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Goldnadel: "The Taha Bouhafs affair or the sign that the moralizing far left is just a farce"


FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE - Activist journalist Taha Bouhafs has withdrawn his candidacy for the legislative elections after accusations of sexual violence. For the lawyer, Jean-Luc Mélenchon's party should have taken this case to court and not contented itself with an internal investigation.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist.

Every week, he deciphers the news for FigaroVox.

Question of optics.

Or temperament.

Or circumstances.

One can perfectly regard the stranglehold without much resistance of the Castroist and Islamo-leftist extreme left on the left as a drama.

And my reader knows all too well how seriously I take it.

But it is not forbidden to look at some of his avatars with a smile.

Hoping piously that so many excesses of impostures, postures, bad faith, ridiculous lies will end up opening the most closed eyes.

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Reason why, I prefer to hold the Taha Bouhafs affair as a comic opera or a grotesque farce whose libretto was allegedly committed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Sandrine Rousseau.

Mr. Bouhafs was first immortalized in a viral video for having tried to force his way into the faculty of Tolbiac on strike.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

First act.

Introducing the main character.

Once upon a time there was a young man named Taha who did not take long to acquire a contrasting notoriety.

Mr. Bouhafs, that's his name, was first immortalized in a viral video for having tried to force his way into the faculty of Tolbiac on strike.

To a policeman who tried to dissuade him, he will have this strong repartee which says a lot about his university course: “

Touch me not!


Shortly later, he entered the service of the Media, a channel close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, co-founded by Gérard Miller, he will be noticed by relaying the false information of the death of a student from Tolbiac after a police intervention.

Since then, he has been considered a fellow "journalist" by a corporation with a rather selective esteem and memory.

To be fair, he was helped to make this fake by an assistant who recounted the imaginary police attack with sobbing in her voice.

I myself cannot see this scene again without feeling a Pavlovian emotion.

It turns out that the excellent actress, Leila Ivorra, was also chosen, no doubt for her talent and her morality, to wear the colors of Nupes in the Val-d'Oise in the next elections.

More recently, Mr. Bouhafs was sentenced at first instance for racial slurs by the Paris court by treating police officer Linda Kebbab as an “

Arab on duty


He appealed.

In addition, the interested party collects the most baroque messages on social networks.

A work in ten volumes would not be enough to contain his dubious logorrhea.

Thus, after having insulted the journalists of

Charlie Hebdo

, he does not disdain to relay the most extreme anti-Zionist Islamist propaganda by implicitly wishing the disappearance of Israel when he tweets thus: "

On this eve of Ramadan, my heart burns for our Palestinian brothers , which begin this holy month under the bombs of Israeli settlers.

Forgive us for our weakness.

But the day will come.

Liberation of Palestine from the Sea to the Jordan.


Always very inspired, we will also quote this elegant protrusion: “

A white whore who compares herself (sic) to an African-American woman of the 50s by recovering a quote from Rosa Parks for her account


Despite the above, the Nupes decided to invest Taha Bouhafs in the constituency of Vénissieux.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

Act 2. The plot unfolds.

Despite the above, the Nupes decided to invest Taha Bouhafs in the constituency of Vénissieux.

Despite or because?

Because, all morality aside, no one can deny that the person concerned has the profile to please part of the electorate cajoled by the Nupes.

This being said, certain voices were heard to contest this choice.

There was there, judicial condemnation aside, a certain injustice towards the person concerned to be surprised at his enthronement for the election.

Taha Bouhafs is the colorful tree that hides the dense rebellious Islamo-leftist forest.

Why dispute it more than Eric Coquerel who led a troop of illegal migrants to occupy the Basilica of St Denis where the kings of France rest?

What is more dangerous than Danièle Obono who calls the indigenous activist Houria Bouteldja a "comrade"?

How is he different from David Guiraud who falsely made believe that Jews applauded the imaginary fire of the Al Aksa Mosque?

What is more open to criticism than Jean-Luc Mélenchon himself who, as Dominique Reynié reminded us in

Le Figaro

, revived the myth of the deicidal Jewish people?

In all media and judicial impunity, it is true.

Spectacular turn of events!

Last Tuesday, the inductee suddenly threw in the towel.

He "

tried but can't do it anymore

", in the face of this campaign of slander.

And his mentor Mélenchon to outbid on Twitter: “

Taha Bouhafs withdraws his candidacy for the legislative elections.

A mob fought against him (...) I blame myself for not having been able to comfort him as much as necessary


Beautiful like Corneille.

The pack is obviously the extreme right.

It must be said that the mentor has the extreme right easy.

Le Point for him is on the extreme right for having written a very critical article.

We actually learn that for several days, several women had complained about the behavior of the alleged victim of the pack.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

Third and final act: The prank explodes when the dirty trick is discovered.

We thought we had separated from Bouhafs because it was not very decorative.

We actually learn that for several days, several women had complained about the behavior of the alleged victim of the pack.

Sandrine Rousseau, had collected the charges of one of them.

An “internal investigation” had been carried out, pushing the accused to resign.

Ridicule vied with hypocrisy.

Mélenchon could not ignore the reality when he shed tears over the resigner and barked at the pack.

But the farce undoubtedly lives in these activists like Clémentine Autain who dared this surreal declaration coming from her: "

In five days, the case was settled


Case settled?

Yes, in a small closed committee.

With the rule of omerta at stake.

Make no mistake, I know nothing of Taha Bouhafs' guilt in these sexual affairs where I am more cautious and attached to the presumption of innocence than anyone else.

But coming from Sandrine Rousseau and Clémentine Autain, who plead here a particular privilege of jurisdiction of Islamo-leftism, the farce is indigestible.


Silence plays into the hands of rapists

", "

The great battle in the fight against silence is to allow complaints to arise

", declared Clémentine Autain in 2011. A saddened mind might believe that there would be public justice for white males and a discreet arbitration committee for unfortunate racialized comrades.

There is no question here of denouncing the facts to the prosecution.

When I tell you that the moralizing and sermonizing extreme left is just a mean joke.

Source: lefigaro

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