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Sand Hill Notes | Who is the Chief Secretary for Administration? Both Shengyu and He Shengliang!


After Li Jiachao was successfully elected as the 6th Chief Executive (CE), the grouping of classes became the number one priority. As we all know, the chief assistant officer of the Chief Executive's team is naturally the Chief Secretary for Administration (CS), because in the cabinet structure, the Chief Secretary for Administration

After Li Jiachao was successfully elected as the 6th Chief Executive (CE), the grouping of classes became the number one priority.

As we all know, the chief assistant officer of the Chief Executive's team is naturally the Chief Secretary for Administration (CS), because in the cabinet structure, the CS is the second person after the Chief Executive, leading nine policy bureaus. In the long run, More often, it is the spare tire of the chief executive, so the arrangement of the position of the second-in-command must be careful!

Two chiefs jingle their heads

In the past month, there have been rumors and tips all over the place. In general, there are no more than three or four potential candidates.

Sha Banshan has also been following this news for a while, so I have the following analysis for the time being.

In the early days, only the Secretary for Security Tang Bingqiang, the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Zeng Kwok-wai, and the Financial Secretary Chen Maobo were among the "candidates", but recently there has been one more candidate. .

However, according to the bold analysis, Deng Bingqiang and Zeng Guowei are still the favorites among the favorites. On the contrary, although Tan Zhiyuan and Chen Maobo are both great talents, they are temporarily the next batch of candidates in the CS competition.

The rationale for Sha Banshan's analysis is as follows. Although it is said that Brother Chao was born in the police force and has been in charge of the Security Bureau for a long time, if the second-in-command of the new cabinet is still from the disciplined forces, it is inevitable that the new government will be labeled as a "junta". .

Besides, the super brother Wu Yi is brave and brave, it would be even better if there was an administrative officer from a civil AO background to assist him.

However, Sha Banshan's analytical thinking is not like this.

First of all, the country is continuing to face the comprehensive containment caused by groups led by the United States. Whether it is in the fields of diplomacy, science and technology, trade, etc., the targeted "attacks" of the United States on Beijing are not only not relaxed, but are gradually pressing , and Hong Kong is at the forefront of the motherland facing the world. The first and second leaders in power must naturally be loyal and courageous. Even in the face of further rampant attacks from external forces, they must have the courage to fight, and more importantly, they must be good at fighting. Skill, but that's a trait that AO Admins lack in their years of training.

On May 8, Li Jiachao was elected as the chief executive.

(file picture)

Secondly, Brother Chao has the responsibility of leading the economic, judicial, legal and other major affairs, but after all, this is not his traditional strength, so he must entrust other strong hands to help the leader, so that the chief executive can free up his energy to focus on national security and housing. Two important tasks, if the Chief Secretary for Administration is not in the same spirit as the Chief Executive, but only on a temporary basis, I am afraid that the Chief Executive will not be able to show his strengths. Therefore, Sha Banshan analyzed that Beijing and the Chief Executive thought about using talents with a background in the disciplined forces to serve as the second-in-command. Chances are significantly higher.

The rest of the thinking, Zeng Guowei and Deng Bingqiang are both from the disciplined forces, which one is better?

Sha Banshan believes that the two really have a sigh of "both Sheng Yu and He Shengliang".

Because of the situation, the performance of the two is also different.

Let’s talk about Zeng Guowei first. He is two years older than Deng Bingqiang, and his qualifications as director are earlier than that of Deng Bingqiang. When he was appointed as director of immigration, he had personally visited the mainland and Japan to arrange for stranded Hong Kong people to return to Hong Kong in the early stage of the epidemic. After the Secretariat, he participated in the implementation and improvement of the electoral system and other complete tasks.

In addition, since the handover, the relationship between Beijing and the previous immigration directors has been exceptionally good, so it makes sense for Zeng Guowei to be regarded as a popular.

As for Deng Bingqiang's situation?

Sha Banshan believes that Deng Bingqiang is definitely a popular candidate. When Deng served as the police commissioner, he basically participated in quelling the entire riot. At the same time, since the implementation of the National Security Law, the security chief under Deng Bingqiang has repeatedly enforced the law strictly, and the efficient execution ability is beyond doubt. , and when he was in the police force, he and Brother Chao had worked together as a boss and subordinate for many times. It is expected that there was a tacit understanding in the cooperation, and the popularity in the Lansi group was even more popular. "Who is it?" Deng's chances of becoming Chief Secretary for Administration are also very high.

Tan Zhiyuan is currently the director of corporate affairs of the Jockey Club. In the last election, he served as the deputy director of Li Jiachao's campaign office.

(file picture)

To help Li Jiachao elect Tan Zhiyuan to return to officialdom?

Tan Zhiyuan, who was born as a political officer, is of course an outstanding person. In Leung Chun-ying's cabinet, he was an official in the Political System and Mainland Affairs Bureau, so he has long been familiar with officials in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau systems. However, after Lam Cheng became the chief executive, Tan left the crown, left the officialdom, and moved to war. Jockey Club executives, this time back to assist Li Jiachao's campaign project, will have great expectations for reuse in the future, but Sha Banshan estimates that Tan Zhiyuan has a higher chance of serving as a member of the Executive Council or even the guild convener.

Twenty-five years since the first return, except for Xu Shiren, who was ordered in danger and was suddenly "recruited" by Zeng Yinquan to return to officialdom in 2005, and served as Chief Secretary for two years, other Chief Secretaries such as Tang Yingnian, Carrie Lam, Zhang Jianzong, etc. are in charge of government affairs. Before the Secretary-General, he was the Secretary-General of the current government.

Therefore, after Tan leaves the government team and rejoins the government, the chances of taking up a high position seem to be slightly lower.

Secondly, the guild convener Chen Zhisi has a good chance of leaving, and Chen Zhisi was the director of Lam Cheng's campaign office back then. In addition, the guild convener often represents the government and has contacts with international friends and the media. Tan Zhiyuan, who is long-sleeved and good at coordinating, It may be better to go to an advisory structure such as the Associate Executive Council.

Financial Secretary Chen Maobo.

(file picture)

Chen Maobo is expected to stay as the rich man

Finally, it was Chen Maobo's turn. Sha Banshan heard that after Liang Ying lost the Chief Executive Dabao, he had urged Chen Maobo to compete for the Chief Secretary. However, it was rumored that Bo Ge tended to stay in the financial system and continued to shine, rather than being transferred to the government affairs system. . . .

In addition, Sand Ban Shan received rumors that the list of the Chief Executive's cabinet tends to be announced together "later". Why?

I heard the rumors that I liked to bless Li Jiachao earlier, and it was not released until a moment before the start of the race. The effect was very ideal, so this time, it is very likely that the new cabinet will be announced as soon as possible. When the announcement is made, it will be close to the change of term. Even if there is any controversy about the candidate, the arrow will be on the line, and it will be impossible to stop. In the way of the mainland, there is no turning back when the bow is opened. The arrangement is convenient to reduce internal friction and focus on the sixth new game.

Li Jiachao: The candidate for the Chief Secretary has already formed a team. Some people will consider whether they will be targeted by foreign countries. Will the next senior officials avoid suspicion and not join?

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