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Tangshan Violence: Let the brave dare to draw their swords to help is a social project that China should strive to build


The vicious violence that took place in Tangshan, Hebei shocked China and even caused a lot of discussion on the Internet. As of the latest news on the 11th, the relevant 9 suspects have all been apprehended.

The vicious violence that took place in Tangshan, Hebei shocked China and even caused a lot of discussion on the Internet.

As of the latest news on the 11th, all nine suspects have been arrested and the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department designated the case to be investigated and handled by the Guangyang Branch of the Langfang Public Security Bureau.

Judging from the live video and the limited information currently available, this is a gang of repeat offenders with obvious "black and evil" characteristics. It is generally hoped that these criminals will receive the most severe punishment in accordance with the law. To social warning and educational significance.

However, while people are discussing on the Internet, there are also people who lament the indifference of human nature in the mainland society, and complain about why when the violent case in Tangshan happened, no one dared to help.

Frankly, this complaint is a bit hypocritical.

In all fairness, under the circumstances at the time, in the face of eight or nine savage men who were violent and violent after drinking, even those who complained on the Internet afterwards might not have dared to help.

Human beings have the nature of greed for life and fear of death. Under the special circumstances of the large number of criminals, it was the most reasonable way to choose to avoid the parties and report to the police quickly. It is not easy for ordinary people to do so.

However, the confirmation of this case also raised a very serious consideration for the mainland society, that is, when a similar case occurs, in addition to seeking help from the police, how to establish an effective judicial system and social culture to support those who dare to cooperate with Criminals, especially against violent criminals.

Aside from the particularity of this case of vicious violence in Tangshan, under normal circumstances, people are reluctant to intervene to discourage or stop violent criminals for two main concerns: one is that intervention cannot effectively stop the crime, and may cause harm to themselves. ; Another concern is that intervening to discourage or stop violent crimes may lead to violent conflicts with criminals, which are characterized as "over-defense" or "mutual fights", and may even lead to subsequent retaliation by criminals.

If you encounter the latter situation, it is really a disaster in life. It not only means that the rescuer will not be able to see the righteousness, but it may bring endless trouble to himself, and he will face various investigations and inquiries by the judicial organs after the event. Lose money, detain, go to jail.

Although there are legal provisions in the Mainland to encourage courageous actions, over the past few years, we have heard from time to time some cases where the parties were judged as "mutual assault" or "excessive self-defense" because of their courageous actions. parefull.

Frankly speaking, these unreasonable judicial judgments that are too harsh on those who stand up for justice have not only chilled the hearts of those who stand up for justice, but also affected the behavior choices of more people in society, even though the number of these cases is not large.

Therefore, how to establish a judicial system that, while strengthening the deterrent force of the judiciary against violent crimes, encourages more people in the society to fight injustice, so that most people in the society can dispel their concerns and encourage them when they encounter similar violent incidents Dare to help others, and then to form a social culture that dares to use justice and violence against evil and violence to save others, is a social issue worthy of in-depth consideration by Chinese society.

It is one way to revise the relevant legal provisions for courageous acts of justice, and to increase judicial assistance, life assistance and incentives for courageous acts of justice.

In specific judicial practice, people are encouraged to act bravely from the perspective of judicial value. In the process of judicial investigation, determination of the nature of the case, judicial trial, etc., the parties involved in the conflict due to intervention to stop the crime are affirmed rather than punished, while reducing the number of them Paying too much time and cost of living to cooperate with the investigation of the case is also a solution.

In response to the previous controversial judgments, it is also a more effective way to find them out for a new trial, to take the initiative to reverse the cases for some parties who were wrongly convicted at that time, and to make judicial compensation for them. way.

In addition, many countries in the world with more mature judicial and social governance have similar laws, and there have been many classic judgments to encourage courage in justice and society.

In relevant legislation and judicial practice, we absorb the spirit of these bills or judgments with a more open mind, improve relevant legal provisions, and improve the level of the rule of law, which is also a very effective path for progress.

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