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epidemic. Latest | 251 new confirmed cases in the McDonald's group in Taikoo Shing, one more case in Nan Fung New Village


Today (25th), there were 251 new confirmed cases, including 28 imported cases. One more case was added to the McDonald's group in Taikoo Shing, bringing the total to 10 cases. The patients lived in 9 blocks in Nanfeng New Village. Schools reported 19 cases, including

Today (25th), there were 251 new confirmed cases, including 28 imported cases. One more case was added to the McDonald's group in Taikoo Shing, bringing the total to 10 cases. The patients lived in 9 blocks in Nanfeng New Village.

The school reported 19 cases, including a new case in St. Catherine's International Kindergarten (International English Kindergarten), with students from different classes from the previous group.

In addition, 2 new deaths were reported.

There were 250 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong yesterday (24th), a rebound of 30% in a single day.

A 64-year-old woman who was infected with Omicron variant virus subtype BA.2.12.1 during quarantine at Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Jiurufang, has continued to spread in the community. The family member of one of her police officers came to visit and confirmed the diagnosis, which was announced yesterday. Among the 100 diners who visited McDonald's at Cityplaza at the same time as the old woman on the morning of May 13, two more were infected, a 33-month-old child and his foreign domestic helper. Tong's mother was also infected, but she was not present that day. She belonged to the third generation of transmission, and the group increased to 9 people. The virus gene sequence of the first three patients with second-generation transmission showed that, like the old woman, BA.2.12.1 was in the community. spread.

St. Catherine's International Kindergarten (International English Kindergarten) added 3 new cases, a total of 6 K1 students and a teacher were diagnosed, and 59 students in the same classroom of morning and afternoon classes taught by the teacher were suspended for three days today (25th). , since the phased resumption of classes on April 19, the first school to partially resume classes due to the outbreak.

Summary of yesterday's epidemic reports:


5.24|McDonald's in Taikoo Shing has 3 new cases of BA.2.12.1 variant, a total of 9 people have been recruited

▼May 24 St. Catherine's International Kindergarten Outbreak▼


Lan Kwai Fong Hotel Shop Kau Fong and Cityplaza McDonald's Group.

(Hong Kong 01 cartography)

The government sent 180,000 quick test kits for self-testing at 23 locations including Kwai Chung Plaza and East Ring Road

[17:11] The epidemic in Hong Kong continues. The government said today (25th) that a total of 23 locations in the outlying islands, Shatin and Kwai Tsing districts tested positive for sewage due to a relatively high amount of virus. It was suspected that there were hidden patients. A total of about 180,000 rapid antigen test kits were distributed to local residents, local cleaning staff and property management staff for self-testing to help identify infected persons.

[17:02] Ou Jiarong, the chief doctor of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection, said that the McDonald's group in Taikoo Shing has conducted in-depth investigations and believes that the source patient is a 64-year-old woman who was a positive case on the 12th day of arrival in Hong Kong. When she visited on May 13 There was transmission, because the day she went there was an infectious period and she had to remove the mask. She was sitting on the long platform near the door. Other cases knew where to sit. At least the two patients were sitting close to this long platform, but they were not isolated. , at least a few meters away, and other cases sit far away, but they are all in the same lobby. The EMSD checks the ventilation system. The air flows into the lobby from the door. There may be circulation in the lobby, and the negative pressure is discharged through the kitchen. The source patients are more contagious when they visit. There is a chance to pollute the air when removing the mask, and make short-distance transmission in the restaurant. Environmental pollution cannot be ruled out, but the environmental samples are negative. negative.

【16:52】McDonald’s Group in Taikoo Shing:

- An additional case involving a 66-year-old woman who has received two injections and lives in Block 9 of Nan Fung New Village. She visited McDonald's in Taikoo Shing with two relatives from 1130 to 1230 in the morning of May 13.

She became ill on May 17 and tested positive on the same day, but she did not report until May 23 when she tested positive again. The Centre for Health Protection tracked her whereabouts and found that the relatives who ate together that day and the family members who lived with her were temporarily negative.

- A total of 9 customers in the group were infected with the virus, which were divided into 6 different channels, and the family members of one case were also involved. The onset time ranged from May 15 to 18.

Whole genetic analysis confirmed yesterday that there are two more previous cases involving BA.2.12.1, including the previously announced 67-year-old male and 76-year-old female.

21 environmental samples have been taken, all negative, including the desks/air purifiers/order machines that different cases have sat on.

The EMSD has conducted investigations, including inspection of the ventilation system, and confirmed that the hourly ventilation rate is up to the standard

【16:48】St. Catherine's Kindergarten Group:

- St. Catherine's Kindergarten has an additional case, which is different from the class in yesterday's group, but on the same floor.

The new case was last in class on Monday. He had symptoms after class on the same day. He tested positive in the evening. He did not attend class and reported it yesterday. He had received two injections. His family members were asymptomatic. The teacher quickly tested all negative.

Yesterday, I went to the school to take 6 environmental samples, including the desk, air purifier, and exhaust fan in the classroom of the group involved yesterday. All samples were negative.

▼On March 15, Xintian Fangcai Hospital was put into service▼


Food and Health Bureau: Spare cabins must be reserved to deal with the new wave of epidemics. The hotel booking rate for quarantine in June reached 70%

[15:05] The fifth wave of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong earlier, and a number of community isolation facilities (fangcang shelter hospitals) were built.

According to the Food and Health Bureau, in view of the development of the epidemic and cost-effectiveness, the government is now concentrating on the use of the Penny's Bay Community Isolation Facility and a Community Quarantine Hotel.

The rest of the community isolation facilities in Tsing Yi, San Tin, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port Artificial Island, Fanling, Hung Shui Kiu and Yuen Long are on standby.

Two classes of St. Catherine's Kindergarten are closed, schools strengthen epidemic prevention, and children must go to the playground to drink water

[14:43] 6 kindergarten students and a teacher in St. Catherine's International Kindergarten have tested positive. 59 students in the morning and afternoon classes taught by the teacher and using the same classroom will start today (25th) Classes were suspended for three days, becoming the first school to partially suspend classes since the resumption of classes.

The reporter inspected outside the kindergarten today. During the morning class and dismissal time, many parents who picked up and dismissed from school said that they did not become nervous due to the suspension of classes and were not too worried. Only a few parents asked for leave for their children.

However, the school has strengthened anti-epidemic measures, such as canceling the snack time, and students have to go to the playground to drink water.

Some parents said they had prepared a few more masks for their children.

The mask will be replaced after drinking water.

PolyU research reveals that more than 10% of respondents have post-traumatic sequelae during the epidemic

[13:47] The epidemic has lasted for more than two years, and many citizens have suffered from anti-epidemic fatigue, and the mental pressure they have suffered cannot be ignored.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University study found that more than 10% of the respondents had symptoms of post-traumatic sequelae, including intrusive memories, hyperexcitability and avoidance behaviors. Among them, those who were unemployed, had no personal income, had a lower education level, and watched more than an hour of epidemic news a day. Respondents, more related symptoms.

Epidemic | He Bailiang: Shorten the quarantine period to 3 days, allowing Hong Kong people to quarantine at home will not increase the number of severe cases

[11:15] The fifth wave of the epidemic is maintained at the level of about 200 cases per day. Some people hope that the government will further relax the entry quarantine measures, especially when many places around the world have been closed one after another.

Ho Pak-leung, director of the Center for Infection and Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, said on the RTHK program this morning (25th) that even if the quarantine period is shortened from 7 days to 3 days and home quarantine for Hong Kong people returning to Hong Kong is made, it is believed that it will have little impact on the overall epidemic situation and severe cases will be affected. and death cases will not increase significantly, but whether to relax or not is an administrative decision, and the government has factors other than scientific considerations.

[09:15] Block L of Xingang City, Ma On Shan completed the quarantine inspection this morning. During this period, 607 people in the "restricted area" were tested. Among them, three positive test cases and two test results were found to be inconclusive. case.

[08:16] Tin Shui Wai Tian Ai Court Ai Chao Court completed the enclosure inspection this morning. During the period, 1438 people in the "restricted area" were tested. No positive test cases were found, and two test results were inconclusive. 's case.

▼San Francisco couple returning to Hong Kong infected with Omicron subtype BA. virus▼


BA.2.12.1 variant virus at McDonald's in Taikoo Shing City, a 33-month-old baby boy infected with 9 people in the Taikoo Shing McDonald's group, the woman and husband were diagnosed with violations during the quarantine period. The air volume working group inspected and urged compliance to ensure fresh air supply St. Catherine's International English Kindergarten 7 teachers and students diagnosed two classes 59 students suspended until Friday News: St Catherine's Kindergarten at least two classes must be suspended The Department of Health will be present for sampling

▼On May 23, DH staff went to McDonald's at Cityplaza to investigate the outbreak▼


Foreign import prevention ︱ Lin Zheng expects to no longer relax the maintenance of hotel isolation, airport testing and vaccine passports during his tenure ︱ Lin Zheng: It is difficult to cancel indicators, such as virus variants or requiring new vaccines Sentenced to 8,000 yuan for violating quarantine order Civil servants swore oath | Environmental inspector failed to sign the statement and was forced to make the retired official say that it was indisputable to refuse to review the loan

▼On May 20, Lan Kwai Fong Hotel @ Jiurufang exploded the BA.2.12.1 new variant virus epidemic▼


Compulsory testing | 42 buildings including Celebrity Mansion Dijingyuan in Mid-levels, Tai Po Tianzhuan, etc. are on the list of confirmed buildings | 67 new low-end luxury houses in the month, Royal Gold Country Peak, Ho Man Tin Royal Dragon Residence, etc., are listed on the list, such as Sau Mau Ping Village, Xue Shi Terrace, etc. 26 210,000 quick-test kits were sent to each housing estate and building for sewage positives to self-check and seal the area | 3 positive cases were found in Lai Fu House, Lai Kok Estate, Sham Shui Po, and 3 positive cases were found in Sham Shui Po | Start from 11:00 a.m. to grab a $500 discount and see it Get the strategy and process with hotel list

▼Compulsory testing announcement from May 20▼


▼Airport accident and rescue drills will be held at the airport on May 24▼


▼Compulsory testing announcement from May 20▼

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