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Salary increase for civil servants|The staff side confirms the results of the salary survey, and the Chinese staff members will be absent and submitted to the government for deliberation


The Salary Trend Survey Committee held a meeting this afternoon (25th) to review and consider confirming the results of the 2022 Salary Trend Survey. Li Luanhui, chairman of the investigation committee, told reporters after the meeting that the representatives of the staff at the meeting had confirmed

The Salary Trend Survey Committee held a meeting this afternoon (25th) to review and consider confirming the results of the 2022 Salary Trend Survey.

The chairman of the investigation committee, Li Luanhui, told reporters after the meeting that the staff representatives had confirmed the preliminary results at the meeting, and all the members present agreed and submitted the results to the government.

▼May 18 "Remuneration Trend Survey" released▼


Li Luanhui said that there are six major factors in the government's consideration of civil service pay adjustment. At present, only the first step has been completed, emphasizing that the results of the pay trend survey are in line with the market conditions.

Regarding the opinion that the relevant system needs to be reviewed, Li said that the continuity of the system is very important, and believes that the general framework should be maintained, but "fine-tuning is possible."

Four staff-side organisations attended the meeting today, including the Senior Civil Service Council, the Scale 1 Civil Service Council, the Police Council and the Disciplinary Services Council. The staff-side representative meeting confirmed the salary trend report, but the Chinese Staff Council was absent. Meeting.

Li Luanhui revealed that, except for the Senior Civil Servant Association, which has not attended for a long time, the Chinese Association did not attend this time.

He said that Chinese members would have their own opinions. They suggested that inflation should be used as an indicator, and the six major factors considered by the government had been taken into account. They believed that the current components were already representative. It is up to the government to decide on a case-by-case basis.


Li Luanhui: I agree that the secretariat will send a letter to the Chinese Association to clarify the information

Li said that in his personal capacity, he agrees with the secretariat's approach, and believes that the information expressed by the Chinese Association is inaccurate, and the secretariat just clarifies it.

As for the list of invited companies, Li pointed out that due to confidentiality agreements, relevant company information could not be disclosed, but the companies involved covered 9 major industries, describing them as mainly stable and sound companies, and companies with too much changes would not be considered.

Li Fangchong said that investigation and adjustment are two different things.

(Photo by Chen Bolin)

Senior Civil Service Council: Overall indicators are not high

Li Fangchong, the representative of the staff side of the Senior Civil Service Council, said in an interview when he left after the meeting that the committee unanimously approved the results, emphasizing that investigation and adjustment are two different things, and the overall index is not high. It is believed to be related to the more significant fluctuations in top-level salary.

He also pointed out that it is expected that the salary adjustment of low-level civil servants will follow that of the middle-level, and that the overall salary adjustment should be considered by the government.

The net indicators of civil service pay trends at all levels ranged from 2.04% to 7.26%

The preliminary results of the "Remuneration Trend Survey" affecting civil servants' pay adjustment were released last week. The net pay trend indicators were 7.26% for high-level civil servants, 4.55% for middle-level officials, and 2.04% for low-level officials.

Salary adjustment of civil servants︱The labor union urged to raise the salary according to the target, saying that the loss is serious: the new government will not be mean to the senior civil servants. Expect the fifth wave to represent a year-round civil servant salary increase?

Ye Liu ruthlessly criticized the fact that he acted heavily on procedures and failed to take on the unimaginable salary increase of more than 7%. The salary increase of civil servants was astonishing.

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