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epidemic. 5.21|On Saturday, 1,864 people had the fourth injection of 44 buildings to be inspected and announced [attached list]


Today (21st), there were 228 new confirmed cases, including 16 imported cases, and 10 imported BA.2.12.1 cases were found, bringing the total to 56 cases. And 2 more cases of BA.4 imported from the United Kingdom and Mexico respectively, a total of 11 cases. Yesterday

Today (21st), there were 228 new confirmed cases, including 16 imported cases, and 10 imported BA.2.12.1 cases were found, bringing the total to 56 cases.

And 2 more cases of BA.4 imported from the United Kingdom and Mexico respectively, a total of 11 cases.

Yesterday afternoon, there were 2 new cases in the school, a middle school in the southern district. The 2 were classmates in the same class. A student in the same class was infected with the virus. It has been recommended that the school be thoroughly disinfected.

In addition, there were no new deaths today.

List of mandatory testing announcements on May 21

Summary of yesterday's epidemic reports:


5.20|For the first time in the community, the Omicron subtype infected couple frequently visited McDonald's on the 6th

▼On May 20, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Jiurufang exploded the BA.2.12.1 new variant virus epidemic▼


▼On May 19th, the third brother of Tan Tsai and the "Hongsi" training center in Sheung Wan had an outbreak▼


[23:20] The government announced this morning that uninfected people aged 18 to 59 who have a higher risk of exposure or personal needs, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated with Sinovac or Fubitai, can choose to receive the first vaccine from now on. Four doses of the new crown vaccine.

As of 8 p.m., a total of 1,864 people received the fourth injection today, which is less than the 2,088 people yesterday (20th).

Diagnosed Buildings | 187 new buildings involving Mingyue·Talent Bay, Jinmingfeng and other Royal Capital hotels are also on the list

[22:10] With more than 200 cases of the epidemic lingering, the Center for Health Protection updated the list of confirmed buildings today with 187 new buildings, including the Baishijiao Baoyue‧Talent Bay and Jiudushan mansion Jinmingfeng, which are known as star housing estates. Block C is on the list. In addition, the Royal Plaza Hotel, a popular staycation choice for Hong Kong people, reported today that there have been visits by confirmed cases in the past 14 days. It also includes three serviced apartments: The Camphora in Tsim Sha Tsui, and Italian Serviced Apartments. , and The Luna in Wanchai.


Compulsory testing|Involving 44 buildings in Regent Gardens, Tseung Kwan O's Blue Bay, and Victoria Harbour are on the list

[21:51] The Department of Health announced the details of the latest mandatory inspection announcement. He had been in 44 buildings for more than 2 hours during the specified period and time period, and he was required to undergo mandatory inspection on Sunday (22nd) or Monday (23rd).

▼List of buildings to be inspected on May 21▼

Wedding postponed due to the epidemic, the newlyweds entered the church on 5.21 as they wished, 280 relatives and friends witnessed: I am willing

[21:05] A couple of newlyweds read their vows and exchanged wedding rings in the church. Witnessed by many relatives and friends, they said "I do", which just corresponds to the homonym of May 21.

The groom, Mr. Tan, admitted that he did not deliberately choose to sign papers at the church today. The wedding with his wife was originally scheduled to be held in March this year, but due to the impact of the epidemic, it was postponed to today.

Mr. Tan and his wife met at the church, and it took 10 years from acquaintance and love to marriage. They all said that being able to salute at the church and signing papers in the presence of many relatives and friends is very meaningful.

As for the wedding banquet of the two, it will depend on the epidemic to decide whether it can be held at the end of August.


Explosion-proof ventilation groups in many restaurants call for ventilation equipment failure: explosion-free groups pay goodwill

[18:30] The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is at a low level, but recently confirmed clusters have appeared in many restaurants.

In response to the recent cluster infection cases related to restaurants, the Working Group on Ventilation Rates or Air Purification Equipment in Dining Premises held an online meeting yesterday (20th) evening.

The working group stated that it will continue to pay attention to the development of the local epidemic situation and international discussions on ventilation standards with government departments, and examine whether it is necessary to make recommendations for adjustment.

The chairman of the group, Yuan Bailiang, revealed that the group had inspected the Xingyue Building in Sheung Wan and Yuen Long's "Peony Golden Court Shangpin Hotpot Shabu Shabu", which had an outbreak earlier.

Among them, in Xingyuelou, the team found that the fresh fan unit may not be operating, and it is unknown whether it was damaged or not turned on. The team also found that "Peony Golden Pavilion Shangpin Hot Pot Shabu Shabu" is not operating under the hot pot restaurant license. Whether the restaurant will operate hot pot remains to be investigated.

180,000 people in six Tsuen Wan Fanling housing estates, including Luyang New Village and Wah Ming Village, were tested positive for sewage

[18:00] The recent epidemic in Hong Kong has hovered around 200 confirmed cases. The government said today (21st) that some housing estates in Fanling and Tsuen Wan have tested positive for sewage and have high virus levels, including Wah Ming Village and King Shing Court. , Luyang New Village, etc.

The Housing Department and local District Offices will distribute quick antigen test kits to about 180,000 people at relevant locations for self-testing.

[17:03] Block 23A (Meijia Court) of Horizons Peninsula, Ap Lei Chau, was closed for forced inspection this evening. The government's goal is to complete the operation at about 12 noon tomorrow (22nd).

Depending on the test results, the action may be extended.

▼On May 21, Block 23A (Meijia Pavilion) of South Horizons Peninsula, Ap Lei Chau, was closed for inspection▼


Lan Kwai Fong Hotel's one-room toilet exhaust fan was positive.

[17:02] Ou Jiarong, chief doctor of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, said that the school where three students were infected was a co-educational school located in the Southern District. The school name was not specially announced. The school has been contacted for follow-up. When returning to school, they wore masks. Some students revealed that the masks would be temporarily removed when drinking water. The three of them were in the same class but did not eat together or eat together without removing the masks. There are no high-risk activities in normal classes.

The first case, on May 16, had a negative test in the morning, and was positive in the afternoon after returning to the house. It may have just become ill, and he did not return to school after that.

The other two students returned to school from May 16th to 18th. They developed symptoms on the 19th, and the rapid test was negative. On the afternoon of the 20th, all three had symptoms. It could not be ruled out that the three may be related. There are opportunities for classroom activities. Or contact infection, the onset time is relatively recent, family members are not cases, and there is no community epidemic connection. The school has contacted the school to take additional measures, including disinfection and cleaning, and students in the same class continue to take rapid tests. There are no new cases. More than 900 students and more than 100 staff members are negative. We will pay attention to the situation next Monday. There are 910 students and 138 staff members in the school.

An additional 228 confirmed cases in the Hong Kong University Alumni Association College 3 classmates who have been infected with the virus in their lifetime

[16:48] Hong Si and Tan Zai San Ge group:

- Hongsi: There were 4 additional cases of students and staff in the course from May 11 to 15, including a 53-year-old man who only attended the graduation ceremony on the evening of May 15, became ill on May 17, and had a rapid test on May 18. Yang, the other three students fell ill on May 18-19, and all three went to Tanzai on May 13, and all three tested positive on May 19.

- A total of 21 cases, including 19 students and 2 staff members, all became ill from May 13th to 20th.

Among the 20 environmental samples, the air throat samples in the shift room were positive, and the remaining 19 samples were negative, such as stools, desks, air purifiers, water machines, air purifiers, partitions, and toilet pipes were all negative.

The third brother of Tan Tsai in Sheung Wan:

- 3 additional cases, all of which are Hongsi students, totaling 8 cases, including 7 Hongsi students.

Epidemic | 4 new cases in the Hongsi group, one man who only attended the graduation ceremony in the evening was also recruited

【16:43】Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Jiurufang Group:

-15 environmental samples, one positive, including the exhaust fan in the toilet of room 3304.

The other sample is uncertain, all of them are room 3304 air purifiers, and the remaining 13 samples are all negative, including the rooftop climate and 7 samples of room 3204, kitchen canals, exhaust fans, air-conditioning outlets, and door handles.

The remaining 5 samples of the other 3303 were all negative.

Air samples taken were all negative.

Arrange for all hotel staff and current residents to be tested today, follow up who lived in relevant risky rooms after May 7, and follow up with samples on the 12th day.

-Two cases were confirmed in the community on the 12th day, one of them had symptoms on the 10th day, and he had a preliminary understanding of the doctor. On the 14th, he and his family members, that is, a traveler, went to the community testing center to leave a positive sample, and the CT value was as low as 15. There is a risk of community transmission, the infectious period starts on the 10th, there are community activities from the 10th to the 15th, and there is a short stay in the restaurant, but the removal of masks is involved, and there may be community transmission, especially the ba.2.12.1 virus, according to preliminary information , the transmission power is slightly higher than that of BA.1 or Omicron, and the vaccine still has protection against ba.2.12.1.

For the sake of prudence, those who have been to the relevant places are listed in the high-level inspections, and those who have been there during the same time period must undergo mandatory inspections, and notify the relevant premises for disinfection and employee testing.

The patient with a CT value of 15 had been arranged to stay in Penny's Bay on May 15, and the family had home inspection at their home, and had no contact with other people.

Vaccine Pass|6.13 extended to 13 types of medical premises including specialist outpatient clinics, patients without injections must be tested


[15:08] The Government announced today (21st) that from June 13th, the "Vaccine Pass" arrangement will be implemented administratively at designated medical premises under the Food and Health Bureau, the Department of Health and the Hospital Authority.

The arrangement will allow people who have not been vaccinated to obtain generally required medical services after obtaining a negative nucleic acid test result at the medical premises for which the vaccine pass is applicable. The vaccine pass is also not applicable to the medical premises providing emergency or urgent services.

13 Designated Medical Premises to which the Vaccine Pass is applicable:

1) Hospital Authority Specialist Outpatient Clinic

2) Student Health Service Center and Health Assessment Center

3) Women's Health Center

4) Oral Health Education Affairs Division Resource Center

5) Travel Health Center

6) Red Ribbon Center

7) Health Promotion Division Regional Center

8) Methadone Clinic

9) Civil Servant Clinic

10) Government dental clinics and orthodontic clinics

11) Civil Service Comprehensive Health Center

12) District Health Center

13) District Health Station

Chen Zhaoshi predicts that the community has built an immune barrier and relaxing social distancing measures will have a sixth wave of risks

[12:56] The number of confirmed cases continued to remain at the level of about 300. The Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, believes that based on factors such as the number of community infections in the fifth wave of the epidemic, the vaccination rate, the number of deaths and severe cases, it is estimated that the community has built up Natural immune barrier; however, with the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures, there is a certain risk of a rebound in the epidemic. It is not ruled out that there will be a sixth wave. Citizens should not take it lightly and call for minimizing activities without masks.

Fourth needle|Experts advocate that low-immunity and high-risk groups can fight against epidemic fatigue and relax social distancing measures

[11:01] The Joint Scientific Committee of the Center for Health Protection and the expert advisory group recommended yesterday (20th) that adults under the age of 60 who have not been infected with the virus, if they have a higher risk of exposure or have personal needs, can receive the fourth dose of the vaccine. The fourth shot must be at least 6 months away from the third shot.

Li Jintao, dean of the School of Internal Medicine, said in a radio program today (21st) that adults under the age of 60 who have low immunity, suffer from long-term diseases, or need to be exposed to high-risk places can receive the fourth dose as recommended.

He also mentioned that the current number of confirmed cases is hovering around 300, but after nearly two and a half years of anti-epidemic efforts in the community, anti-epidemic fatigue has appeared, so it is necessary to relax social distancing measures, but it is necessary to cooperate with the "vaccine passport" to ensure that citizens have Get vaccinated to prevent rebound.

The expiration date of the QR code of the recovered person is faster than the two injections have been taken, and one step is required to avoid the vaccine pass.

[08:05] More than 1.2 million people in Hong Kong have been infected with the new crown virus in the past few months. They do not need to be vaccinated for half a year after recovery. They can use the QR code of recovered patients to enter and exit places that require a vaccine pass.

Starting from the 31st of this month, the vaccine pass will be upgraded to three doses of the vaccine. Some people infected with the virus in January found that the validity period of the QR code of the recovered person will expire in July, and they have already received two doses of the vaccine. If you want to enter or leave restaurants and listed premises, you have to take one more step, so that you will not be turned away due to the invalidation of the needle card.

Closure of the district | Ya Cui Court, Xiao Cui Court, Siu Sai Wan completed the test and found no positive cases

[08:00] The government said this morning (21st) that the enclosure test of Yacui Court, Xiao Cui Court, Xiao Sai Wan has been completed. During the period, about 750 people were tested and no positive cases were found.

The fourth injection|People aged 18 to 59 can take the same-day vaccination from today, and online appointments can be made from next Thursday

[08:00] The government announced today (21st) that uninfected people aged 18 to 59 who have a higher risk of exposure or personal needs, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated with Sinovac or Fubitai, can start from today. Choose to get the fourth dose of the new crown vaccine.

▼May 20 "520" number of marriages was the most in the past four years on the same day▼


Epidemic | BA.2.12.1 The new variant virus first entered the community The infected couple had been infected with the variant virus in 11 places in the Eastern District. The couple's footprints in Hong Kong Island East were exposed on the 6th, involving Taikoo Shing Cinema and 3 McDonald's Lan Kwai Fong hotels. Now vertical transmission Yuan Guoyong reveals the channel The top of the slot forced the spread of the virus to the top floor. No new cases were suspected in the third brother of Tan Zai, Sheung Wan, and there were no new cases in the Benchmark Hongsi Epidemic. A total of 17 people were diagnosed with the epidemic |

▼On May 19, the bar will resume business▼


The fourth needle|The Science and Technology Committee advocates that at least 7 types of people can be vaccinated to provide additional protection for young adults. 10,000 yuan for trying to mislead a police officer. Unsuccessful application for temporary unemployment support. 100,000 people have 2 ways to appeal. Visa travel agency strives to return to Hong Kong for home quarantine: open and go

▼On May 19, the Sparrow Museum will be closed for more than 100 days and will resume business ▼


▼Karaoke will reopen on May 19▼


Compulsory testing | 56 places are on the list, 11 places are involved in patients with the new variant virus, and five buildings in Regent Garden are on the list, Ma On Shan, Tai Po, and Central and Western District sewage positive buildings involving 200,000 people, including Taihe Village Xingang City, need to be quickly tested and diagnosed | 198 more buildings in a single day 3 Taikoo Shing Buildings are listed in Regent Gardens, as many as 6 buildings are closed | Regent Gardens 5th and 6th, etc. have been enclosed today and a total of 7 positive cases have been found

▼From May 11, the mandatory inspection announcement will be listed on the list▼


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