards Nadav, group D in emotional intelligence who needed gong before to notice that something was happening to her.

That is, except for Nadav himself.

The fact that he does not know nor bother to ask anything about her does not prevent him from taking her to meet his family, after one day of acquaintance.

While traveling, Shani has already progressed to the stage of karaoke-drunk and hums loudly "Islands a Super Girl, and Super Girls Dont Cray".

As the supergirl she is two does not like to cry, but does conquer goals, and Jaruz is also a kind of target - which automatically inspires a spirit of renewal.

"I do not think she eats, she just smells," accepts Nadav's two sisters, who is actually another version of Shani.

Their immediate connection makes the other think for a moment that she might be interested in him too, but that's just an illusion;

A moment of warmth that she would have wanted to fully grasp in order to overcome Michael.

Even if the balcony of his childhood home makes her want to marry her, it will not be with Nadav, who even regardless of her current situation simply does not give her a fight.

Shani is generous in calling it "contains", I call it "book".

When they return to the production apartment, without prepared food or a pastoral view, Nadav no longer feels good about her and she misses Michael.

She just wants to be thrown on the bed, perfect timing for Nadav, Xian in reading situations, to start a "our relationship to where" conversation.

Shani manages to mumble something like "do not know" before continuing to talk about himself: "I do not just want to be on the containing side."

He has nothing to worry about, because he does not seem to have done it until now.

His disappointment is understandable.

Even on a regular date it sucks to find out that you are a rebound, not least in a reality show that you have been preparing for so long to market your business in.

What Shani needs most now is time for herself, but the format rules are tough, and she has no choice but to spend her next few days with a stranger man and give him occasional superlatives to make up for her lack of emotional appeal.

As much as I enjoy seeing her on screen, it hurts to see that she did not get at least one day off that she so desperately needed.

On the plus side, tonight's ultimate ice cream awaits her for overcoming Michael - challah discharge.

Sucks to be rebound (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13 New Love)

Dana and Dor

"Agile," Dor sends Dana to Pippi from the hospital, so that she can vacate his room in time. It turns out that this is his part, an unacceptable part about Dana and rightly so, and she puts an end to it. Annoying, there's another one: "Turns on fast." Dana is tired of flipping through things that bother her and placing the sole responsibility for her mood on her, and she is sealed. An entire relationship is distilled into one morning

poop. Surprise, but by this point Dana is already venting her frustration on an innocent car door that Dor refuses to open. She measured on heels alongside a chimpanzee, Dana says she says she even loves all the animals, except for the rare subgroup, the "single-winged", a family of birds that apparently moves on its side.When will a fan page be opened for her?

After feeding a giraffe screaming (in the section on animal love, of course) Dana returns with Dor to an ATV-shaped safe beach, where, again, he refuses to open the door for her.

This time it will not pass him by in silence.

On a personal note, I never understood this issue.

I have always wondered why men are called upon to soften for me the routine experience of just getting into a car.

Those who did this, were mostly people who are themselves a required experience to soften.

For other women, "it's a matter of gentlemanliness."

I know nothing about gentlemanliness, I went out mostly with men in the range between Florentine and Rabin Square.

Even Dor probably does not understand what the story is, and might have understood if Dana had simply explained why it was important to her.

But her ego does not allow her, and instead, she links the lack of opening a door to the lack of masculinity.

Assuming you are not supposed to open doors with your cock, this is probably her way of saying "I need to feel like you care about me."

Dor could hear it, but even his ego was too bloated to listen.

"A little more flow," he remarks to her.

"A little more masculine," she recalls.

In front of the cameras, he says he tried to "blur" the issue of opening the door, because like many men, he does not know that "blurring" is not possible at all in the world.

It is impossible to "blur" an issue that bothers a woman.

Maybe it works between you two - we smell the remorse for miles, and only get angrier.

And the more he ignores the issue of the door, the more likely it is that this door will slam into his face.

Sick of animals.

Dana and Dor (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13 New Love)

"If someone exercises authority over you and it does not suit you, you are directly defensive," accuses Dor, who apparently sees the imposition of authority on his partner as a legitimate situation.

After a long attrition conversation, Dana turns to get out of the dumb ATV.

"In the sea, wow!", A new generation of children's books writes to him, all amazed.

Really, a big riddle - why would a woman who has absorbed a sermon from you for long minutes want a moment of silence?

For the sake of fairness, it is important to say both are forceful and both are trying to educate each other.

For Dor, maybe by virtue of being a woman, it scares me more.

While Dana's high tones stem from a defense - which Dor recognized himself - his dominance is there all the time.

He must be the star of the scene at any given moment, in complete control of the situation and the rest of those present in it.

While Dana enjoys some capacity for self-observation, Dor rejects any tone of criticism, a trait he ironically attributes to her.

It is easy for him to evade the counter-accusations because his aggression is different, disguised.

He can poke you in the soul, diagnose you, give you instructions, explain, yes, fuck it, explain to you - but all in a quiet, meaningful-cultural tone.

Dana has no power over this nonsense, and if they brought her nerves she would get upset.

The truth?

I prefer such.

People who talk about emotions as if they are not touching them, these are really stressful.

Dana returns to look at the animals in the cages with deep sympathy.

A generation after her.

Even as he tries to appease her, his tone is commanding.

"Dana, most simply, wants to continue the tour?".


She calls him to order, and this time does not give up.

"Next time something bothers you, tell me at that moment," he continues to justify, but Dana is sharper than ever: "I told you so."

In this conversation, for the first time between them, Dana takes the reins and takes her place as the mature and responsible person.

But maybe this is not a tough competition alongside the one who turns every Disney movie into a joke about Yemenis.

In the evening, they unite around a common grief over Jeepit's class, and a check can be marked for a first serious double quarrel and also for reconciliation.

Beautiful and funny.

To (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13 New Love)

Do not give

As someone who gave up on his partner as early as yesterday, Matan decided to take the unclean gentile god to a yoga class (does he know that originated in the Far East and is not kosher?), An activity where you can stay a dog head down for an hour and not exchange glances.

"She is as blonde as I wanted, beautiful as I wanted," compliments Matan, dealing for the first time with the bleak gap between his commitment to preserving the purity of the Jewish race and his European taste in porn.

Hence, he goes on to elaborate on Al's shortcomings as if he were Haim Cohen and she is a spoiled dish.

"Messy, not Jewish - I am challenged here," he concludes.

sorry for your loss.

On their way home she tries to get compliments from him, but in vain.

"Funny and beautiful," he goes out of his way, as if it were a Tzipi garden and is required to wish a daughter a happy birthday.

If until now it was possible to exempt giving because of doubt, now do not see clearly: the disadvantages that giving finds in it outweigh thousands of times over the advantages.

Just like that.

Defective product quality control.

"Maybe I'll find more benefits later," Matan replies on the issue without blinking.

Thank you, we'll be happy to update when you're done examining the other candidates.

At this point, too, the experts can not remain indifferent: "the person is insensitive," "as if harming her for the purpose of harming."

Unlike "wedding" experts - the experts of "New Love" come with the truth to the face, and do not beautify or advocate for figures who do not see the defense.

Nice to hear them sometimes make the sound of the spectators, who like them, we too feel like at that moment to pull the god off the screen and give her a hug.

In general, it's time for someone to pull her out.

Say, welfare.

Once again comes this moment in the day when he compares the current man to the previous one, only this time the feeling of missing out is justified.

The previous couple treated her nicely, he treats her shit - which is exactly why she's interested.

"Which is better, someone who has a child or someone who is not Jewish?", She asks Matan after presenting Mariana as a final case.

Matan compliments her on the challenge in question - indeed, these are two terrible options.

"A lot of things are important to you," Al puts it with great kindness.

Matan suffers from the fairly familiar grocery list syndrome, except that most of those who have it hide the list, while he reads it with a megaphone into his dating ears at any given moment.

And as someone who has treated her so far as a tool for his service, he is surely convinced that the woman of the perfect list is really waiting for him somewhere, designed especially for him, personally, like a luxury sneaker.

See what fun you have in Be'er Sheva (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13 New Love)

Mariana and Sergei

Longing for her son leads Mariana to set a fun day for her and Sergei in Be'er Sheva.

This fun starts already with an hour and a half drive during which she sits for Sergei on the vein to return to his hometown.

"He's been with me for nine days," Mariana announces to friends, her childhood and in doing so also reminds us how extreme it is to drive him crazy from now on in relocation requirements.

These messages are backed up, later, by moderate physical pressure from childhood friends that Sergei in advance is not particularly keen on meeting, now he also knows why.

"He has a difficult Be'er Sheva complex," Mariana teases him.

Does it really take a deep complex to not want to live in Be'er Sheva?

In general, who does want to continue living in his hometown?

People who choose to stay where they kissed with their teeth are the bizarre phenomenon.

Most of us do not like to look back, even if we had a good childhood overall.

Sergei certainly does not.

He even managed to repress a kiss from the age of 15 with someone who considered the love of his youth, and even offered her friendships, an equivalent gesture to a marriage proposal in high school terms.

Hidden are Sergei's brain pathways, but it's already known.

And despite his stubborn repression, here they are returning to the battlefield - to a place where he had once offered her friendships at a school in Be'er Sheva.

There, with uncharacteristic cuteness, he offers her friendships again.

The boy Sergei walks up behind Mariana's back and gives him a high five.

The older Sergei whispers to him, "You'll still fuck, boy, you'll still fuck."

By the way, what about Mariana's child?

We did not come to visit him?

Lecturer in challah excretion.

Dana's mother (Photo: screenshot, Network 13 New Love)

boys Girls

Dana's train of surprises continues on its way, and lo and behold, out of nowhere hurts her mother, a religious woman and a "lecturer for challah secretion," an area I would consider if I had known in the days of my three English units.

It turns out that Dana felt her presence all day and summoned her in her mystical powers.

The pieces in Dana's puzzle are starting to connect.

In fact, there are quite a few similarities between her and Shani ("tooth"), if you think about the connection between Minnie and Stiletto for observance.

New energies fill the room and also do not re-awaken to the presence of G-d, but even this joy is joined by a bitter aftertaste.

After two days in which she was tried for her birth certificate, being non-Jewish according to Halacha, she is asked not to mention her mother's name during the challah affair, but to settle for "Bat Hava."

Personally, I have nothing and a half to do with challah secretion, and in general, I prefer not to associate secretions with doughs - but to eat them, but everyone knows what it feels like not belonging and unwanted.

This pain, is universal.

"I wanted to talk to you about something in the context of God," Matan begins in front of the men as if it were Parents' Day, and their joint daughter spray-painted Finn's graffiti on the back wall.

The men convince him to give it a chance, and he rubs his mind, serious.

It's really wrong that she was not born from the right womb for him, but maybe she's still able to fix it, shrink into a ball, get back into a kosher Jewish womb and be born again.

The evening ends.

Sergei kisses Mariana, making her dinner.

Everything is normal, but for the first time, they look really sweet to me, and not just through her eyes.

Do not return home when she is close to God, but far from giving.

For a moment it seems like she's about to let him go, but it's enough for her to hear the tired phrase "I did not give up" to leave him by her side.


I wish it was over already.

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