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Is it important to monitor blood oxygen, blood pressure and body temperature? That is, the recommended "3 Treasures of Home Health" that must be watched under the epidemic


During the outbreak, apart from confirmed cases and their close contacts who need to stay at home, many elderly people, chronically ill patients and other people with weakened immunity have reduced their health risks to go out, and even reduced their visits to hospitals and clinics. However

During the outbreak, apart from confirmed cases and their close contacts who need to stay at home, many elderly people, chronically ill patients and other people with weakened immunity have reduced their health risks to go out, and even reduced their visits to hospitals and clinics.

However, under the epidemic situation, everyone needs to pay more attention to their own health, so it is very important to use home health equipment to ensure that sudden physical discomfort can be dealt with in a timely manner!

Among them, blood oxygen content, blood pressure and body temperature are the best daily inspection records. Below, we will recommend 3 pulse oximeters, electronic sphygmomanometers and touch-free multi-function infrared forehead thermometers that are necessary for home use. Everyone can monitor their health at all times!

Blood oxygen saturation can detect invisible symptoms!

Must-Have: Pulse Oximeter

The normal blood oxygen saturation level is 95-100%. If it shows 91-94%, it needs to be closely monitored. If it is 90% or below, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible!

Blood oxygen saturation is an indicator that can reflect the state of the heart and lungs. Since new coronary pneumonia can lead to lung infection and functional impairment of patients, thereby reducing blood oxygen content, many people have recently paid attention to their "blood oxygen saturation".

In addition, abnormal blood oxygen saturation may be an early warning sign of diseases such as bronchitis, cardiac insufficiency or asthma. Therefore, in daily life, no matter the urbanites who work more than 12 hours a day, the elderly over 60 years old and those with respiratory system Patients with diseases or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should check their blood oxygen saturation regularly!

Pulse Oximeter Recommended: medisana PM 100 Pulse Oximeter

The German brand medisana with 40 years of experience is the PM 100 pulse oximeter specially designed for people who need to pay special attention to blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Compatibility test to avoid skin allergies during use, and the PM 100 pulse oximeter uses Korean sensors with strict quality control. Compared with smart watches without medical certification, the PM 100 pulse oximeter is often used to detect blood oxygen saturation. Oximeters are more accurate!

The medisana PM 100 pulse oximeter has a hermetically sealed design to prevent finger sweat from affecting results during use.

Medisana PM 100 Pulse Oximeter Information Details

Hypertension can cause ischemic heart disease!

Must-Have: Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Medisana, a German health management expert, pointed out that when measuring blood pressure, you should relax your body, put your arm gently on the table, and do not move or speak during the measurement, so as to avoid unstable blood pressure values ​​and affect the measurement results.

Compared with blood oxygen saturation, many people are more aware of the importance of measuring blood pressure, because many elderly people have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. However, complications caused by high blood pressure, such as ischemic heart disease, are more common in younger people. One of the characteristics of preeclampsia (pregnancy toxemia) that pregnant women may have is high blood pressure, but because high blood pressure is not easy to detect, the best preventive measure is to keep an electronic sphygmomanometer at home and monitor it all the time And learn about your blood pressure readings.

Electronic sphygmomanometer recommendation: medisana BU 580 connect upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer

The BU 580 connect upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer also launched by medisana has Medical Device Directive medical product certification and EU CE certification.

Its usefulness is that it can be connected to the VitaDock+ application, and the measurement data can be quickly transmitted through Bluetooth, which is convenient to check the records at any time, and the operation is simple; the built-in "body shake detection" and "armband wearing detection" prompt functions can also ensure the measurement. Accuracy; coupled with the latest inflation technology, the blood pressure is measured simultaneously during the inflation of the cuff, the measurement result takes faster and the process is quite quiet, which is very suitable for home use.

The medisana BU 580 connect upper arm electronic sphygmomanometer uses the color of the traffic light to indicate the blood pressure level. It is simple and easy to understand, and it is not difficult for the elderly to use!

Medisana BU 580 connect Upper Arm Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Information Details

Fever must be treated urgently!

Essential: Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The body design of the medisana TM 760 Infrared Thermometer is lightweight and ergonomic, weighing only about 67 grams.

Daily body temperature measurement has become a part of life. In addition to common minor illnesses, and even after infection with new coronary pneumonia or vaccination, there is a chance to have a fever reaction. When the body temperature of infants and children under 3 years old exceeds 38.5°C, and the body temperature of adults exceeds 40°C, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Compared with other parts of the body, the forehead has more active blood circulation in the head, so the temperature result can be obtained quickly, so it is very suitable for anyone over 6 months old, and the hands-free infrared thermometer is convenient at home. !

Forehead Thermometer Recommendation: medisana TM 760 Hand-Free Infrared Thermometer

Medisana's new TM 760 touch-free infrared thermometer also has Medical Device Directive medical product certification and EU CE certification. There is an LED tracking light to indicate the point of the thermometer and the last 30 measurement results can be automatically stored, which is very convenient for the whole family to use.

The fever signal of the medisana TM 760 touch-free infrared thermometer is displayed in color and audio, which is easy to understand!

(green: normal body temperature, red: above normal body temperature range)

Medisana TM 760 Hands-Free Infrared Thermometer Information Details

(Information and photos provided by customers)

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