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epidemic. 5.28|42 Announcements of Na-Qiang Inspection, Including the Outbreak of Zentral Bar on D'Aguilar Street, Central


The new crown epidemic continues. Today (28th), there were 270 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong, of which 116 were from nucleic acid testing and 154 were reported from rapid test. Another patient died. The latest outbreak of one more group, involving bit

The new crown epidemic continues. Today (28th), there were 270 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong, of which 116 were from nucleic acid testing and 154 were reported from rapid test.

Another patient died.

The latest group outbreak involves Zentral, a bar located in the California Building, 32 D'Aguilar Street, Central. 11 cases have been temporarily recorded, involving 6 men and 5 women, including a 23-year-old part-time basketball coach, who is in Deng Peiqiong, Yuen Long Pok Oi Hospital. He taught at Memorial Middle School. He developed symptoms on the 24th of this month. He went to the school to teach on the same day. 30 students participated, involving 14 classes in 4 levels, and 6 students have been positive so far.

The full list of the strong inspection announcement on May 28

▼On May 28, the Zentral Bar on D'Aguilar Street, Central, broke out▼

Zentral Bar in Central, Lan Kwai Fong, a restaurant customer misses an appointment and two women turn around: Surprised

[22:30] Eleven customers of the bar "Zentral" on D'Aguilar Street in Central contracted the virus, the source of which is unknown.

A restaurant near the California Building in Lan Kwai Fong, where "Zentral" is located, said that some diners canceled their reservations due to concerns about the epidemic, and bluntly stated that the incident had an impact on business.

Although the flow of people in Lan Kwai Fong did not decrease significantly tonight (28th) on the weekend, some citizens who were planning to hang out and feel the atmosphere turned around and left when they heard the news of the outbreak of the epidemic in the bar: "I'm so surprised, there are so many people." Some citizens are not afraid of the epidemic, and went to the bar for entertainment tonight: "There is nothing to worry about, and I can't help it when I am sleepy."


Mandatory testing | 42 Central bars Zentral and steakhouse The Iron Fairies listed

[21:47] The list of mandatory testing announcements announced by the Food and Health Bureau tonight has 42 locations on the list, including the bar "Zentral" with 11 cases in D'Aguilar Street in Central, and the western-style steakhouse "The Iron Fairies & Co" also made the list.

Among them, the specified time for the former is from 11:00 p.m. on Saturday (21st) to 2:00 a.m. on the next day (22nd), while the latter starts two hours earlier and starts at 9:00 p.m. on the same day.

The remaining 40 buildings on the list are all residential, located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, including the Royal Gold Mountains adjacent to MTR Austin Station, 13 Yang Ming Villas in Repulse Bay, the traditional high-end residential Aidu Building in Mid-levels, Another residence in another village, Grand Yoho on top of Yuen Long Station, and Jinhai at Sunrise in Tseung Kwan O, etc.

Diagnosed Buildings|Add 175 buildings involving Discovery Bay Xiancheng Court, Mid-Levels West Gaoyuntai, Ho Man Tin Hao Tung

[20:55] The epidemic continues. The Centre for Health Protection announced today that 175 new confirmed buildings were reported, 13 more than yesterday. The New Territories accounted for the largest number of 90 buildings, including 3 buildings in Phase 2 of "Famous City" built on top of the MTR Tai Wai Depot And Block 3 of Phase 3 and Green Garden in Ma On Shan, Block 2 of Pak O Bay in Tsuen Wan, Block 12 of Wetland Seasons Park in Tin Shui Wai, etc.

Hong Kong Island also has 33 buildings on the list, including Gao Wantai, a luxury residence in Mid-Levels West, 19 Baguio Bay in Pok Fu Lam, and The Real Estate in Sai Ying Pun.


[18:30] Block 34 of Xinghua Village in Chai Wan is closed for inspection. The government's goal is to complete the operation at about 11:00 a.m. tomorrow (29th). Depending on the test results, the operation may be extended.

The government sent 140,000 quick test kits for buildings such as Aoyunfeng, Imperial Garden and Ma Tau Wai Village.

[18:25] The invisible transmission chain of the new coronavirus continues to appear in the community in Hong Kong. The government said that sewage samples from many buildings, housing estates and estates in Kowloon City and Yuen Long District were positive, including luxury houses such as Aoyun Peak and Imperial Garden. And the whole village of Ma Tau Wai Village and Long Ping Village.

The government said that these areas were suspected to have latent patients, so a total of about 140,000 rapid antigen test kits were distributed to residents, local cleaning staff and property management staff in the relevant areas for their self-testing.

One of the more students from Desiqi International School recruits the first-time sick student and the McDonald's group patients live in the same building

[17:00] Ou Jiarong pointed out that there was one more confirmed case at Desiqi Canadian International School in Taikoo Shing, and the patient was in the same class as the previously diagnosed patient. The investigation found that the first student in Desiqi was living in the Poyang Pavilion in Taikoo Shing, and there was a previous one in the same building. The confirmed case involves a 67-year-old man who visited McDonald's in Taikoo Shing on May 3. The genetic analysis is BA.2.12.1.

▼On May 27th, the outbreak of Desiqi Canadian International School▼

[16:50] Li Liye, Chief Administrative Manager (Integrated Clinical Services) of the Hospital Authority, announced that an employee of the Catering Department of Haven's Hospital voluntarily reported a positive rapid test, and 4 more colleagues were diagnosed later. They lived or ate together. The department is currently suspended.

[16:48] Ou Jiarong pointed out that it is not known how many people patronize the ZENTRAL bar at the same time, and the students who participated in the basketball class of Yuen Long Pok Oi Hospital Deng Peiqiong Memorial Middle School did not wear masks, and the coaches who were infected did wear masks.

[16:46] There is one more local case of L452R. Preliminary genetic analysis shows that it is a BA.4 or BA.5 case. It involves a man who works as a clerk in the airport apron office and lives in Xingang City, Ma'anshan.

At the same time, two 2 BA.4 cases were added yesterday, bringing a total of 14 BA.4 cases in Hong Kong, all of which were imported cases.

Courtyard by Marriott now spreads Ou Jiarong: two people open the door without wearing masks

[16:45] Someone at the Courtyard by Marriott Sha Tin was infected with the virus. Au Jiarong pointed out that he inspected with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department yesterday and found that the source patient's room 2835 had positive pressure, which caused the air in the room to flow out of the corridor when the door was opened, but the inside of the room The air flow and the exhaust fan are working normally, and everything in the adjacent room is normal, but the air flow enters the room from the corridor, and the air flow in the corridor is from room 2835 to another room 2833 with confirmed cases.

Central D'Aguilar Street bar Zentral hits 11, recruits basketball coach to teach wave and 6 students

[16:37] One of the confirmed cases in the bar ZENTRAL is a part-time basketball coach. He teaches at Deng Peiqiong Memorial Middle School in Yuen Long Pok Oi Hospital. He fell ill on the evening of May 24. He taught a basketball training class in the afternoon of the same day, and 30 students participated. There are 14 classes in 4-level distribution, and 6 students are positive for the time being.

Eleven customers at Zentral, a bar at the California Tower on D'Aguilar Street in Central, have tested positive.

(Photo by Golden Chess)

[16:35] Au Jiarong, chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, pointed out that there were 11 cases recorded in ZENTRAL, a bar in D'Aguilar Street, Central, all of which had been injected, involving 6 males and 5 females, all with mild symptoms.

[16:31] Au Ka-wing, chief doctor of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, pointed out that there were 270 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today, of which 116 were from nucleic acid testing and 154 were reported by rapid test.

Another patient died.

Japan Switch|Macao Yellow List Officials: Write to the Consul General of Japan in Hong Kong

[15:40] The Japanese government announced that starting from June 10, the "switch" will divide the world into three groups: red, yellow and blue. China and Hong Kong are both included in the "blue list" of the low-risk group. There is no need to present a vaccination certificate to the local government, and post-entry testing and isolation can also be exempted. However, Macau, which has few confirmed cases, is included in the "yellow list" of medium risk. Passengers who have received three shots of the vaccine can be exempted from the new crown when entering the country. Virus testing and isolation; if the injection is not completed, it must be tested at the time of entry and quarantined at home for 3 days.

Macau Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Ouyang Yu said today that the current vaccination rate in Macau is 89.1%. It is believed that the impact of Macau residents going to Japan will not have much impact. As for what standard Japan uses to define Macau's epidemic risk, he will write to Japan. The Consul General in Hong Kong understands.

PolyU scholar: To encourage more citizens to get injections, the authorities must demonstrate the benefits of vaccines

[12:20] It has been more than a year after the new crown vaccination, and there are still people who have doubts about whether to give injections. Zhen Qiuhui, a professor of the Department of Applied Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, pointed out in the Hong Kong and Taiwan program "Hong Kong Home Letter" this morning (28th) that she had A survey of citizens' willingness to get vaccinated found that citizens' decision to vaccinate was influenced by many factors.

In order for the public to cooperate, it is even more necessary to "combine hard and soft". In particular, many elderly people are emotionally troubled during the epidemic, and the public has insufficient awareness of vaccines. These opinions will make them discouraged from injections. It is recommended that publicity and promotion should be strengthened. The explanation is that the more people understand the benefits and urgency of vaccination, the more they can reduce their doubts about vaccination.

Chen Zhaoshi: People arriving in Hong Kong have undergone multiple nucleic acid tests on the 12th day of quarantine and do not comment on the issue of re-election

[11:19] The Omicron branch BA.2.12.1 variant virus strain was brought into the local community by arriving passengers. The Secretary for Food and Health, Chen Zhaoshi, stated on the radio program this morning on the 28th that he was reviewing the strengthening of entry quarantine measures. Those arriving in Hong Kong can leave the quarantine hotel after 7 days and need to undergo nucleic acid testing on the 12th day. The authorities are considering adding another nucleic acid test before the 12th day to help detect imported cases early and prevent the virus from spreading into the community.

At present, the daily number of confirmed cases remains at the level of 200, and the epidemic situation is in a stalemate. We call on the public, especially the elderly, to do more testing, so as to achieve early isolation and early treatment.

Asked if she would be re-elected to the next government, she said she would not comment on the next government.

Xu Shuchang expects the confirmed cases will remain low three-digit new variant BA.2.12.1, the spread is 25% higher

[09:27] The new crown epidemic in Hong Kong continues, and cases of Omicron subtype BA.2.12.1 variant strains have been found one after another on Hong Kong Island. Xu Shuchang, an expert consultant to the government and chair professor of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at CUHK, said that many cases could not be found epidemiologically. It is expected that BA.2.12.1 may have entered the community and there is an invisible transmission chain. It also means that the new variant is homologous to Omicron. Compared with the current circulating virus strain, the vaccine antibody discount is larger, and the transmission is 25% higher, but no Evidence shows that the disease will be more severe. Although the efficacy of vaccine antibodies is reduced, T cells are not affected. Vaccination can still reduce death and severe illness. It is also expected that the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong will remain in the low three digits.

Closed District|Yu Yan House, Yu Chui Court, Shatin completed the test and found 1 positive and 1 uncertain case

[08:04] The government said this morning (28th) that the enclosure test was completed at Yu Yan Court, Yu Chui Court, Shatin, and about 950 people were found to have 1 positive test case and 1 case with an indeterminate test result.

Japan Switch| Hong Kong people living in Japan travel blogger: the tourism industry reshuffles old stores to close down and new stores to open

[08:00] Japan, the most beloved tourist destination of Hong Kong people, will resume receiving foreign tourists from June 10. Hong Kong people can enter Japan without being tested and quarantined without showing a vaccination certificate to the Japanese authorities. with a tour group.

After three years away from the "countryside", many local people and things have changed.

"Hong Kong 01" contacted Hong Kong people living in Japan and travel blogger Hyacinth. She said that Japan's tourism industry has undergone a major reshuffle in the past two years. Some old shops lost to the epidemic and closed down, but during this period, new attractions were also born, such as Ghibli The park and Fukuoka LaLaport one-to-one RX-93ff v Gundam (Nu Gundam), etc., also suggest that even if the public has been there, it is worth experiencing again.

▼San Francisco couple returning to Hong Kong infected with Omicron subtype BA. virus▼


Canadian Assembly of God Jiazhi Secondary School Explodes Campus Bullying 12-year-old student Injured 14-year-old student arrested To Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Staff Restaurant The government will send quick test kits to people over 60 until the end of June. Each time you can take 5 copies with your ID card

Japan Switch|East Yingyou pushes Tokyo Nagano seven-day tour as soon as 6.11 with a group fee of 30,000 yuan Japan Switch|Health Department denies changing the quarantine of entry hotels Ou Jiarong: Preventing new variants from entering Korea Switch | The daily application quota is only 30 Japanese switches | The exchange rate of the yen is expected to remain low in the short term. Scholars teach the way how to exchange for the first to arrive in Japan.

▼On May 23, DH staff went to McDonald's at Cityplaza to investigate the outbreak▼


Compulsory testing | 42 exhibition venues including Sheming City, Mei Foo New Village, etc. "Taste Jufang" are on the list of confirmed buildings again | 162 new buildings of love in the sea.

Love dazzling beauty, royal gold.

Guofeng and Yang Riju are on the list. The eight buildings of LOHAS Park Phases 1 to 5 were positive for sewage. Together with the six locations in Tai Po, Tuen Mun, a total of 210,000 people must be tested quickly.

▼Compulsory testing announcement from May 20▼


Lan Kwai Fong Hotel Shop Kau Fong and Cityplaza McDonald's Group.

(Hong Kong 01 cartography)

Summary of yesterday:

Japan Switch|East Yingyou pushes Tokyo Nagano 7-day tour as soon as 6.11 departure with a tour fee of 30,000 yuan Reshuffled old stores closed new stores opened LOHAS Park Phases 1 to 5 Eight buildings with positive sewage together with six locations in Tai Po, Tuen Mun, a total of 210,000 people must be tested Taikoo Shing Desiqi Canadian International School 4 teachers and students are recruited for the class involved Don't suspend classes next week in Taikoo Shing McDonald's group. New variant virus spreads invisible to Wanchai staff restaurant Packed to the end of June, each time you can take 5 compulsory tests with your ID card|Community spread of the new variant virus

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