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The 1.8-meter-high antenna got B and was smashed by the child. The father sighed and paid 30,000: the boy was stunned


Parents take their children to the store, and if they don't pay attention, they will "bleed a lot of money" at any time. Yesterday (22nd), a property damage incident occurred in a shop in Langham Place, Mongkok.

Parents take their children to the store, and if they don't pay attention, they will "bleed a lot of money" at any time.

Yesterday (22nd), there was a property damage incident in a shop in Langham Place, Mongkok. A doll B with a 1.8-meter-high antenna priced at over 50,000 yuan suddenly fell to the ground and shattered.

From the clips on the Internet, the doll was suspected of being "fallen" by a child beside him.

The child's father said in a telephone interview with "Hong Kong 01" that the store clerk said, "You have always kicked the canal (doll) before." Yuan "cost price".

Until today, the clip came out, and after thinking about it, he questioned that the store is also responsible.

▼The CCTV directly hit the antenna and got B damage process▼

The scene is the Kkplus toy store located in Langham Place, Mongkok. The incident happened at 6 o'clock yesterday evening. At that time, parents Mr. Zheng and Ms. Yao brought two 5-year-old and 3-year-old boys and girls, a family of four in the shop. While shopping in the store, I didn't expect a B-doll "LaLa" with an antenna as big as an adult in the store, which suddenly fell down and was damaged, and its limbs were broken.

"Hong Kong 01" contacted Mr. Zheng tonight (23rd) to tell the story of the incident. He pointed out that he was taking care of Xiaojie at the time. During that time, the worker's sister called and asked if she wanted to prepare dinner. When he stepped out of the store, he heard a loud noise. He saw that the giant antenna of about 1.8 meters in the store caused the B-doll to fall and shatter, while his big boy was standing next to him. He had no idea. wonderful.

After the incident, Mr. Zheng quoted the shop clerk who came forward and showed him the price of the doll at 52,800, asking him and his wife for compensation, and claimed: "You have kicked the canal (doll) before." I realized that "the poor boy kicked multiple dolls again", thought it was the big boy and kicked the doll again, and the doll fell to the ground.

He also pointed out that after the incident, "every boy was shocked and dumbfounded", so he had to agree to pay compensation to his wife, hoping to leave the shop as soon as possible.

As a result, the clerk asked the company for compensation for the "cost price" of the doll of 33,600 yuan.

However, footage of the incident leaked out on the Internet after the incident. It was seen that the child turned his back to the doll involved, and suddenly "pushed" the doll backwards, resulting in the doll being "pushed" down.

After watching the clip, Mr. Zheng questioned whether the compensation was worth it after thinking about it. He believed that the store also had a certain responsibility. The doll should be enclosed with a fence to prevent anyone from approaching and causing damage. Falling doll, blame the wrong child.

Afterwards, Ms. Yao also posted on Facebook, quoting "the first sentence of the employee told me to kick a doll", and pointed out that "the child (the child) deliberately did not teach me well enough, but he gave me the wrong way. A boy”, complained bitterly, “I made a mistake,” and questioned the unreasonable demands of the store for compensation. “I feel like a scam, and I paid more than 30,000 yuan. I’m really stressed out, and I thought I wouldn’t dare to walk on the street.”

Netizens have polarized opinions on the incident. Some people think that the store has the responsibility to ensure that the exhibits are firmly installed on the ground, or to surround the fence to prevent accidents when someone collides. "The store itself does not know that a doll will fall easily? Why not The dolls that are unstable are placed against the wall or slammed into the canal?"; Some netizens believe that parents should bear some of the responsibility, "Don't take good care of the children and let the canal fall to the ground. The display quality is the responsibility of the parents. Compensation is reasonable."

There are also opinions that both parties are responsible for the incident. "Parents have the responsibility to look after the children, and the store has the responsibility to provide appropriate protection."

▼Check out the opinions of netizens▼

▼"LaLa" has held art exhibitions in the past.

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